Picacho Peak State Park

20 Mar 19
Alyson Greene May

Poppy medicine (even in imagination!) can ease you mental swirl and guide you to sleep . . . with their petals of soft satin, the color of creativity, sensuality, and emotional safety. 🧡

20 Mar 19
Over the Hill to Cross America Southern Tier

After spending the day working on the logistics of weather, wind, and waysides, we have altered our plans again and have chosen a modified version of Option 3. Snow is falling in the mountains around us, so the route through the Queen’s Tunnel looks increasingly risky. We’re headed south instead. Wind, Wind, and more Wind […]

19 Mar 19

Carolyn and I hiked Picacho Peak for the first time and liked it so much that we had to come back and tackle the Sunset Vista Trail. We had hiked the Hunter Trail a two mile steep hike but we wanted to see the Peak from the west side so back towards Tucson we went. […]

19 Mar 19
Sonoran Images

You may enlarge any image in this blog by clicking on it. Click again for a detailed view. This spring our desert is experiencing what may be a once in a generation event.  It is ablaze with flowers, millions upon millions of them, in virtually every color of the rainbow.  It is almost miraculous, the […]

18 Mar 19
Becoming is Superior to Being

This time of year Picacho Peak State Park is an excellent example of the biodiversity of the Sonoran Desert. Plants are at the greenest and wildflowers provide dots of color on the desert canvass. The canvass of the desert may appear to have no order. Yet it is orderly, but we don’t know why. A […]

16 Mar 19
Ike, Jake, and Champ the Adventurous Legos

Last year Ike and Jake had pictures taken on the humming bird feeder. Ike and Jake told Sandy and champ that this year was their turn. Sandy has been kicking the boys but at everything up until now. They finally found something Sandy is afraid of HUMMING BIRDS! She would not stand on the dish, […]

15 Mar 19
The Zephyr Crossing

As I write, I am not (of course) sleeping, but I am in a tent in the desert in AZ with Sue, and Randy is in a tent next door (watching TV on his iPad). Cold is descending on the desert. Truth be known, it is the first night on this trip that we have […]

14 Mar 19
Stevie The '53

It’s been nearly six months since I took Stevie out. A lot has happened in that half year – personal, professional, holiday season, etc. It all hit at once. So camping took a backseat, while I sorted everything out and got back on track. But as life finally settled down, I started to feel that […]

14 Mar 19
Brian Borg

A business executive in San Diego, California, Brian Borg has extensive experience in areas such as organizing human resources, managing risk, and developing business strategies. From his home in San Diego, Brian Borg enjoys camping with his family in nearby areas such as at Cuyamaca Rancho State Park. Encompassing oak woodlands, pine forests, and creek-laced […]

09 Mar 19
Cundiff Creative

3/9/19 On this beautiful Saturday, I decided to embark on a mini adventure before school starts back next week. I traveled a little over an hour south to Picacho Peak State Park. The park is located north of Tuscan, Arizona.  Picacho Peak State Park offers several hikes for the entrance fee of $7 per car. I began […]

07 Mar 19

High on a mountain top We live, we love, and we laugh a lot Folks up here know what they got High on a mountain top High on a mountain top Where the rest of the world’s Like a little bitty spot I ain’t comin down no never I’m not High on a mountain top […]

06 Mar 19
National Post

CASA GRANDE, Ariz. — Wildflowers are blooming in Arizona, and crowds of people are turning out to see them. The Casa Grande Dispatch reports that attendance at Picacho (pih-KAH’-cho) Peak State Park along Interstate 10 between Phoenix and Tucson totalled 4,502 people last weekend, compared with 2,143 during the first weekend of March 2018. Dozens […]

06 Mar 19
Birds Make Good Neighbors

My very first post was from last Summer and is titled “Picacho Peak State Park“.  Somewhere else on my website I mentioned my goal was to visit every State Park in Arizona (before Roger Naylor’s book comes out, I think I mentioned in an early post);  not that this idea/achievement has only ever formed by […]

02 Mar 19

Since purchasing our new rig three weeks ago, Mr. Bond II, we’ve been hovering around Phoenix to be close to the dealership in the event of any issues that may arise during the initial break-in period.  In order to do this, we purposely planned a varied itinerary to test all the new bells & whistles. […]

22 Feb 19

I am sorry to all who did not see the original post for this weeks blog. I lost everything except the pictures so I will give a brief description since my notes are gone. The kick off this week was the Cowboy Days and O’Odham Tash. There was a parade in downtown Casa Grande that […]

20 Feb 19
Travels with a Fox

We worked our way south through California, stopping in Barstow, and into Arizona to Tonopah which allowed us to skirt around the Phoenix area. We chose to spend a couple of nights at Picacho Peak State Park, which is 45 minutes outside of Tucson, AZ. As we were setting up, it started to rain and […]