20 Mar 19

Ciao ragazze, bentornate nel mio blog! Oggi vorrei continuare a parlarvi di colori… Il fluo è la tendenza primavera estate che di certo non vi farà passare inosservate! Colori strong su accessori di ogni tipo, scarpe, abbigliamento occhiali e borse… Ovviamente i colori must fluo sono i classici verde, giallo, fucsia e arancio! Io ieri […]

19 Mar 19

Shooting day with my boyfriend, my cousin and her boyfriend. Shooting at seaside, and in the streets with murales. My outfit: Jeans by Pimkie: PIMKIE Body by Boy London: BODY BOY LONDON Jacket by Camaieiu: CAMAIEU belt by Calliope: CALLIOPE   His outfit: T-Shirt by Bershka: BERSHKA Shoes by Adidas: ADIDAS   Follow me on 21 buttons: Profile 21 Buttons     […]

06 Mar 19
Happy Housel Blog

I am counting down the days until I leave for Florida, and it is down to 15! This is the first vacation I will be taking with Paxton and my family all together. I am so excited to make new memories right before I graduate in a few months. In order to prepare for spring […]

05 Mar 19
Archy news nety

While Go Sport sold the stores of its subsidiary Courir in the fall for € 283 million, the unions are worried about the future of the sporting goods distributor. "The Go Sport stores remain in deficit and the group has appealed to the firm Prosphères, a specialist in business downturn," said Force Ouvrière. This consulting […]

04 Mar 19

Stéphane Roche has been appointed to the role.

27 Feb 19
Cake In A Cup - The Blog

It feels like gingham is back on trend this season, and I couldn’t be more delighted ! There is something about this pattern that I just love ; it is classy yet quite casual at the same time, and adds a touch of “preppiness” as well. I have purchased this skirt recently – on a […]

25 Feb 19
The harmony in our clothes

Salut tout le monde ! Aujourd’hui je tiens à vous parler de quelque chose que j’adore, la seconde-main. Il y a plein d’avantage à acheter des choses que les particuliers ne veulent plus (je ferai sûrement un article à part entière sur le sujet). Mon site favori pour tout ce qui concerne la mode, c’est […]

20 Feb 19

Boots : Ego Shoes (🔎Alabama boots) Set : Zara (🔎5536006 || 5536004) Coat : Zara (old co) Béret : Zara (old co) similar Trench : Pimkie (old co)||similar Cette session photo a été inspirée par le métro parisien et ses paysages. Je l’utilise tous les jours, et parfois la routine peut nous faire oublier la […]

19 Feb 19

The village-like charms, excellent boutiques, cafés and pretty streets that you’ll discover in the 7th arrondissement between the Champ de Mars gardens and the Esplanade des Invalides makes this our favorite neighborhood in Paris. Most of our apartments are located nearby, where you’ll experience the authentic Parisian lifestyle that we love. Enjoy strolling along the […]

18 Feb 19
Ragged CULT Magazine

Being a student in Southampton has been just as exciting as being one in London. here are so many students digging into their creative side when it comes to the clothes they wear – it’s inspiring to see.

10 Feb 19

‘Needy’ is a Boyfriend – Online Exclusive Photographer: Kris W @wow_its_krisFemale Model: Micha Mikhaylova @micha_mikhaylovaMale Model: Vyacheslav Potkolin @silviogranteMake-Up: Anya Melekhina @plumbbyStylist: Dasha Veselka @dashaveselkaStudio & Assistance: @_the_fifth_eye Dress – Haoduoyi | Turtleneck – H&M | Pants – Diesel | Earrings – Pimkie

08 Feb 19
Inga Grin

Or how the absence of its smart usage may kill a fashion business. “Deals don’t build the kind of indestructible image which is the only thing that can make your brand part of the fabric of life.” – David Ogilvy, “Confessions of an advertising man”. Put marketing first Building a brand in fashion requires a […]

03 Feb 19
Tuk Tuks and Trains

January 12-13, 2019 Once I arrived back in Florence Saturday morning, I hopped on a train to see Pisa. A couple stops into the journey, a guy in his late 20s/early 30s plopped down across from me. He records music and was headed back to Pisa where he lives to prepare for his birthday party […]