Philip Stein

16 Dec 18
Digital Hands

How the Sleep Timer Shock Works The sleep timer shock works in form of a fit bracelet that can work throughout the day. It is designed to do all other things that the normal fit bracelet does, like counting steps, monitoring heart beat rate and calories burnt. But there will be the additional function of […]

15 Dec 18
Reading Partisan Review: 1930s

The theme of the Summer issue of PR, 1939 was somewhat insular. As Europe became the ground for WWII, American isolationism had its chance to appear again. Philip Rahv’s piece on “This Quarter” was matched by the results of a questionnaire posted to various US writers about the state of writing in the nation.  There […]

14 Dec 18

Samten Gyeltsen Karmay (Wylie: bsam gtan rgyal mtshan mkhar rme’u) (1936-) is a writer and researcher in the field of Tibetan Studies. His work is focused on the study of Tibetan myths, beliefs, the Bon religion and religious history. Life and work Samten Gyeltsen was born in 1936 in Sharkhog, eastern Tibet. He received religious […]

13 Dec 18

“Death and Taxes” – Urayoan Noel “The Truth” – Tim Dlugos “Improvisation on Them” – Linda Susan Jackson “The Tree of Knowledge” – Shane McCrae “Letter to My Father” – Martin Espada “In Perpetual Spring” – Amy Gerstler “Carpet Bomb” – Kenyatta Rogers “Money” – Philip Larkin “Redacted from a Know-Your-Rights Training Agenda” – Cynthia […]

13 Dec 18

The list of authors of frequently and recently banned books reads is very similar to the New York Times Best Seller list: Alexi Sherman, Dr. Seuss, John Green, Hermann Hesse, Aldous Huxley, Toni Morrison, John Steinbeck, Anne Frank, Alice Walker, Stephen Chbosky, William Shakespeare, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Kurt Vonnegut, Augusten Burroughs, and J. D. […]

13 Dec 18

+Matthew 11:16-19 The Spirit of your Father will be speaking in you Jesus spoke to the crowds: ‘What description can I find for this generation? It is like children shouting to each other as they sit in the market place: “We played the pipes for you, and you wouldn’t dance; we sang dirges, and you […]

13 Dec 18
Much Ado About Books

Quick one-shot reviews of books that didn’t get a full write-up of their own.

12 Dec 18
Science & research news | Frontiers

Frontiers in Psychiatry’s Chief Editors are acknowledged in Highly Cited Researchers 2018 list of Clarivate Analytics

12 Dec 18
Jen J.'s Booksheets

As of October there’s still a good chunk of 2018 titles coming in with three starred reviews or more. We’ve also got our first 2019 titles with three starred reviews which are listed down at the bottom below the 2018 information. October 2018 stars tally: 1135 books published in 2018 have been awarded 1812 starred […]

11 Dec 18
Books and Cakes

After the British version which you can read here I have decided to create a whole serie on literature focusing on specific regions or countries of the World. Hopefully, some of you will find it helpful either for school or for when you are looking for something to read or just for fun! And I […]

11 Dec 18
Technology Arena

A short film for Philip Stein, a developer of Natural Frequency Technology, to showcase their watches that improve the wearer’s quality of life. it features hand drawn time-lapse sketches, 3D and 2D animation. Production Company: The Mill+ Directors: Ivo Sousa, Kwok Fung Lam Executive Producer: Luke Colson VFX Producers: Luiza Cruz-Flade, Niamh O’Donohoe 3D Artists: […]

10 Dec 18
IPP Diaries

A blog post on my recent visit to HMP Winchester to visit my friend Phil Armstrong

10 Dec 18
The Indru'shy'ev

A bibliographic gift for a young person starting a study in history.

09 Dec 18

  FIQWS: 10105 JEWISH MODERN AMERICAN LITERATURE COMPOSITION SECTION PROFESSOR PHILIP CLARK     FINAL PORTFOLIO MATTHEW STEIN   Matthew Stein Professor  Clark Dec. 3, 2018 THE JOURNEY IN FIQWS AMERICAN JEWISH LITERATURE   The FIQWS 10015 American Jewish Literature class with Professor Kratka helped me progress on my personal writing skills. She helped me realize […]

08 Dec 18

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07 Dec 18

  What if Pope Francis Knows Something? Essay III How Gaudete et Exsultate Utilizes Mystical Biblical Structures   Quietly stationed below the surface layers of the Exhortation, there is another immense realm waiting to be discovered and understood in Gaudete et Exsultate. This new terrain, this uncharted continent that we have just begun discovering, concerns […]