Pip Studio

22 Apr 19
The next big thing is data

Introduction Ml-Agents is an open source plugin to train the agents using Reinforcement Learning , imitation learning. Tensor flow based implementation is used for training. Reinforcement learning is type of machine learning which enable agent to learn from an interactive environment to maximize his reward. Agent have environment and can take available actions. By taking […]

21 Apr 19

It is difficult to think of a more impossible task than attempting to rate the 60 all-time greatest Motown songs. Founded in 1959 by Berry Gordy, not only has the label — originally a small independent out of Detroit — spawned more classics in the 60 years since its launch than many corporate-giant-owned major record […]

20 Apr 19

Hans Remembers- On this day 50 years ago today- Sunday April 20, 1969- Motown drummer Benny Benjamin died of a stroke at the age of 43. Benny Benjamin during his life was one of the unsung heroes of rock and soul. He was the drummer for the Motown musicians called The Funk Brothers.  The Funk […]

20 Apr 19
New Leaves

The drama pieces had been filmed and looked so professional. Especially now that the beach setting was there too. And all of our interviews looked great. Everyone had been asked slightly different questions so that it didn’t feel repetitive. I couldn’t wait to see the finished programme. Alexander had asked some journalists and reporters to […]

19 Apr 19
Present Day Tarot Blog

I’ve spent the last 6 weeks getting to know my newest tarot deck, the gorgeous Corte Dei Tarocchi by Anna Maria D’Onofrio. It’s my first deck from the celebrated Milanese publishing house, Il Meneghello. As if any of us needs an excuse to visit Milan, this short video will make you want to hop on […]

18 Apr 19
Dave & Lesley's Travels

Art historians consider Impressionism to be the first distinctly modern movement in painting. It started in the 1860’s in Paris and the ideas of the movement spread throughout Europe. Instead of the photo-quality realism of a highly blended finish with invisible brush strokes that was the accepted manner of painting at the time, Impressionists aimed […]

17 Apr 19
Archy news nety

Toronto playwright Thomas McKechnie is facing depression in his one-man play 4½ (ig) noble truth at the KW Production Studio from April 25-27. Photo courtesy of John Gundy John Gundy / PNG 4½ (ig) noble truths when: 25-27 April at 20.00 Where is it: KW Production Studio (# 10 – 111 Hastings St, entrance through […]

17 Apr 19
Documenting Design

Let me tell you a story. This is the story of the very first design ‘job’ I did. I use the term ‘job’ loosely because it was for a friend of a friend, so not exactly a high-flying client that offered me my big break. Still, it has probably been the biggest learning curve I’ve […]

17 Apr 19
Sound Books

https://soundcloud.com/audiophyla/theme-from-scriabin If you haven’t already decoded the ‘title”, it’s a graphic illustration of the process used in getting this record onto Soundcloud: playing stringed instruments through effects and a crackly vintage tube amplifier, recording into my DAW with drum programming and microphones, adding analog synth, minimal editing, effects processing and, finally, the mix, which is […]

16 Apr 19
For The Rabbits

We Say… Annie Taylor was an American high-school teacher who, on her 63rd birthday, in an attempt to find fame and avoid the poor house in later life, made the bold decision to throw herself off Niagara Falls in barrel, and became the first person to survive the trip. Annie Taylor is also the name […]

15 Apr 19
NUA Animation: Lewis Warren

(Apologies for some upcoming formatting issues, WordPress doesn’t seem to play friendly with Apple Notes) In today’s session we had a familiar guest come in today, to give us a talk about her story and her experiences in the industry and how to develop and maintain a multi-faceted professional practice. “Just because you are studying […]

15 Apr 19

Windows & Linux: Applications that will work on both If you need to navigate regularly between Linux and the Windows world, there are many applications that can make your job easier. We spotlight 21 quality applications that will pave the way. When Microsoft and Canonical first announced they were bringing the Linux shell to Windows 10 […]