Picacho Peak State Park

20 Jan 19
On the Road

January 21, 2019 On Thursday we approached the fortress-like medical office building where my doctor practices to see an ambulance and fire engine parked outside, warning lights flashing. EMTs were hauling one of those reinforced stretchers inside that rabbit’s warren of physicians’ and therapists’ offices. Couldn’t be my doc, I muttered.  We rode the elevator […]

12 Jan 19
Chasing Dirt

Just when you think you’re going to get all caught up on your Internetting, you find out that the desert is not only full of real thorns, but virtual ones, as well. The first thorn in my side was a notification from the site where I stored all my online photos informing me that it […]

11 Jan 19
Derek Jakoboski

(not a formal writing piece, so the artistic flair is lost. Just the facts. There will be plenty more stories to come) I did a thing. I packed up all my stuff into a Toyota Camry, including everything that I need for triathlon training and bodyboarding, and drove about three thousand miles to San Diego. […]

10 Jan 19

We started the year out …. Watching the fireworks display on New’s Years Eve. We finally found a parking spot in a parking ramp made for us. We visited our visit state park in Nevada. Valley of Fire. We also camped in a garage while visiting Pete and Marlene. We also went to Oatman’s to […]

08 Jan 19
Postcards from the Perimeter

We’ve been in Tucson now for nearly eight weeks – eight times as long as we’ve stayed anywhere during our Year on the Edges of America. It’s been a bit of a push-me-pull-you experience as we struggle to balance our always-on-the-go impulses with the fantasy of sheer relaxation, doing nothing and the proverbial “living in […]

02 Jan 19

Oh, hey internet. So, as I’ve mentioned I’m an ambassador for the Six Pack of Peaks, a hiking challenge created by Jeff from Social Hiker. The challenge started with six progressively higher peaks in Southern California and has grown to include multiple regions throughout the US because apparently, Jeff doesn’t want me doing anything but […]

02 Jan 19
Wolf Song Blog

December 30, 2018, A nice hike up to an overlook at Picacho State Park, AZ. Temperatures have been in the low 50’s and high 40’s with overnight lows in the high 20’s. Last night it rained and we woke this morning to low hanging clouds below the snow-covered peaks. The sun finally came out and […]

30 Dec 18
Piddlin' Around

It is truly amazing how quickly the year has flown by. We had big plans for the year and fortunately we were able to pull them off. If you have been following our blog, you know that we sold our house and dispersed our belongings to travel full time in our RV. It was a […]

26 Dec 18
Life on the Road

Leaving San Diego we traveled to Yuma. On our second night we had an overnight guess, Deb (Linda’s Sister) stopped by on her way back to San Felipe, Mexico where her and Joe are residing. Getting a ride down we went to spend a nght with them. They have a beautiful house overlooking the Baja […]

21 Nov 18
Going Over There

When people asked us where we were looking forward to the most on this trip, our answer was undoubtedly the southwest.

21 Nov 18
RV Retirement Lifestyle

When my wife DiAnne and I searched for a location to retire, the first priority was a location warmer than Minnesota. We quickly found ourselves drawn to the beauty of the sunsets, cacti and succulents located in the Sonoran Desert. The Sonoran Desert covers large parts of the Southwestern United States in Arizona and California and of Northwestern Mexico. The Sonoran Desert […]

18 Nov 18
Postcards from the Perimeter

For the first time since we left Dallas in March, I have to actually get out of bed to start the coffee. Georges can no longer stand in one place to simultaneously stir a pot on the stove with one hand while reaching into the fridge for something to drink with the other. That’s because […]