20 Apr 19
Meditation music

Meditation music is music performed to aid in the practice of meditation. It can have a specific religious content, but also more recently has been associated with modern composers who use meditation techniques in their process of composition, or who compose such music with no particular religious group as a focus. meditation music audio | […]

18 Apr 19
Scéalta Ealaíne

Did I mention before that I was in a film? Yes, this film tells a story that is little known outside of Connemara. It’s about Patrick Pearse and his connection with the people of Ros Muc, a real insight into his personal life, his inspirations and convictions. The film was directed by Marcus Howard of […]

17 Apr 19

Our Year 11 Treanor Cup Squad brought another Ulster title back to Holy Trinity on Tuesday, with a brilliant performance and victory over St Paul’s Bessbrook. Going into the game missing a number of key players due to injury and illness, the Holy Trinity boys showed great resilience and determination to bring the Treanor Cup […]

17 Apr 19
The Love of Brewer 937

Bermain gambling online dalam masa yang seperti saatini alangkah baiknya bermain secara Situs Poker Online jadi pastinya tentu jauh lebih selamat di bandingkan dikau bermain bersama suatu website yang enggak jelas. Pertumbuhan permainan spekulasi online di Indonesia termasuklah terlaris dalam karenakan pengagumnya yang semacamitu padat yang membikin para penggembang permainan gambling online kendati berkompetisi lomba […]

16 Apr 19
The Saffron Gael

Antrim Minor Football League – Division 1 Dunloy 2-6 St Brigid’s 2-7 St Brigid’s withstood a spirited Dunloy fightback to earn a hard earned win in Tuesday night’s Antrim Minor Football League game at Pearse Park. When Shay Campbell pointed in the 54th minute St Brigid’s were five point clear and apparently home and dry, […]

16 Apr 19

Dejemos claro que no entra dentro de nuestra intención acusar a ningún colectivo, grupo, fe, organización o piara de semovientes del incendio de la Catedral de París. Declarado lo anterior, no podemos por menos de escandalizarnos y mesarnos los cabellos por las imágenes y capturas de comentarios que ya circulan por las redes sociales con […]

15 Apr 19
beyond the green: collective of middlebury voices

POLSCI and RCGA have formally decided not to rescind co-sponsorship (despite the 840+ signatures on this letter as of 8:48 PM Wed, 4/17/2019). Read their (multiple) responses here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ADiZMDcpcL-Vl0dwMmn3q2OpkUd0n2Z9FnZrUz5VYuk/edit#   Not only did POLSCI and RCGA refuse to rescind their co-sponsorship, POLSCI Professor Matthew Dickinson proceeded to host Legutko in the RAJ Conference room this […]

12 Apr 19
The Saffron Gael

All County Football League – Division 3 St.Paul’s 1-11 Na Piarsaigh 3-8 Pearses upset the odds when they travelled to St Paul’s on Wednesday evening and beat St Paul’s in Division 3 of the All County Football League Jamie Curran made several changes to his starting line-up from matchday one as Ciaran Magee, Gerard Campbell […]

11 Apr 19
Confessions of a Modern Day Anarchist

A nod followed by a little friendly invitation was all it took: Three Punjabi mums arrived,  a touch more doddery than Nigella Lawson, perhaps, but every inch as passionate about food. They were accompanied to where a tent had just been set up in the car park of the West Midlands Police HQ in Birmingham.  […]

11 Apr 19
Turisti incapatanati

Japonia este un stat în Orientul Îndepărtat format din 4 insule mari care acoperă o suprafață de aproximativ 378.000 km². Principalele insule sunt Hokkaido, Honshu, Kyushu și Shikoku. O mare parte a teritoriului se caracterizează prin lanțuri montane înalte alternând cu văi adânci. Teritoriul japonez are un lung lanț de munți vulcanici, al cărui reprezentant […]

08 Apr 19
Names Throughout the Ages

Petros is the Greek and Armenian form of Peter which is the English form of Ancient Greek Petros meaning “stone, rock” derived from an unknown source. Petros is also a surname, either derived from the given name or a shortened form of Greek surname Petropoulos. Origin: Ancient Greek Variants: Peter (English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Slovene, Slovak) Petrus […]