25 Jun 19
Dad Lover Family

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20 Jun 19

Being born to Belgian and Asian heritage, Davika Hoorne is a successful model and actress who has the best of both races. Davika is widely-known as Mai Davika and is best known for her roles in films like Heart Attack, and Suddenly Twenty. Not to mention, besides her skillset she also has an attractive look. […]

19 Jun 19

    The above pictures I took early on Saturday morning on the 1st of June 2019.               On that weekend at Sussex Inlet, Peter and I as well as our daughter Monika remembered our arrival in Australia 60 years ago, that is we arrived at Port Melbourne on […]

18 Jun 19
Site Title

Tero jindagi arka ko lagi samjihdai basne bho mula!!!hey jindagi?? Kun din mah talai dasha lagexa mah bhanu abha?? Saleee!!chodde tyo savh kti ko chakkar!!!abha yadi tero bhagyah mah lekheko xa bhane pakkai paauxass!! natra kasai ko hunxinn abha?? Testo na bhaan nah yar!! Mero anuhar ko expression alli runchee bhayo?? Yo xpression dekhera mero […]

12 Jun 19
Paul Stought

Self-Motivation Self-Moetuvaeshun  I’m an old man now. When I was in my 20’s I was interested in what motivated people. At the time, MY self-motivation was pretty weak. [By the way, I am definitely not an authority on this subject. I suspect self-motivation is a myth.] I’m an oeld man nou. When I wvz in […]

09 Jun 19
Eagle News Online

Already with a victory in the Penn Relays in the books this spring, the Fayetteville-Manlius girls track and field team now sought to add to its long list of state championship honors. In last Saturday’s New York State Public High School Athletic Association meet at Middletown, the Hornets were the top seed going into Saturday’s […]

21 May 19
Հովհաննես Կարապետյանի բլոգ

-Oh,look,st thid old record. -Who is it, gran -Tt’s Budd Hoily. He was my favurite singer whrn I was young. -Was he Britsh? -No, he was American -I don’t know him atall -No,of coure you dom’t.He died in 1959. And he wasn’t very old. He was only 22. -What happened. -Well, he was in a […]

20 May 19

-The Kee High girls’ state championship was the first in school history. -The last Upper Iowa Conference team to win a girls state title was Clayton Ridge in 2015 -The last time there was a tie for a girls state track championship was 2004. That year Atlantic and Mount Pleasant shared the 3A title and […]

13 May 19

Well, we had quite a few visitors yesterday for Mother’s Day. Come to think of it, all the mothers that were visiting, were already grandmothers. And I am even a great-grandmother! I was so happy, that great-grandons Lucas and Alexander were visiting too yesterday! And Peter actually did hand out roses yesterday to all the […]

12 May 19
cincinnati b(liss)

We’ve been pretty busy over the last few weeks. The boys are wrapping up the school year. Luca is finishing his second year of preschool; he will go to kindergarten next year. Jackson has one more home instruction session before summer. Jackson had three surgeries during this school year and, rather than attend school which […]

10 May 19

As The Poppies and I were walking around OC’s famous Segerstrom Center of the Arts, PoppyDeux stopped, absolutely fascinated with the Reclining Figure by British scuptor, Henry Moore. I probably walked by this beautiful masterpiece at least a hundred times, but never took notice of the beauty because I have always been preoccupied to get […]

08 May 19
Faith, Sigh, and DIY

OK, so I have this adorable she/shed about thirty feet from our main cabin. Can I just say that it’s truly my “Happy Place.” The fun I had decorating it the first time around was beyond the pale. My first house to decorate from the beginning. It was cute but it’s over-the-top cute now. I’m […]

08 May 19
The gift of depression

Every once in awhile, I like to change it up on this blog and post some fun stuff. I have this adorable she/shed about thirty feet from our main cabin, which is also very small. We did add a “real” bedroom two years ago. Before that, it was just an alcove in the main living […]

04 May 19
MCP Prambanan

TUGAS PENJAS ATLETIK BOLA BESAR DAN KECIL OLEH : NAMA       : APRILIANTO NPS NO             : 16 KELAS      : VIII C     MTsN 3 KLATEN TAHUN 2018   Permainan Bola Besar, Bola Kecil, Atletik   PERMAINAN BOLA BESAR Permainan Sepakbola Sejarah Sepakbola Sepak bola dikenal sejak ribuan tahun yang lalu. Bukti ilmiah […]