Petite Star

23 Apr 19

Day two! The big panel today was the one for Episode IX, but my sister and I had a photo op with Warwick Davis at the same time. So I didn’t even bother entering the lottery for it. I have read online from the fandom that usually when Warwick is hosting panels during Celebration he […]

22 Apr 19
7 Dates in Asia

. After the Pop Star I didn’t really date at all for the next few months. I lived in a very small city by Chinese standards (read: still several million people but extra conservative, extra closeted.) and didn’t really think about it until my trip to Taiwan. I was mainly going to visit my cousins […]

22 Apr 19
The Writing Underdog.

  On January 24th of this year, myself and other E.L.James fans were happily subject to an announcement that would keep us occupied, busy, sharing and creating content for the next three or so months until April 16th rolled around the corner. First announced on the TODAY show in the States, Erika unveiled her brand […]

22 Apr 19
Cappuccinos & Consignment

Cast of Characters Jessie: A classically chic woman in her eailers 30s Officemate Un: *insert your image of a typical officemate. Officemate Deux: Same Officemate Trois: Ditto Officemate Quatre: Likewise Scene Officemates are gathered by the Mr. Coffee Time Lundi morning Act I Scene 1 Officemate Un: (grunting in frustration) Of course we’re out of […]

22 Apr 19
You Must Get Them All

“An odour resembling hot-dogs permeated the whole bedroom.” Details Recorded: Abbey Road, London; Brixton and Manchester mid-late 1987 Released: 29 February 1988 Mark E Smith – vocals, keyboards Brix Smith – guitar, vocals Craig Scanlon – guitar, vocals Steve Hanley – bass, vocals Marcia Schofield – keyboards, vocals Simon Wolstencroft – drums, vocals with Simon […]

22 Apr 19

On Thursday we had reservations for an afternoon at the Uffizi.  My folks—who enjoy spending all day at museums—were planning to arrive at 10am.  Since we have Penelope in tow, we usually aim for around four hours… maximum.  But the Uffizi is enormous, and more crowded than others in Florence, so we reserved at 12:15pm […]

22 Apr 19
New Me Plus 3 at 40

“…Nineteen years ago, I sat on the floor of my apartment on a Friday night and cried.” “…Seventeen years ago, I packed a linen, maxi-length dress as I prepared to go on vacation.” “…Fifteen years go, I looked over at the person talking to me as I laid in bed, watching tv.” “…Today, I dropped […]

22 Apr 19
Romance isn't Dead

The Dark Highlander, Karen M Moning’s 2002 novel of time travel, love, druid magic and a battle between good and evil was the subject of our podcast this week…listen to find out what we thought.

22 Apr 19
Red Tricycle

We’re kicking off the first weekend of May with plenty of family fun. Here’s what’s happening.

22 Apr 19
the Luxury Travel Expert

Monday newsletters always feature top 10 travel lists to inspire

22 Apr 19
For What It's worth

We’ve been in Kyoto 3 days and have had a myriad of experiences – our first day was actually not our favorite – we started it with the good intention of waking up early and getting a headstart on all the tourists by going to the shrines early. All our mornings start in the search […]