23 Apr 19
Bloomsan Writes

It did not take long for us to recover our strength and spirit. I found a gambling ring in town and found fortune there. The children disapproved of my activities but they did not at all try to stop me. They are good people and they will be better off away from my influence. Those […]

08 Apr 19
Bloomsan Writes

Transcendence or Alpha – it is a mythical phenomenon as much as it is ordinary. Transcendent is an entity that goes beyond the normal perception of the world. That is the common understanding. However, in the blank history – that is a dark age that finds itself in a void of history, an unknown past […]

07 Apr 19

Bela kot galeb je prisrčna slikanica, ki predstavi deklico z albinizmom Binco. Za osebe z albinizmom je značilno, da imajo zaradi manjka pigmenta zelo svetlo polt, ki se je ne sme izpostavljati soncu, saj je ravno pigment tisti, ki pomaga koži pri samoobrambi pred soncem. Osebe z albinizmom se zato lahko zelo hitro in močno […]

07 Apr 19

ANTES ➡️ 100,00€ – AHORA ✅ 55,19€

30 Mar 19
Bloomsan Writes

We had planned to stay at Riha for one night before moving along with our journey but the keeper of the lodging house, Nido, informed us that the soldiers might be late in their arrival. There were also no other traveling parties heading north that we could join. I thought about convincing Gregor and Riza […]

29 Mar 19
Just Pro Cycling

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. I say that 500 is a more realistic figure. In this series, I’ll be taking a photo from cycling history, dissecting it, rewinding, and telling the story. Where better to start a photo-themed series than a 1999 Alpe d’Huez stage, remembered for the bad choices of a […]

26 Mar 19

Polti Forzaspira AG130 Window Vacuum Cleaner 5 W

25 Mar 19
Bloomsan Writes

Druze appeared at our door step carrying a famished old man. He left without explanations. I was sure he misunderstood what our house is for. The man looked unwell and more belonging to a doctor than an inn but I suppose Druze was correct in assuming that we can provide for the old man. Yusef […]

21 Mar 19
Bloomsan Writes

I have been visiting Master Sheva these past few weeks. I cannot tell if she was purposeful about it but I notice that she slowly steered our conversations into something more familiar and interesting to me. She started talking about foreign culture and adoption of practices from the perspective of a student like me, who […]

20 Mar 19
Bloomsan Writes

Mother went to greet Sheva having learned that she is in Avite. Urd and I went her to do the same. I do not remember anything about her besides her name and what she did for our family. I know her only for the lives that we currently live in. Sheva should be a woman […]

19 Mar 19
HungryForever Food Blog

The festival of bright colours are back and we’d advise you to play with organic colours, add some oil in your hair before playing and of course, don’t leave anyone uncoloured. With all the fun that Holi brings, there’s also the joy of eating sumptuous food like gujiya, thandai, paan and of course bhaang. So […]

18 Mar 19
MIDS Pest Control Ltd

The natural and final solution against bed bugs Cimex Eradicator the steam generator for fighting bed bugs Bye-Bye bed bugs, without insecticides Cimex Eradicator is able to eliminate bed bugs and eggs through heat shock as much as they are highly sensitive to changes in temperature. It is a steam generator to which the Polti worldwide-patent “Steam […]