Poison Of The Human Panacea

20 May 19
culture monks

Possible Poet – Impossible Poetry, an attempted write-up on a remarkably alive life, a cycle of seven-transcreated poems by Leopoldo Maria Panero and a piece on a Ritwik Ghatak play.

16 May 19
The Strolling Rhea

Around That Time, Sword of Lightning II 「Found it!」 Several hours after they left the guild, finished their self-introduction already, together with the newly joined healer Laila, Margulus and his party found the hydra they failed to kill yesterday. Hydra had an unmatched regenerative ability compared to a human, so after a day, their injury […]

16 May 19
Xiao's Yaoi Playground

Poison of the Human Panacea Chapter 13 Activating the mechanism and finding the scroll of the Arts of Enchantment scripture that he had once thought of burning in the wall, Bai Tan summoned his courage and unrolled it. A faint yet bewitching fragrance forced its way into his nose, and what came into view were […]

11 May 19
Xiao's Yaoi Playground

Poison of the Human Panacea Chapter 12 Next day, in the early morning[1]. Bai Tan had just entered the formless forest after taking the secret path behind the cave when a chilly wind started blowing suddenly in the forest, the clouds covered the moon and the shadows casted by the trees blended into the darkness. […]

22 Apr 19
DhAnAnJAyA PArKhe "JAy"

This is a short, special Earth Day edition of the Brain Pickings newsletter to celebrate this precious planet we share with some abiding wisdom from the woman whose courage to speak inconvenient truth to power awakened the modern environmental conscience and inspired the creation of this holiday. If you find any value and joy in […]

22 Apr 19
Savage Divinity

Happy Easter!   Lifting Peace into my trembling hands, I hold my breath and commit this image to memory, how the iridescent dewdrops scatter the sunlight over the flat of my blade, a deluge of melded pinks and blues with hints of yellows, greens, and purples which shift with every bump and jolt of my […]

19 Apr 19
Niresh's Notebook

Envisage a world where there’s nothing left to explore. Let no man possess the capacity to build more. The world that has slipped out of evolution’s leash. A world that could cure any disease. One, capable of keeping the weakest of us alive. Where no man is born naive. Enough said? Or go ahead, A […]

08 Apr 19

Afflict – A pastor once told me that he considers it his personal calling to “afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted”.

30 Mar 19
Centre for Criminal Law Studies, National Law University, Jodhpur

By Shantanu Parmar “The law is a cudgel when necessary and a balm where appropriate” – Stewart Stafford Introduction The legal system of any state warrants evolution as newer concepts are formulated to ensure the swift implementation of justice. This attains paramount importance as the inevitable development of society increases recourse to the courts, which […]

22 Mar 19
Xiao's Yaoi Playground

Poison of the Human Panacea Chapter 10   Now that this little kid’s alluring bones were about to mature, was there another person who was closer and would be able to reap the benefits faster[1] than him? He closed his eyes. However, in that moment, all that appeared in his mind were scenes where he […]

21 Mar 19
Three Hundred and Thirty-Three

Magical styles for Ritual Path Magic follow a format altered from the standard styles (Pyramid 3/66 page 9-12). The differences are that RPM styles require Thaumatology as one of the required skills, have required path skills and ritual masteries instead of required spells, give 5% energy cost reduction instead of broadening wards and counterspells, have […]

21 Mar 19
Literary Hub

While it would have been completely unthinkable for Mike and Carol Brady to light up a joint or get rip-roaring drunk on screen, the very first episode of the first season of The Brady Bunch (1969) unproblematically opens with the couple, the very paragons of middle-American morality, casually popping pills on their wedding night: taking […]

19 Mar 19
Batman News

When it comes to supervillains, perhaps only the Joker is better known than Superman’s arch-nemesis, the supergenius Lex Luthor. Before we even know who might draw him, who might voice him, or who could play him on-screen, we already have a clear, sharp image of Lex in our heads. It’s a heavy burden for one […]

14 Mar 19
The Vault

PROLOGUE 2. Tragedy and Comedy “HAPPY families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” With these faithful words, Count Leo Tolstoy opened the novel of the spiritual dismemberment of his modern heroine, Anna Karenina. During the seven decades that have elapsed since that distracted wife, mother, and blindly impassioned mistress […]

11 Mar 19
My Cannibis Blog & Store

March 01, 2019 by Caitlin Dow “People either demonize cannabis or make it sound like the most amazing thing.” Dr. Ryan Vandrey, associate professor of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins “Ten years ago, when you referred to cannabis, you were talking about dried plant material that people smoked,” says Ryan Vandrey, associate professor of psychiatry and […]