Pink Frog

15 Dec 18
The Ace Agenda

Announcement: I will be posting something new every Thursday These are some haikus I wrote in the last two months. Enjoy! (10/19/2018) Mountains are vibrant Reds, greens, yellows spread around Fall is in the air   The streets are frigid Kids in costumes knock on doors It’s Halloween Night   The wind is howling Lightning […]

14 Dec 18
Alex R Carver

Blurb After the tragic death of his daughter, Jack finds himself with more questions than answers. While reading his daughter’s diary about an imaginary unicorn called Summer, he begins to suspect that the unicorn may not be so imaginary after all. Questioning his own sanity, he soon finds himself on a desperate search to unravel […]

14 Dec 18
Wildlifewatcher's Blog

White Pelicans have arrived in larger numbers here in The Villages, Florida.  These birds are here in the Winter from the Midwestern states.  I took these pictures on Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2018. The White Pelicans like freshwater lakes, ponds and slower rivers.  They eat fish, frogs, small tender turtles, and crayfish.  White Pelicans fish by […]

14 Dec 18
Last Bastion of Creativity

Book 01 Chapter 04 Possibilities Warning: This post contains Language, Drug Use, and Mild Sexual References Word Count: 3320 TLDR: Ikher encounters some new people and manages to secure some sales.

14 Dec 18

I INTRO .. I’m still working on this, this is just a rough copy for the time being, even if left, it is only a collection of notes from all over my YouTube account. Anyway .. I’ve done three singing session late November to early December 2018. I have put some notes with the uploads […]

14 Dec 18

This month I made three dresses with BUTTERICK 6483 view B: Fabrics: Blue dress 1 and Pink dress 2 are made with 100% linen from the upholstery section of my local fabric store. Both are super soft and smooth, drape well, wrinkle badly but press well. They both give out an ‘aged’ feeling that fit well […]

14 Dec 18
Hi, Alpine.

July 27, 20181 I wake up at 5:15, poke my head out of my tent, and survey the ocean of granite below me. I drink all of my water but a half a liter, pack up, and clear the last few hundred feet of the unnamed “pass” below McComb ridge on fresh, strong legs. My […]

14 Dec 18
Bulletproof truth

“He winged him from the back row. You’ve got to give him credit. I thought, ‘You stuffin’ fucker!’” – Ricky Hatton on Deontay Wilder felling Tyson Fury Times Select TELFORD VICE in London THE eyes have it. If you want to see the truth, look it in the face. There, in the untainted eyes, lies […]

14 Dec 18
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We scheduled the appointment during a blizzard. We didn’t want to chance waiting. Suspiciously affordable, we naturally wondered what was the matter with it, but we’d admired it for years, so when we drove by and saw the sign, I hurriedly scribbled down the phone number on a dry cleaning receipt and hoped it wasn’t […]

14 Dec 18
Sociological views

The toys department at Wal-Mart are divided by age and by gender.  They have toys grouped together like a place of all Spidermans, then next is Batmans, Superman and so on.  Those colors are mostly blue, black, and red.   Meaning those are all separated but put in a section.  Then they have a baby doll […]

13 Dec 18

Hi everyone!  Normally, Drew Magary’s Thursday Afternoon NFL Jerk Joke Jambaroo runs every Thursday during the NFL season.  But apparently Drew is on injured reserve, so they asked me, Nathan Peterman, to fill in for him.  Don’t worry, Drew.  I got this. My microwave broke yesterday evening.  I was heating up a bowl of ramen […]