23 Jun 19
Chronically Living

  For many people, summer means vacation, and vacationing means traveling. Which for most people that is not a problem. But unfortunately, chronic illness doesn’t take a vacation. So for those with a chronic illness, that means managing their health even during traveling. For me, I find that traveling with a chronic illness is all […]

09 Jun 19
Chronically Living

Summer brings many different adventures from hikes, and picnics, to trips to the beach or pool. But for those with chronic illness, it can bring it’s challenges too. Because of my anemia, I get dehydrated easily.  Which makes my blood thicker and makes my heart work harder and faster. It can also cause blood clots […]

30 May 19
Radiant insights Research

The global pet furniture market size is expected to reach USD 3.0 billion by 2025, according to a new report by Radiant Insights, Inc., registering a CAGR of 5.2% over the forecast period. Rising spending on domestic animal, along with rapid expansion of multi-utility furniture product forms, is expected to remain the key driving factor. […]

26 May 19
Chronically Living

For this weeks post, I wanted to let you know that there Chronically Living now has a Twitter page. You can see a new post, make comments, ask questions, and even give suggestions on what type of post you want to see. Check it out at @ChronicallyLiv1, and have a Happy Memorial Day.

13 May 19
Chronically Living

I know that I was supposed to talk about the process of getting a blood transfusion. but recently something has happened that I wish to address. On Monday, April 29 on of my favorite YouTubers Chronically passed away. Jaquie was a young woman with several chronic illnesses, and even thou we didn’t have the same disorders. […]

28 Apr 19
Chronically Living

Whenever I tell people that I need blood transfusion’s they say ” oh that’s when they take out all off your old blood and put new blood back in”. Not exactly, so in this post, I want to explain about transfusions. First of all, what is a transfusion? Well think about what happens when your […]

14 Apr 19
Chronically Living

So you are probably asking who am I, and what is my story? I was born with a blood disorder called Transfusion Dependent Hereditary Spherocytosis. You’re probably wondering what is that?  You may remember back in biology class the red blood cells are concave disks that carry oxygen to all of the cells of the […]

13 Apr 19
Ca va se savoir .

Marc Taylor, spécialiste des animaux s’est amusé a prendre en photo des animaux totalement différent mais se ressemblant avec leurs fourrures voici quelques clichés amusant vu sur instragram

01 Apr 19
Meso and Me

OK, I have to do a bit of confessing before I get into the details of this blog. Yes a confession, (always good for the soul they say). Anyone who has known me for more than a couple of years, will know that I have been a long-standing ‘anti tattoo’ sort of guy, especially when […]

31 Mar 19
Chronically Living

Photo by Thought Catalog on[/caption] One of the most important things I learned is to take time for yourself. It is especially important if you have a chronic illness.  Managing a chronic illness means dealing with doctors appointments, treatments, medications and symptoms are stressful. For many people excessive stress can make your illness worse. […]

29 Mar 19
Market Research Reports

Recent research and the current scenario as well as future market potential of Pet Furniture Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2018 – 2026 The demand for pet furniture is projected to increase at a rapid pace during the forecast period. Growing number of pet adoptions and the advent of […]

17 Mar 19
Chronically Living

Most days I feel, I can get through my day with little or no problem. But There are some days that I am so tired that even simple things like going to the store or doing the laundry leave me exhausted. Those days where I feel like I am walking through a fog bank and […]

08 Mar 19

Friends, Rivellonians, Godwoken — lend me your eyes! We’re excited to tell you that we’ve just sent you our first Gift Bag! These content updates are coming over the course of the year, and the amount of content is increasing each time. We know a lot of you reroll characters and start new adventures in […]

03 Mar 19
Chronically Living

As Someone who has lived with a chronic illness, one of the biggest things that I have a problem with is the loss of identity. Most of my life it seems like I always have had tow parts. My life as a person, and my life as a person with a chronic illness. Whether it […]

02 Mar 19
Chronically Living

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton