17 Apr 19
Book Reviews | Jack's Bedtime Reading

Firstly, I’d like to say thank you to my fellow Jack@jthbooks for tagging me in the BOOKS I WANT TO READ TAG. Go and check out his blog and answers (once you have read mine 😀 ). Anyway, this is a book tag all about books that I HAVEN’T read but want to, which is […]

13 Apr 19
Samantha Sabrina's Blog

I bet you’re thinking that this blog post will be about guys that I have dated or about my experience at an Ariana Grande concert. Well, it doesn’t have to do with any of those things. This blog post is about my first time working at a tech conference. The tech conference that I worked […]

09 Apr 19

Paul Stought

To those new to this blog: Check out the links below. Home Zefur Contents The Zefur Spelling System Zefur In Parallel Text  Confessions of a Humorist was originally posted in Mentur – February 15, 2019. Now reposted in Zefur.   Confessions of a Humorist by O Henry Confessions of a Humorist Cunfeshunz uv a Huemurust […]

09 Apr 19
Little Sprouts Lane

I work really hard to try to buy products that are non-toxic, organic and as safe as possible for my family. Sometimes this requires a lot of time researching! Non-toxic shoes, especially for children are incredibly hard to find. So I thought I would share with you a little bit of what I have learned […]

08 Apr 19
Aroma Test Kitchen

I always wanted to be one of those families that had fresh baked bread every night with dinner. You know, the ones you see in “old” movies from the 50s-90s where everyone is not only actually sitting at a table, but they have a basket of warm bread wrapped in a towel being passed around. […]

08 Apr 19

The content team for the 2019 NIRSA Directors Institute, presented by PLAE is excited to announce that the event schedule is now ready to view!

08 Apr 19
Abbey V.S. Weekly Newsletter

Jason Quigley Visits the Abbey Vocational School On Thursday the 4th of April the Abbey Vocational School welcomed Sporting Hero Jason Quigley. Jason gave a motivational talk to 5th year students. Students of the Abbey Vocational School found Jason’s talk inspiring, uplifting and motivational. Jason had an extremely promising amateur career, which saw him rise […]

04 Apr 19
The Pediatric Physical Therapist

Wide feet, narrow feet, small feet, big feet – the main challenge is finding shoes that will fit perfectly sort-of-okay over these extra-wide contraptions. I’ve compiled a list of size ranges and recommendations below that seem to fit well for the families I interact with. I, in no way, shape or form, was paid for […]

30 Mar 19
News Hour

British MPs on Friday rejected Prime Minister Theresa May’s EU divorce deal for a third time, opening the way for a long delay to Brexit — or a chaotic “no deal” withdrawal in two weeks. The pound slipped as lawmakers defied May’s plea to end the deadlock that has plunged Britain into a deep political […]

28 Mar 19

Na afloop van die onlangse Blydskapdag deel Ilse ernstiger idees oor dié dag en wat dit in Suid-Afrika beteken… *** Vandag is Internasionale Dag van Blydskap.  Indien jy nie geweet het nie, is die dag deur die Verenigde Nasies uitgedink – spesifiek deur ‘n man met die naam Jayme Illien. Hy het die voorstel aan […]

27 Mar 19
Critical Hit

Effortlessly charming, fun for any age and an imaginatively designed spectacle of origami originality. Yoshi’s Crafted World is fine art fun on the run or at home.

24 Mar 19
Lost Sheep for Christ

Hierdie afgelope jaar was sekerlik ‘n moeilike tyd vir die Verenigde State van Amerika. Dit wil voorkom of dit nie saak is watter nuus kanaal jy aanskakel nie, daar is altyd iets sleg aan die gang. Van onluste in Suid-Carolina, om oor die Verenigde State te skiet, sou mens iets in die eindtyd bereik. Ek het gehoor mense […]

24 Mar 19

Ons het ʼn vriend. Kyk jy krúis toe, na wat jy hoop is die Lewende God, sien jy Hom sterf.  Jy moet kan gló voor dood aan die kruis vir jou na lewe gaan begin lyk.  En voor jy glo, is jy bang, sommer baie bang, want jy is vir alles bang. Ore help vir […]

17 Mar 19
The Saltwater Six

Today I am sharing some of my kids apparel FAVORITES for the beach/pool/water!! When shopping for my kids, there are 2 things I always prioritize: comfort and price.  And when it comes to swim clothes, a lot of times they go hand in hand which you will see below.   I like to buy inexpensive […]

13 Mar 19

Franse briewe: Pos uit Provence is Marita van der Vyver se negende boek en bestaan uit verwerkte weergawes van rubrieke wat die afgelope jaar in Sarie verskyn het. Getroue lesers van die rubriek behoort dus te weet wat om van Franse briewe te verwag.

13 Mar 19
Million dollar questions

It was just another weekday, when Ira and Ansh lay in their beds talking to each other. As always Ira described every aspect of her day, of the people around her, everything that happened and everything that did not happen. Ansh listening to her, tirelessly, absorbing every element of Ira’s existence. Suddenly Ira dropped a […]