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19 Jul 19
A Twist On Life

Remembered feelings often don’t match the realities written in the moment. Journaling holds one accountable, forces them to see what happened at any given time with greater clarity than could otherwise be achieved.

13 Jul 19

Like every people, the Russians have their own accumulation of wisdom that has been passed on from generation to generation through stories, fables, and proverbs. I recently came across a little book of Russian Proverbs published by Peter Pauper Press (try saying that fast three times) in 1960. Peter Pauper Press, founded in 1928, publishes […]

11 Jul 19
Literary Hub

Vera Cheeks, a resident of Bainbridge, Georgia, was ticketed for rolling through a stop sign. The judge hit her with a $135 fine and ordered her to pay in full immediately. She told him she was unemployed and caring for her terminally ill father and had no money, so the judge said he would give […]

08 Jul 19
Avid Readers Global Network

Consequences of Falling (A Riverfield Novel) by Glenn Sartori Tragedy, murder, and conspiracy push three Riverfield residents down unfamiliar paths… …. a psychologist who takes on an unethical mission; the wife of a detective who inserts herself in a murder investigation; and a former cabaret hostess who risks everything in order to discover her lover’s […]

08 Jul 19
Avid Readers Global Network

The Triplets’ Secret (A Jennifer Sturgis Mystery) by Glenn Sartori Retired journalist Jennifer Sturgis never imagined one cold case would change the course of her life. That case—the mysterious disappearance of Crystal Scott—has been unsolved for fifty years. The main persons of interest were the “Triplets,” three women never charged, but branded guilty by an […]

03 Jul 19
Truth2Freedom's Blog

The Command I advise you to buy from Me gold refined by fire so that you may become rich, and white garments so that you may clothe yourself, and that the shame of your nakedness will not be revealed; and eye salve to anoint your eyes so that you may see. Those whom I love, […]

02 Jul 19
Sunday Haydock

Introit Ps 24:16,18 16 Respice in me, et miserere mei[, Domine]: quia [quoniam] unicus et pauper sum ego. 16 Look thou upon me, and have mercy on me[, O Lord]; for I am alone and poor. Ver. 16. Alone. Desolate, (Psalm xxi. 21.) without any assistant. (Haydock) — Such is man destitute of God’s grace. […]

29 Jun 19
From Troubles of The World

In these dark waters drawn up from my frozen well… glittering of spring. From: Beilenson, Peter (ed. and transl.), Japanese Haiku, 1955, Peter Pauper Press: Mount Vernon, New York, p. 7. ( Date: c1890 (original in Japanese); 1955 (translation in English) By: Maeda Ringai (1864-1946) Translated by: Peter Beilenson (1905-1962)

28 Jun 19
All About Planners

On the never ending quest for dot grid notebooks with decent paper I’ve come across quite a few. If you’re on the hunt for a new dot grid notebook (or your first!) I’ve compared 30 brands into a handy table for easy comparison to aid your decision. Click here to download. Existing subscribers can login […]

14 Jun 19
Flowers For Socrates

by NONA BLYTH CLOUD Next Sunday is Bloomsday, the day in 1904 that the events in the James Joyce novel Ulysses take place. I confess I have only read pieces of it, because it’s so densely written, and some of it I just don’t get. But it has put me in an Irish mood, and there’s a […]

07 Jun 19
Hard Talk Kenya Reloaded

· SUFFERING WITHOUT BITTERNESS: – · Posting dated October 7, 2014 reposted to jog your mind. Calmly, kindly, please proceed accordingly. · Our Founding Father and First President of the Republic of Kenya Kamau wa Muigai, a.k.a. Kamau wa Ngengi, a.k.a. “John Peter” (after Jesus’ leading disciples) a.k.a. Johnstone Kamau wa Ngengi, a.k.a. Mzee Jomo […]

07 Jun 19
listen records

Oooooooo another week of killer new arrivals. It’s probably going to start slowing down as we slide into summer, but then again, maybe not. It’s gonna be rainy this weekend, so put on your coat and come for a dig before you shut in for the weekend with some new tunes. Oh ya… if you […]

04 Jul 19
Som2ny Network

Peter Pauper Press 16-Month Engagement Calendar Image by Ayaaa Sep. 2011 – Dec. 2012

01 Jun 19
Avian Hybrids

“Parasites make up the majority of species on Earth. According to one estimate, parasites may outnumber free-living species four to one. In other words, the study of life is, for the most part, parasitology.” – Carl Zimmer (Parasite Rex) Given the abundance of parasites, it is surprising that not many studies have explored the relationship […]

28 May 19


Wedding gifts can be tricky. On one hand, choosing a random pot or pan off the couple’s registry seems impersonal and thoughtless. On the flip side? It’s so easy to commit a faux pas when you go off-registry. If you do want to pick a unique gift for the newlyweds, there are some things that […]

23 May 19
Stumbling Through My Thirties

Biking: Got my bike tuned up. Had to put on new tubes and tires. Paid $233 altogether. My aunt asked me, why I didn’t just get a new bicycle. All I can think is zero waste. There’s no need to ruin a perfectly good bicycle. If we consider the cheapest option being the bottom line […]