21 Feb 19
Animal Encounters: ENGLISH 1020

Parrots need to mimic for their everyday living. Like they will use there voice to avoid each or to warn others there are pochers near. They also use it to call to there mate. I always thinks when a parrot mimics it is so unique. Reading this article i got more excited to understand why. […]

11 Feb 19
Ed B on Sports

Eva Habermann was born on January 16, 1976 in Hamburg, West Germany as Eva Felicitas Habermann. She is an actress and producer, known for Lexx: The Dark Zone Stories (1996), Feuer, Eis & Dosenbier (2002) and Die Jahrhundertlawine (2008). She was previously married to Hans-Ullrich Hauenstein. Born: January 16, 1976 in Hamburg, West Germany Actress […]

08 Feb 19
Ed B on Sports

Kylie Ann Minogue was born on 28 May, 1968. The eldest of three children, Kylie’s acting career began early, but it was her role as “Charlene” in the Australian soap, Neighbours (1985), which established Kylie as an international star. Her singing career began, purely by accident, when a record company executive heard Kylie’s rendition of […]

07 Feb 19

Erwartbarkeit ist ermüdend Seit sie vor 14 Jahren im Online-Magazin Ehrensenf die Medienlandschaft aufs Korn nahm, ist Katrin Bauerfeind (Foto: Nadine Bernards/WDR) darin nie so richtig über die Nische mit Niveau hinausgekommen. Auch in Die Show zur Frau spricht die Mittdreißigerin jetzt mittwochs ab 21.45 Uhr mal wieder nur auf dem Spartensender ONE mit Gästen […]

05 Feb 19
Weapons and Warfare

A group of partisans stand by the remains of a supply train. They are wearing what appear to be paratrooper jump suits. NKVD and army partisan formations wore as much uniform clothing as they could to help distinguish themselves from the civilian population; it was also a matter of pride in their appearance. Formation and […]