Piero Guidi

18 Jan 19
Are We There Yet?

Our 5th challenge was given to us when we arrived in Urbino. For this challenge we were given a scavenger hunt to learn about the history and culture in Urbino. Sarah, Lia, Ellie and I set out to find some of the sights. Here is what we found: The Best View of the Ducal Palace: […]

03 Jan 19
Monaco Wealth Management

Monaco, the Circus capital! In the Principality, January means circus time and the whole town will take part in the festivities. On the programme: At the Fontvieille shopping centre gallery there will be an exhibition entitled “The Circus” by Paule Garrigue, organised by the Monegasque Association of the Friends of Circus (14th of January to […]

04 Dec 18


KONTESSA – Piero Guidi

27 Aug 18

Borse Piero Guidi scontate Le borse che cerchi, lo sconto che trovi! Dettagli Offerta: Hai l’occasione per entrare a far parte del mondo Piero Guidi, oggi è più semplice con gli sconti. Su Amazon le borse Piero Guidi sono scontate per un tempo limitato, per accedere a questa offerta non dovrai fare altro che cliccare sul […]

11 Jul 18
Shoes for American men

Shoes for men: Piece Cosplay Canvas Sneakers Colourful

18 Jun 18
Jack Sullivan presents Viaggio

This week my group and I travelled around Urbino to discover some new places that held a vast array of interests. From nightlife to handbags to the movies, I ended up finding out a lot about Urbino and Italian culture. Over the past 2 weeks I have wandered around Urbino into random alleyways and streets […]

18 Jun 18
Jacob in Italy

1) The best view of the Ducal Palace This gorgeous view of Ducal Palace was taken from Via Barocci. It is picturesque in every aspect, from the stone houses flanking the view to the sunlit, massive structure that is Ducal Palace in the background. Ducal Palace was famously inhabited by Duke Federico da Montefeltro and […]

18 Jun 18
Megan's Blog

Our second challenge had us adventure around Urbino to learn more about the significant places within the walls! I liked that we were somewhat forced to learn more or talk to locals about a lot of the places or things we had already experienced. There were some aspects of the challenge that proved to be […]

18 Jun 18
Andrew McKnight's Blog

Urbino Social Hunting Told through images around the city… Andrew McKnight and Jack Sullivan The Best View of the Ducal Palace from Via Barocci US Culture in Italy: Movies La Casa di Raffaello Most Popular Place for Urbino Students on Thursday Night: Bosom Pub The Artisan that Makes Handmade Bags and Shoes: Piero Guidi Most […]

18 Jun 18
Italy 2018

Raphael’s House: the architecture was inspired by the Ducal Palace and there are two paintings done by Raphael inside (“La Madonna della Seggiola” and “Visione de Ezechiele”) This was really interesting and we also have decided that we want to visit after class one day. Raphael was such an inspirational and amazing painter. I love […]

13 May 18
BsNews.it - Brescia News

Sono otto i candidati che si fronteggeranno il 10 giugno per conquistare la poltrona di sindaco. A sostenerli 18 liste (sei per Emilio Del Bono, altrettante per Paola Vilardi), mentre gli aspiranti consiglieri sono ben  534. CLICCATE SUI SEGUENTI LINK, INVECE, PER I CANDIDATI DI OSPITALETTO E I CANDIDATI DI MANERBIO. E DI TUTTI GLI […]

23 Apr 18
Lapidary Prose

Lucrezia Tornabuoni (22 June 1427 – 25 March 1482) was a writer and influential political adviser. Connected by birth to two of the most powerful families in 15th-century Italy she later married Piero di Cosimo de’ Medici, connecting herself to another of the most powerful families in Italy and extending her own power and influence. […]

09 Jan 18
International Society of Classical Astrologers

  There is a legend that St. John was one given a poisoned cup of wine. He discerned the presence of the poison, blessed the cup and the poisonwas drawn out of the wine in the form of a snake. John then drank the cup unharmed. Discernment and the skill to act on it is […]