18 Feb 19
The Service Unicorn

DISCLAIMER Below Please be advised the following may contain spoilers. RATING: PG ( action sequences and some brief mild language) GENRE: Animation, Action, Adventure, Family, Comedy VENUE: Netflix SEEN: February of 2019 Please see anatomy of a Netflix review here. Overall Trigger Warnings: Flashing lights, Possible moments of depersonalization/dissociation* I still advise reading the review below […]

18 Feb 19
Big-Mouth Bob's Bugjuice Dispensary & Movie Reviews

Once again, it’s time for me to demonstrate my yearly ineptitude by making my Oscar predictions.

18 Feb 19
Pulse 2.0

Apple has reportedly acquired DataTiger and PullString to bolster its marketing efforts and drive the integration of Siri, respectively.

18 Feb 19
Hollywood Latest News

Jordyn Woods LAUNCHES New Activewear Line & Gets BFF Kylie Jenner’s Approval, New Hollywood Princess Celebrities.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LySa93g_Ero?rel=0&autoplay=1&autoplay=1&modestbranding=1%5D

Good Celebrity News 2017, Hollywood Celebrities Recut Latest Story, Jordyn Woods LAUNCHES New Activewear Line & Gets BFF Kylie Jenner’s Approval.

Jordyn Woods LAUNCHES New Activewear Line & Gets BFF Kylie Jenner's Approval

Hollywood Celebrities 2015 New And Upcoming Celebrities film production Pixar Animation Studios, is an American computer animation film studio based in Emeryville, California that i

18 Feb 19

A top adviser to U.S. President Donald Trump indicated Sunday that Trump is prepared to issue the first veto of his term if Congress votes to disapprove of his declaration of a national emergency along the U.S.-Mexico border. The White House is digging in for fights on multiple fronts as the president’s effort to go around […]

18 Feb 19

De Beers is putting diamonds on the blockchain. Walmart is putting lettuce on the blockchain. Startups are putting skin care and liquor and fancy watches on the blockchain, even with art. By now, it may be safe to say that if someone, somewhere is selling something, someone else is thinking about how a distributed ledger with a buzzy name might help them do it […]

18 Feb 19
Hollywood Celebrity Gossips

Taylor Swift Lesbian, Iggy Azalea Fat Injections?, Hollywood Celebrity Rewards.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXpzgDrTug4?rel=0&autoplay=1&autoplay=1&modestbranding=1%5D

Best Celebrity Gossip Of The Decade, New Hollywood Celebrities 2018, Taylor Swift Lesbian, Iggy Azalea Fat Injections?.

Taylor Swift Lesbian, Iggy Azalea Fat Injections?

Hollywood Celebrities Latest Story 2018 Best Celebrity Gossip 2018 famous Hollywood Celebrities Anywhere is a digital film locker for Hollywood, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars-branded films in the United States. It allows for the storage of digital Celebrity right

18 Feb 19
A Guy with Kids

I don’t like addressing the topic of politics and government. It’s something I actively avoid, because in my opinion the patriarchy isn’t designed in a way that welcomes individual opinion and more so the opinion that does not benefit those in power. Also it doesn’t take kindly to resistance. I could be wrong, but this […]

18 Feb 19
The Cinemaholic

“You gotta put your past behind ya!” Although this is a famous dialogue said by Timon in ‘The Lion King’, the same dominates the entire theme of ‘Coco’. Life moves on; you cannot cross a different river on the same boat. All you have to do is to forget, forgive, and accept what life has […]

18 Feb 19
News Update

Apple has acquired a San Francisco-based artificial intelligence startup called PullString that specializes in helping companies build conversational voice apps, according to a report from Axios. Pullstring was founded back in 2011 by former Pixar employees — its CEO, Oren Jacob, is Pixar’s former chief technology officer. Up until now, PullString was most well known […]

18 Feb 19

People have this funny idea that companies that are creative must be very distinct from ours. One may think that Pixar, or some fancy start-up or a unicorn will have Foosball tables, free lunches and exotic picnics strewn everywhere, and a very fun-loving, supportive, flexible, casual office environment all around. May be. May be not. […]

18 Feb 19
Ultimate Pocket

Selon les informations d’Axios, Apple a fait l’acquisition de PullString (anciennement ToyTalk), une jeune pousse fondée en 2011 par d’anciens cadres du studio Pixar qui s’est spécialisée dans les applications vocales pour les jouets interactifs. On retrouve sa technologie dans la poupée Hello Barbie et le train Thomas et ses amis de Mattel. Avec PullString, […]