10 Apr 19
The Official Zoo World Blog

It’s time to celebrate and rejoice the gift of life as Dr. Zoolittle invites all of you for this year’s Easter Egg Hunt in Zoo World! Join this fun-filled ride and become part of this exciting journey! Starting on April 10th, Dr. Zoo Little invites everyone to the Easter Eggcitement 2019 Seasonal!! Read on to […]

16 Mar 19
Queen of the Girl Geeks

Everything you need to know about the Bath & Body Works Gingham Collection Launch!

24 Feb 19
Simple Treasures For Sale

Have you noticed over the last year Bath & Body Works keeps introducing Unicorn products? It seems everywhere you look there is a new unicorn product. From pocketbac holders to bath fizzies there are unicorns everywhere. Humans have been fascinated with unicorns for centuries. Now they’re all over cosmetics and spa products. What’s driving our […]

02 Feb 19
Contemplating Connie

Let’s be honest, travelling is never fun – especially when it is non-stop on one vehicle for eleven hours! We have always tried to fly Premium Economy where feasible, when flying to and from SF as it makes it just slightly more bearable. The difference is you get extra leg room, free food and drink […]

13 Jan 19
Queen of the Girl Geeks

I am loving the new Bath & Body Works GIANT Eiffel Tower Pocketbac Holder that I picked up in my store.

31 Dec 18
Makeup rehab, panning, and reviews

I am happy to say I cleared another on of the Mary Kay satin hand scrub. I again used this as an all over scrub in hopes of moving it out of my collection. I am limited on the number of exfoliating scrubs I have in my backups and these are the oldest. My goal […]

16 Dec 18

~Day 8 of 12 Days of Rebecca Rose~ Although I love to have baths all year round, during the colder Winter months, I find myself having EVEN more baths! There’s nothing better than coming in from the cold December weather to a big bubble bath to warm yourself up. I love all the festive bath […]