Piero Guidi

24 Jun 19
My Word Atlas At Last

I will always be fond of June 2019 as it has been a month entirely dedicated to Leonardo Da Vinci in the 500th anniversary of his death. I traveled to Vinci with my family and enjoyed the peaceful beauty of the countryside, the gentle slopes covered in olive trees and cypresses, the flower bushes in […]

06 May 19
My Travel To You

You can pretty much combine an interest in Leonardo’s paintings, drawings, technical drawings of machinery and flight and his understanding of the anatomy with a tour of classic Italian cities but to enhance your trip here some ideas based on an interest in the life and works of the Master of the Renaissance himself. The […]

27 Apr 19
Archy Worldys

We might as well get the cliches out of the way: Leonardo Da Vinci was a genius of unparalleled stature. During the course of his life, he created some of the greatest paintings of his (and any other) age, as well as inventing machines and recording anatomical observations that wouldn’t be surpassed for centuries. READ […]

28 Feb 19
Weapons and Warfare

“The Army of Florence 1260” Between the eleventh and twelfth centuries Florence was still a relatively modest centre compared with others in Tuscany. Although it was already clear that she was overtaking Arezzo, Volterra and other cities that were more illustrious in point of age, she was still decidedly inferior in point of population size, […]

27 Feb 19
Shopping On Line solo Negozi Reali

MAGIC CIRCUS, la trama creata alla fine degli anni ’80 dallo stilista PIERO GUIDI, in cerca di una nuova linea che desse spazio alla creatività, che innovasse senza tradire il buon gusto e la raffinatezza che caratterizzavano la griffe, è espressa nel suo colore e forme con sfondo BROWN su questo bellissimo zainetto VINTAGE. Un grande classico che non può mancare nella tua collezione.


l’articolo è USATO, per qualsiasi informazione contattateci.

20 Feb 19
NEWS |||||

TORRE DI MOSTO (VENEZIA).  Il 23.02 ore 16.30 César Meneghetti e altri 211 artisti in mostra al MUPA – Museo del Paesaggio di Torre di Mosto nella mostra Fini & Confini. Dal Paesaggio al Territorio. A cura di Dionisio Gavagnin. Sposando contro il Paesaggio il concetto di Territorio, inteso come spazio totale, aperto e socialmente disponibile, […]

07 Feb 19

I decided to choose this work, a birth tray celebrating the birth of Lorenzo De’ Medici in 1449. I decided on this because I myself am a mother, and found it an interesting connection to see what was given in celebration to a birth during the times of the Renaissance. According to http://www.Italianrenaissanceresources.com, it was […]

18 Jan 19
Are We There Yet?

Our 5th challenge was given to us when we arrived in Urbino. For this challenge we were given a scavenger hunt to learn about the history and culture in Urbino. Sarah, Lia, Ellie and I set out to find some of the sights. Here is what we found: The Best View of the Ducal Palace: […]

03 Jan 19
Monaco Wealth Management

Monaco, the Circus capital! In the Principality, January means circus time and the whole town will take part in the festivities. On the programme: At the Fontvieille shopping centre gallery there will be an exhibition entitled “The Circus” by Paule Garrigue, organised by the Monegasque Association of the Friends of Circus (14th of January to […]

04 Dec 18


KONTESSA – Piero Guidi

27 Aug 18

Borse Piero Guidi scontate Le borse che cerchi, lo sconto che trovi! Dettagli Offerta: Hai l’occasione per entrare a far parte del mondo Piero Guidi, oggi è più semplice con gli sconti. Su Amazon le borse Piero Guidi sono scontate per un tempo limitato, per accedere a questa offerta non dovrai fare altro che cliccare sul […]

11 Jul 18
Shoes for American men

Shoes for men: Piece Cosplay Canvas Sneakers Colourful