Pierre Hardy

17 Feb 19
Resurgent Sports

I never really know how to start these kind of posts, but since the NFL season is over and we have entered into the offseason with the draft and free agency shortly around the corner, I thought I’d do a fun little prediction of how I’m thinking each NFL roster will shape up come 2019. […]

16 Feb 19

Pierre Hardy is a luxury shoe and fashion accessory brand launched in Paris in 1999. The main style of the brand founder Pierre Hardy is using bold color and pattern in his work. The designer himself is a fashion expert who worked for Christian Dior and Hermes for many years. And his intention to build […]

16 Feb 19
Site Title

          Hello Wrestling fans an Blog Readers and Collectors. Its Yours Truly The Bodybender,with your next Weekly Blog.  This Weeks Blog is on one of the Best Ppv’s I think the Wwe has ever put out.Extreme Eules 2008-One Night Stand had it all. From the opening Match a Falls Count Anywhere match between […]

13 Feb 19
Krys Rayne

Let me introduce today’s Critter on Tour, Marianne Petit. Her book, Behind the Mask is a historical romance that takes place during the early part of the WW2 with danger, intrigue and la résistance! Author Marianne Petit mixes true life experiences with fiction to create a suspenseful tale of intrigue and romance set in the […]

12 Feb 19
Mws R Writings

Wuthering Heights In one of the oldest heart-wrenching classics in the “lost love can turn a good man evil” scenario, Emily Brontë’s novel takes us back to 1802 at the Wuthering Heights estate. In this timeless love story, our leading man Heathcliff grows to become best friends with his adopted sister, Catherine, his life-long crush. But an […]

12 Feb 19
Archy news nety

These sales data registered by the Maryland Assessments and Taxation Department are provided by Black Knight Inc. Go to washingtonpost.com for information on other property transactions in properties. ACCOKEEK AREA Barney Dr., 17907-Alexander W. and Anita F. Wiley to Leslie and Darryl A. Jackson, $ 349,900. Caskadilla Lane, 1109-Glenn L. Taylor Jr. and estate of […]

12 Feb 19
South Georgia Matmen

South Georgia Matmen staff report VALDOSTA — So the question’s fairly posed, on T-shirts and chat rooms and social media throughout the Peach State. Which team is the best team in Georgia? Folks can come back to any number of statistics that help prove their point. Titles won. Dual titles won. Individual studs’ accomplishments. No […]

11 Feb 19
A Literary Life

Title: Around the World in Eighty Days. Author: Jules Verne. Publication: 1873, Pierre-Jules Hetzel. My Edition: 1994, Penguin. Length: 245 pages. Genre(s): Classic, Adventure, Cultural. My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Audible Phileas Fogg is the quintessential (if a little exaggerated) Victorian Englishman. He is a man of habit, liking every task to be […]

08 Feb 19
Viviana MacKade

Another intense story from WW2 but this time, is set in Paris. one more reason to read it! The story is Behind the Mask by Marianne Yvonne Petit, a historical romance. Author Marianne Petit mixes true life experiences with fiction to create a suspenseful tale of intrigue and romance set in the early days of war-torn […]

07 Feb 19
Loquaciously Yours

Territory Fever: An Albuquerque Family’s Story Part I: An Irishman Arrives in ABQ My great grandfather Bernard Shandon Rodey stood in the swaying passenger car of a train traveling across New Mexico Territory to Albuquerque. It was the autumn of 1881 and he was excited. After he and his parents came through immigration at L’Isle […]

07 Feb 19
Why Evolution Is True

It’s Thursday, February 7, 2019, and National Fettuccine Alfredo Day, honoring my favorite pasta. It’s also National Send a Card to a Friend Day. Will an email do? I will be emailing several friends. On this day in 1497, the real “Bonfire of the vanities” took place as the followers of Girolamo Savonarola burned cosmetics, books, […]

06 Feb 19
bookworm at the gym

40 best books to read before you die  This is an article about which are the “best books” to read.  I love these lists, although I feel that they don’t really mean anything.  They are someone’s opinions about what is best.  I enjoy them because they give me ideas about what to read next, and […]