19 Dec 18
best checked luggage flying

Traveling Bobblehead? Good evening, Brethren! ​ A fellow brother and myself had an idea for a traveling bobblehead for 2019. We are both members of James K. Polk #759 in Pineville, NC and we thought it would be a neat idea to have a traveling bobblehead of our namesake, James K. Polk. The goal is […]

19 Dec 18

The second phase is nearing completion for a project aimed at creating a Unified Permitting Process (UPP) for oversize/overweight (OSOW) vehicles in Minnesota. One outcome of this phase is a roadmap that will define steps for future phases, including statewide implementation. Currently, haulers need to apply for OSOW permits with each individual roadway authority they […]

19 Dec 18
Sci-Fi & Scary

Cavender is Coming Agnes Grep – Carol Burnett | Harmon Cavender – Jesse Harmon | Polk – Howard Smith | Stout – Frank Behrens | Narrator – Rod Serling Before we get into Cavender is Coming I have an announcement to make: Next week will be the end episode of the Twilight Zone Tuesdays. After […]