15 Dec 18
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Southwest Airlines caused palpitations when it failed to offload a donated heart from a connecting flight, resulting in five hour delays after the second flight was forced to turnaround mid-journey. 

A courier service delivered the cooler containing the donated heart to California‘s Sacramento International Airport, where it was then placed in the cargo hold of a departing December 9 Southwest flight heading to Seattle, where a tissue bank was waiting to collect and process the heart valve tissue.  

When the flight landed in Seattle, however, the heart was accidentally left in the plane, which then took off for Dallas. 

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15 Dec 18
The Kenyon Thrill

Hello, yes, it’s that time of year again. Everybody’s making the trek home, whether that involves putting your trust in an elaborate bureaucratic system hellbent on putting you in a metal tube that slingshots you through the air, or taking matters into our own hands and driving home. I live on Long Island, a fact […]

15 Dec 18
GBT Travel

Travel is a beautiful thing. It can expand our world, expose us to new ideas and create memories and experiences that will always be cherished. However, there is no denying travel can be hard on the planet. How can something that feels so good be so wrong? It’s a bummer, but there is some good […]