19 Apr 19

Wine tasting in the Yarra Valley of Australia has been one of the real highlights of our adventure so far, and truly a highlight of our four days in Melbourne! We love visiting vineyards and doing tastings. In the US we’ve done wine tours in Napa, Sonoma, Russian River Valley and Temecula, California, in the […]

19 Apr 19

19 April 2019 I could borrow from Charles Dickens in saying ‘Those were the best of times and the worst of times’… Why would one really be perturbed about the manner in which we are googling and searching and sourcing of information? After all the Wikileaks to Wiki series of websites have thrown a scintillating […]

19 Apr 19
The Neanderthal Gardens

And luckily the flowers are starting to bloom just in time to give the bees something to eat. This lovely bee house was a gift from an online friend named elsietheeel who sent me this wonderful bee house out of the blue in winter. The edge was slightly damaged but it is perfectly usable. I […]

17 Apr 19
How I raised money to produce my play

Rehearsals for The Scarlet Pimpernel Showcase start on Monday. I hope to post some clips of work in progress. If you haven’t already booked your tickets please do. You can find links on our website Pimpernel Productions. I’d also appreciate any shares on social media. On facebook The Scarlet Pimpernel Showcase.  On Twitter @Pimpernelstage. I’ve just set up […]

16 Apr 19
JokerMatt | Here There Blog Dragons

Once again the Royal Mail deliver some pop culture quality. Their Marvel stamps are more than a cash-in, although their pulp power can’t paper over some side-way glances at the Special Relationship, on page and off.

14 Apr 19
Laidback Gardener

Your garden is overrun with purslane, you can’t see the green lawn for dandelion flowers, your shade bed is a sea of goutweed: in other words, weeds have literally taken over your life! What are you to do? Well, rather than trying to pull them or poison them, why not eat them? Many weeds are […]

13 Apr 19
Anna Smol

One of the recent clips from the upcoming biopic Tolkien (in limited release in May), features Edith encouraging Tolkien to tell her a story about “cellar door.”  I was pleased to see that the filmmakers had obviously done some research in their use of this phrase, which can be traced to one of Tolkien’s essays. […]

13 Apr 19
News Archives Uk

Although many people today argue about whether Barnet is in Hertfordshire, it's definitely a London borough. Actually the largest district of London. So it's no surprise that Barnet has some famous faces – but how famous is the district? Here are 11 examples. Emma Bunton Emma Bunton is back in Barnet after her fame Baby […]

13 Apr 19

In today’s Flora Friday, we feature more bloomers. At this time, the park is thick with blooming plants. Not all of them are showy. Some of them are so small that as you walk on the grass, you step on them by the dozens without noticing. Today’s featured flora are poa annua or annual bluegrass, […]

12 Apr 19
John William Bailly

Joseph-Ignace Guillotin was born on March 28, 1738 in Saintes, located in southern France– he was an aries. Joseph-Ignace Guillotin always excelled within his studies in Reims, France; he was interested in the arts and for a brief period of time, he became literature professor at the University of Bordeaux. Despite his success, Guillotin left […]

12 Apr 19
My Archives

In an essay on the history of France, contained in a collection published in 1992, Max Beloff recalls his childhood reading, saying he cannot remember which of Quentin Durward and The Three Musketeers he read first. He then adds a footnote: As far as I can make out, neither Scott nor Dumas are read by […]

11 Apr 19

So, here is my final 3-year old flat horses to follow in 2019 preview. My first post looked at the Superstars in the division, my second post looked at the Challengers, and this final post looks at the Dark Horses. Most of these are much less exposed with only 1 or 2 runs as a […]