15 Feb 19
Paul Stought

The traditional spelling of this story can be found at: Kunfeshunz Uv A Huemurust by O Henry Speld in Mentur   Dher wvz a paenlus staej uv inkyubaeshun dhat lastud twenty-fiev yirz, and dhen it broek out on me, and peepul sed I wvs It. Bvt dhae kauld it huemur insted uv meezulz. Dhe […]

14 Feb 19
Roberto Polesello

In this post, you will study the Friulian language as it relates to Esodo 16, or the sixteenth chapter of the book of Exodus, where the subject is la mane e lis cuais (manna and quails). If you are arriving on this site for the first time, begin your study of the Friulian language here […]

13 Feb 19

If you’re watching to where this week’s sights show up, you’ll notice that the waterfall game is dominated by two provinces: Ontario and B.C. The north has some spectacular ones as well, but they aren’t explored as well (more on that later). However, B.C. and Ontario put up great examples, including the epic Hunlen Falls.  […]

10 Feb 19

For any conscious music listener, a song paves a way and creates an urge to learn more about the creator and culture that, gave birth to the work of art in the first plae. When one thinks of Havana by Camila Cabello, one cannot ignore the images of the capital of Cuba enamoring us with […]

06 Feb 19
The Bagpiper

FC installs Sorinex equipment in the weight room after several months of planning to help improve athletic performance. Photo by Grace Allen Story by J.D. McKay In April of 2018, then head coach and elective P.E. teacher Brian Glesing resigned to become the head football coach at Jeffersonville High School. That opened the job as […]

05 Feb 19
Redheaded Reader

Today I’d like to share everything I know about my daughter’s AFOs, and how we realized she needed them. How physical therapy helped her, and what shoes to look out for (since that can be difficult). She’s now 2 years old (and still wearing the ankle braces), but this all started when she was just […]

02 Feb 19
Wag 'n Bietjie

OUDERDOM deur Ria Claassen Jou lyf raak totaal uit fatsoen jy sukkel en steun as jy buk. Jy vergeet weer wat jy wou doen en jy verstik ook as jy net sluk. Dis pille en brille en winkeltande jy word moeg as jy ander sien werk. Jy’t pyne en plae in voete en hande en […]

02 Feb 19
zac b. sarian

  Perhaps people in the Philippines who are in the food business can take some ideas regarding two favorite snack foods in Thai food courts. One is the serving of half cheek of the ripe mango that is peeled. The rind is used as base of the peeled half cheek of the mango. This is […]

01 Feb 19

Toe ek vanaand by die huis in stap het ek presies geweet waarvoor ek lus is: Meergranenbrood met ‘n assortiment van Filet Americain en Kip Samoerai smere, en ook ‘n ou snytjie met heerlijke roomboter en hagelslag. Op die kombuistafel vang die blik Stevige Champignon Soep wat ek gister gekoop het my oog. Vanoggend se […]

01 Feb 19
La Arena La Pampa

Doblas es una de las primeras de emprender el recambio de antiguas luminarias por las del sistema led. Lo hizo mayoritariamente a través del Programa Alumbrado Eficiente que promocionó el Estado Nacional, aunque también colaboró la municipalidadEl Concejo decidió ceder el sistema a la Cosedo. Es un proyecto del edil Darío Monsalvo (Cambiemos), quien resaltó […]

29 Jan 19
Alien Observation Scenario

The Goat:
Find out what happens when the devil possesses a family of cultists.

28 Jan 19
Pro Regno

Preek: Die Doop wys ons daarop dat ons toekoms is in die Here se hande, nie ons hande nie (Ps. 105:5-10) Lees: Psalm 105 Teksverse: “Dink aan sy wonders wat Hy gedoen het, aan sy wondertekens en die oordele van sy mond, o nageslag van Abraham, sy kneg, o kinders van Jakob, sy uitverkorenes! Hy, die […]

26 Jan 19
Roberto Polesello

Esodo 12, or the Friulian version of the twelfth chapter of the book of Exodus, is relatively long. In addition to continuing to read about the tenth plague of Egypt, which is la muart dai prins nassûts (death of firstborns), you will also meet other subject matter, including: la pasche (the Passover), la fieste dal […]

24 Jan 19
Travelling King

If you’re looking for the perfect city break, look no further. Copenhagen is an excellent destination for a long weekend! Cosmopolitan and chic, the city also has its bohemian and hippy vibes and there are plenty of things to do. What was once a fishing and merchant harbour town is now the trendy, buzzing city […]

24 Jan 19
Maroela Media

Begin jou eie groentetuin is propvol waardevolle wenke om in ’n japtrap jou eie groente te kweek, of dit nou op ’n vensterbank, vertikaal teen ’n muur of in jou agterplaas is.

22 Jan 19

They open their mouths, the burning words ser my skin. The smoke floats up and starts to choke me, holding me down, like chains. Chains attached to the ground stoping me from moving, with every word spoke the chains get heavier and heavier, the burning gets more intense. My screams echo in the darkness, no […]

19 Jan 19

Die kruin van die berg was gehul in ‘n grys-swart wolk. Dit het gedonder en geblits en gereeld het die oorverdowende geëggo van nog ‘n groot rots wat losgekom en teen die hang afgerol het deur die kamp vibreer. Nou en dan is die kamp selfs verlig deur die vlamme wat hulleself in die wolk […]