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17 May 19

I stepped out the back door with my baby on my hip, dodging a chicken as I made my way across the driveway to our mailbox. Flicking open the door, I slid out the stack of envelopes and began to flip through them as I walked back to the house. A credit card offer…an insurance […]

12 May 19
View from Over the Hill

It’s been a busy time, so haven’t had time to write earlier. However going through my bookshelves, I found a small book ‘Comic Epitaphs: from the very best old graveyards’ published by Peter Pauper Press. Daughter Susan, who knows I enjoy old graveyards, bought it for me and some of the epitaphs in it are […]

20 Apr 19

To what purpose is this waste? — Mat_26:8 A Strange Deed Lives Forever The scene was Bethany, and the time was near the end. A few more days and the earthly life of Jesus would be over. Jesus and His disciples are seated at their evening meal, when a woman, whom from other sources we […]

11 Apr 19

_ À Celle qui est trop gaie   Ta tête, ton geste, ton air Sont beaux comme un beau paysage; Le rire joue en ton visage Comme un vent frais dans un ciel clair. Le passant chagrin que tu frôles Est ébloui par la santé Qui jaillit comme une clarté De tes bras et de […]

09 Apr 19

Leading NGOs, human rights lawyers and campaigners working for the release of a captured Dubai princess have called on the United Nations to strip the wife of Dubai’s ruler of her status as a UN Messenger of Peace.

03 Apr 19 at Pressable

This is a Poor Richard’s Almanack by Benjamin Franklin. Published by Peter pauper Press. ISBN 978-0-88088-918-6. In very good condition.

26 Mar 19

I Worship You I worship you, O proud and taciturn, As I do night’s high vault; O sorrow’s urn, I love you all the more because you flee And seem, gem of my nights, ironically To multiply the weary leagues that sunder My arms from all infinity’s blue wonder. I skirmish and I climb to […]

25 Mar 19
He Hath Said

Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust. -2 Peter 1:4 Think, dear brethren and sisters in Christ, how the Lord dealt with us in the days of our unregeneracy. He […]

16 Mar 19
Pickled Peas

Not sure when I developed a fantasy about having tea here – was it from the Princess Diaries? I got through all of them last year. The tea in the Palm Court is referenced so many times in literature and movies I don’t even remember where I first heard about it. In any case I […]

14 Mar 19
C.R. Elliott - Clara Black Ink

I want to introduce you to a few of my favorite art (and writing) supplies. Like a lucky pair of mismatched dirty socks that, when worn, inexplicably lead to sports success these are my personal favorites because they help me forget about the materials and focus on creating.

11 Mar 19
In Their Own Write

In this strange period of plebiscites and referenda, the air is thick with the cries of professional lobbyists and consultancy firms keen to leverage influence with politicians and take advantage of unprecedented uncertainty. According to Public Affairs News (an industry website) Indyref was a ‘lobbyist’s dream’; and The Conversation (an academic discussion forum) points out […]

09 Mar 19
Story Storming

We all have childhood dreams, don’t we? Some of us pursue them. To some of us, they seem more like a childish fantasy to be put aside at the proper time. Adulthood and fantasy don’t mix in the real life. We’re not princes and princesses, but paupers pursuing paid work—or else we’re starving artists. Isn’t […]

07 Mar 19
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