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18 Jul 19
Daily Millennial

A Aesop: Aesop’s Fables Alcott, Louisa May: Jack and Jill. Alcott, Louisa May: Little Men Alcott, Louisa May: The Inheritance Alcott, Louisa May: An Old-Fashioned Girl Alcott, Louisa May: Little Women Alcott, Louisa May: Jo’s Boys Alex, Ben: Florence Nightingale: The Lady With The Lamp In Battle Alexander, Lloyd: The Chronicles of Prydain Aliki: Mummies […]

18 Jul 19
Literary Hub

Everyone loves a good party. Especially literary people—who, aside from book parties, which technically count as “work” (ask their accountants) tend not to get out much. Or so the stories go. Literature abounds with great parties, but here I’m interested in the parties that actually took place in literary history—where famous authors met, or fought, […]

17 Jul 19
Larry Taylor

The film industry belonged to Peter Jackson and his Lord of The Rings trilogy this year, which absorbed most of the publicity. Otherwise, there’s a new Tarantino, a contemplative, psychologically unsettling superhero movie, and an epic that would have dominated in any other year highlighting an uneven 2003. 10. Hulk – Ang Lee’s esoteric take on the Marvel […]

16 Jul 19
360 Degrees

The Head Spa is a multi-sensory experience that focuses on detoxifying and rejuvenating your scalp while putting you into a complete state of relaxation.

14 Jul 19
Labour Country

Elaine Morgan and Iris Murdoch were at Oxford together. That’s a sentence that, from the point of view of overall literary prominence, might seem to overplay one and underplay the other, but which is nevertheless true. The parallels between the two are both remarkable and fascinating. Iris Murdoch went up to Somerville in 1938, Elaine […]

12 Jul 19

PDP is at it again. The main opposition party has not truly rebranded as it has been pontificating. Impunity is yet to exit the gate of Wadata Plaza. The hangover of power intoxication can still be felt in the leadership of the party. senate I thought that the PDP as a party that suddenly found […]

11 Jul 19
24/7 Wall St.

Since its birth as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio in the 1920s, the Walt Disney Company has captured the essence of childhood innocence with motion pictures. In its nearly 100-year history, Disney has defined what is possible in animation and proved that characters like Mickey Mouse, Snow White, and Peter Pan can transcend childhood wonderment […]

11 Jul 19
The Sun
DANDRUFF is an absolute pain to deal with. It’s uncomfortable and unsightly, not to mention the fact it can really knock your confidence. If you’re suffering from a dry or itchy scalp you might be wondering what the best dandruff shampoos are to combat your problem scalp? Here’s where we come in… Dandruff can cause hair to look dirty, but it can be treated Suffering with the white stuff? Even supermodels such as Tyra Banks suffer from the scalp condition, so you can rest assured you’re not alone. And the good news is, with the right treatments and care of your hair, you can keep it at bay. From cheap and cheerful everyday shampoo to more luxurious treatments that should be used sparingly, there’s a huge range of products that all promise to battle the flakiness. Anti-dandruff shampoos are complex, specially formulated to target problem scalps. Most have active ingredients to reduce the appearance of dandruff, but the best ones will go straight to the source, combating the production, soothing any inflammation and hydrating the root to prevent dryness. We’ve rounded up the top treatments available on the market, all of which are super affordable and easy to use. 1. Philip Kingsley Flaky Scalp Shampoo Phillip Kingsley is a hair expert and his hair range has products to target every issue from dandruff to hair loss Philip Kingsley Flaky /Itchy Scalp Shampoo, £24 from John Lewis – buy here Trichotherapy expert Philip Kingsley’s Flaky/Itchy scalp is one of the pricer shampoos in our list, but it’s worth every penny. It provides comfort for problem scalps and hydrates the root, all while soothing irritation. The lightly apple-scented solution is ultra gentle and can be used on even the most sensitive of scalps. We have to point out that it’s rare for an anti-dandruff shampoo to smell so damn delicious. 2. Head & Shoulders Anti-Dandruff Shampoo The classic clean by Head & Shoulders has been a popular go-to for years Head & Shoulders Classic Clean Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, £4.99 from Superdrug – buy here If you’re after something budget-friendly and great for everyday use, Head & Shoulders’ Classic Clean has been a household staple for many years. It has no parabens so it’s perfect for washing all types of hair, even extensions, and is un-fragranced. The PH-balanced shampoo’s unique Tri-Action formula cleanses, protects and moisturises your locks, and doesn’t strip any colour from dyed hair. It leaves your hair up to 100 per cent flake free, which is music to any dandruff sufferer’s ears. If you don’t believe us, look to the hundreds of five-star reviews that prove it’s worth every single penny. 3. Alpecin Dandruff Killer Shampoo Alpecin shampoos are known for targeting specific issues and the brand new Dandruff Killer Shampoo is set to become a top-seller Alpecin Dandruff Killer Shampoo, £6.40 from Boots – buy here Alpecin is already well known for their anti-hair-loss products but the brand has recently expanded into anti-dandruff shampoos (spoiler alert: they’ve gone down a storm). The Dandruff Killer Shampoo’s brand new formula has a patent pending for the unique formula, proving it’s a force to be reckoned with. Those magic four active ingredients include zinc ions, panthenol and allantoin, set out to relieve irritation and balance the scalp. You can use the Dandruff Killer every day but we recommend you pair it with a deep conditioning treatment afterwards as it can be quite drying on its own. 4. Goldwell Anti Dandruff Shampoo The Scalp Specialist by Goldwell is used in salons across the country and is favoured by top hairdressers to banish any dryness Goldwell Dualsenses Scalp Specialist Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, £9.95 from Feelunique – buy here If it’s a clean and fresh scalp you’re after, then look no further than Goldwell’s Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. The 250ml bottle is great value for money at under a tenner, considering it is a salon-standard product used by top hairdressers across the country. The formula offers colour protection and fights against dandruff, regulates the scalp functions and also prevents new dandruff if you use this revolutionary product every day. This product also works are a great two-in-one for battling hair loss, as many of the active ingredients help with regenerating hair growth and producing healthier stronger hair. Goldwell’s entire range stretches far and wide and they also have a number of products in their anti-dandruff range that can help with regulating an itchy scalp. 5. KMS Shampoo For Dandruff KMS’ stylish grey bottle gives you plenty of bang for your buck and smells divine KMS Head Ready Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, £15 from Lookfantastic – buy here KMS’ matte grey bottle holds 300ml of the amazing Head Ready Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, which provides irritated flaky scalps with some serious relief. If you incorporate this product into your routine around three to four times a week, you’ll be sure to see a difference almost instantly. What makes this shampoo unique is the Alpha Hydroxy Acid structure complex with Lactic Acid, Malic Acid and the anti-dandruff agent Zinc Pyrithione which supports reconstruction, evens out the hair surface and reduces any flaking associated with dandruff. 6. L’Oreal Sensitive Scalp Shampoo If you have incredibly sensitive skin, L’Oreal’s Source Essentielle will get rid of any flaking without irritation L’Oreal Professionnel Source Essentielle Sensitive Scalp Shampoo, £15.70 from Feel Unique – buy here The natural ingredients in L’Oreal’s Sensitive Scalp Shampoo will ensure that while dandruff is being tackled, your scalp’s natural balance isn’t being compromised with harsh ingredients. The delicate shampoo gently soothes sensitive and itchy skin whilst removing impurities and oils to leave hair feeling soft and supple. Ingredients such as coconut, calendula and chamomile flowers give the product a light, floral scent and the majority of all other ingredients are completely natural. This one is safe to use every day and is best paired with the Source Essentielle Hair Balm from the same range for maximum effect. [article-rail-section title=”MORE SUN SELECTS” posts_category=”14216″ posts_number=”12″ query_type=”recent” /] We’ve designed Sun Selects to help you find everything you need when you’re shopping around the web. Click the link to find more of our top picks. Considering switching to animal-free products? We’ve rounded up the best vegan beauty products available on the market today. Enjoyed our roundup of the best shampoos for dandruff? Then head over to the beauty section for more amazing product selections. This article and any featured products have been independently chosen by The Sun journalists. All recommendations within the article are informed by expert editorial opinion. If you click a link and buy a product we may earn revenue: this helps to support The Sun, and in no way affects our recommendations.
11 Jul 19
Phi Quyền Chính - Anarchism: The Tao Of Anarchy

PQC: If you really want to know and understand Anarchism, join the Conference meet true anarchists in person, talk to them, question them, challenge them before accusing them anything but anarchist! 🙂 THE WORLD’S PREMIER LIBERTY EVENT February 2020 We are excited for you to join us for our 6th year where our unparalleled […]

11 Jul 19
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Follow live coverage with Serena Williams and Simona Halep set to star on women's semi-final day at Wimbledon. 23-time Grand Slam champion Williams suffered disappointment alongside Andy Murray in the mixed doubles on Wednesday but will hope to right when she faces Barbora Strycova on Center Court in the last four. Opening up will be […]

10 Jul 19
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MAKALAH ILMU BUDAYA DASAR TENTANG MANUSIA DAN KEBUDAYAAN       Dibuat Oleh: Nama: Adam Budiman NPM: 50416077 Kelas: 1IA10 Dosen: Rafiqa Maulidia       FAKULTAS TEKNOLOGI  INDUSTRI JURUSAN TEKNIK INFORMATIKA UNIVERSITAS GUNADARMA 2017   KATA PENGANTAR Segala  puji  hanya  milik  Allah SWT. Shalawat dan salam selalu tercurahkan kepada Rasulullah SAW. Berkat limpahan dan rahmat-nya […]

09 Jul 19
News from the San Diego Becks

A Century of Film Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress The Lists Introduction I have done two previous posts for A Century of Film, one on Best Actor and one on Best Supporting Actor.  In those two posts, I discussed the history of each award and all the various groups that give out such awards.  […]

07 Jul 19

Despite their suspension by their party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the four lawmakers that emerged as minority leaders of the 9th House of Representatives on Wednesday would remain in their positions, according to a report. Speaker Femi Gbajabiamila had on Wednesday announced Ndudi Elumelu (Delta) as Minority Leader; Toby Okechukwu (Enugu) as Deputy Minority […]

06 Jul 19
Interesting Literature

What are some classic poems suitable to be shared or read aloud at christenings? Poets haven’t often written about christenings as such, but many poets have written touchingly, humorously, or powerfully about the arrival of a new life into this world. Here’s our pick of ten of the best poems for reading at christenings. William […]