13 Dec 18
Ghosts That Sell Memories

Well, we find ourselves back in Hawai’i for the second time this  year, same resort and almost the same room. That’s fine with us, we have no where near exhausted the opportunities on the Big Island. With each trip we find more interesting, educational and just plain fun sights, trips and people. We arrived Sunday […]

12 Dec 18
Australian Haiku Society

Tuesday 11 December 2018 What a bumper end of year meeting! As always, our greetings were heartfelt and joyous as we arrived at The Oaks and settled around a table under the trees. The sun was just beginning to shine again after a cloudy morning and between bursts of carolling, some magpies were shoving food […]

12 Dec 18
Nick Kelly

There has been a bit of gap between posts to this blog lately. This isn’t due to a lack of things to say or write about, but due to being busy with work – a problem I have been very grateful to have. Yesterday marked 15 months since I moved to London. Its now also […]

12 Dec 18

Hukum Coulomb College Loan Consolidation Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014 – Kelas XII Hukum Coulomb mempunyai kesamaan dengan hukum gravitasi Newton. Persamaannya terletak pada perbandingan kuadrat yang terbalik dalam hukum gravitasi Newton. Perbedaannya adalah gaya gravitasi selalu tarik-menarik, sedangkan gaya listrik dapat bersifat tarik-menarik maupun tolak-menolak. Pada dasarnya hukum coulombmenyatakan muatan listrik yang sejenis tolak-menolak, sedangkan muatan listrik tak sejenis […]

10 Dec 18

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10 Dec 18

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10 Dec 18

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10 Dec 18
The Dish with Lish

My plan for this snowed in experience was to get caught up on my homework, studying, and my blog. However, the first day of snow we went sledding down the road, and right before we were about to head home, Zach and I decided to ride one of our sleds together, he was up front […]

10 Dec 18

I would never deny the want to go back in time. I want to revive the moments, the feelings, the scenes that makes the certain memories unforgettable. I would never forget the time when I was in 6th grade where we first went to SM together with my friends: Nicole, Tea and Ericka. My mother […]

09 Dec 18
Gregory Piko

Vanessa Proctor and Kent MacCarter appeared last month at Smith’s Alternative in Canberra (Australia). Smith’s is a fun venue that offers live music, comedy and/or poetry almost every night of the week. After the usual open mic session, award-winning Sydney poet, Vanessa Proctor, stepped to the stage presenting a selection of her Japanese genre, short […]

09 Dec 18

Creative Ventures

I had a dream of a Piko last night, so I sketched him up. He seemed like an older Piko? Adult. Dark skinned, weird tech mask thing that kinda reminded me of a white version of BB’s mask, but without the obvious filters… long pony tail, hair had tips kinda colored… Doctor/scientist-y vibes…? Also I […]

08 Dec 18

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08 Dec 18
breath, a collection of haiku

Presence 62 is the final edition for the year and, as usual, is a thoroughly good read featuring voices from around the world. Read more about the journal (including how to subscribe). an inchworm’s stretch                   I pull the next leaf            towards […]