Piazza Sempione

09 Dec 18
The Underlined Blog

With its compilation of picturesque towns, ancient cities and charming culture, it is arguably impossible to do the entire country of Italy justice on just one trip. Hence why, upon finding an extremely affordable Wowcher deal to Milan, I decided there was no excuse not to give Italy a second visit. I called up a […]

08 Dec 18
Naming My Voice

ITALIAAAA! The country that I felt like I didn`t know what exactly I could expect from. Many perhaps think of pizza and pasta when they think of Italia? Well, I`m one of those who do, but as a tourist I of course wanted to do more than just have some Italian food. This time I […]

07 Dec 18
What A Wonderful Journey

Milan is an amazing vibrant city with so much to see and do. It’s Italy’s capital for fashion and design, so there are several high-end districts with expensive clothing and shops. However, you will never get bored there, and it doesn’t have to be expensive if you book activities ahead and keep an eye out […]

27 Nov 18

  Sembrava solo un borgo antico, un piccolo paese della Valle Antrona e ora è famoso nel mondo. Viganella ha un sole tutto suo, un riflesso magico che gli regala la luce anche durante l’inverno, quando i raggi caldi della nostra stella non potrebbero raggiungerla. Sono stata a Viganella, affascinante, fuori dal mondo, piena di […]

20 Nov 18

Great food, stunning views, pretty cities, friendly people, lovely atmosphere. What else? Go and visit Italy and you will have the answer. The public transport is relatively cheap and you can move from one city to another in a few hours or less, and they are all well connected to one another. As always, we […]

16 Nov 18
A Saba Story

Come stai?! And that’s about all of my Italian vocabulary… It’s been a while since I wrote a blog and to be honest, it’s because I just couldn’t find the time. I started out with all the best intentions of being a consistent blogger then life decided to remind me of my real responsibilities; work, […]

07 Nov 18

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06 Nov 18
Deals UK

Go Groopie Offer Details – 2-3 Night 4* Hotel Stay With Breakfast and Flights 2-3 Night 4* Hotel Stay With Breakfast and Flights from Go GroopieOffer Details: Take a trip to Gothic architecture, gardens and museums with a 2-3 night stay in Milan Stay at the 4* Idea Hotel Milano San Siro Enjoy a delicious breakfast each morning […]

31 Oct 18

This was a week-long adventure in Italy, starting in the Lombardia region, then through Tuscany and the microstate of San Marino, ending in the Campania region. I travelled to Milan from London, with things going smoothly as I managed to get a train ticket and boarded the hour-long train into the city as the doors […]

24 Oct 18
Let's Live In France

One of the best tips I saw online about visiting Italy was that your trip should not be rushed. You should take the time just to observe the life going on around you. Of course, this advice was accompanied by a photo of a canal-side café table bearing a glass of wine and a plate […]

19 Oct 18
Imagine It In Writing

Before I went to Italy, I’d heard rumours. The north was about business and efficiency, the south was about relaxation and a slower pace of life. I’d expected these differences. Geographical ideological conflicts abound in our world—including Canada (east versus west)—and too many have escalated into civil wars. I chose three cities to visit over […]

13 Oct 18

Milan Fashion Weeeeek! Please enjoy our favorites, leave yours below! Michelle’s are on the left, mine are on the right. If you’d like to see the full collection, please click here! ~Mina