Pily Q

20 Aug 18

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22 Apr 18
Sweet Pea

Hi Sweet Peas! I’m sorry that it’s been forever since you’ve gotten a new post from me. Work has been quite the challenge recently as we have grown exponentially and I always believe that I owe it to my clients to give 110%. Unfortunately, that meant putting me on the back burner. However, do not […]

17 Nov 17

. (This post does not include information contained in the 5th Edition Scrabble Player’s Dictionary or updated Official Word List.) PACA:  a large rodent PADI = PADDY (a rice field) PAIK:  to beat or strike PALP:  a PALPUS (a sensory organ of an anthropoid) PALY:  somewhat pale PAMS:  Jack of Clubs in certain card games PAPS:  […]