Porta Brace

19 Apr 19
CBS San Francisco

San Francisco is on the eve of another 420, the unofficial cannabis holiday is set to bring another wave of marijuana enthusiasts to Golden Gate Park and Haight-Ashbury on Saturday.

17 Apr 19
A Canadian in France

It sure takes a long time to fly from Paris to Vancouver! The day gets longer because of the time changes, you eat more because you have more time, but it’s tough on an old lady. One perk along the way was – I got to meet a drug sniffer dog! He was so cute, […]

09 Apr 19
Jill McKenzie's Blog

Spring is in the air, which mean lactic acid is in my quads: it’s running season again. I mostly spend my time in this column talking about entertainment, but a lot of my life consists of doing stupid physical things like flogging my body over 26.2 miles of pavement in the hot (…and sweaty, and […]

09 Apr 19
Nova et vetera

Era il 9 aprile 1928 – 91 anni fa. Un decreto leggo firmato da Mussolini e dal Re Vittorio Emmanuele III, ordinava lo scioglimento di tutte le associazioni giovanili che non aderivano all’Opera Nazione Balilla — tra cui allora anche l’allora ASCI. L’Associazione formalmente cessò di esistere qualche settimana più tardi. A Roma si ammainò […]

08 Apr 19
UTS Global Exchange

I am writing this from a train heading home after a wonderful weekend away in the French Riviera; just one of the many perks of living in Milan. Milan is very much an international city, with a business culture and busy nightlife. What really sets it apart from other Italian cities is that it is […]

02 Apr 19
Lauren Steinheimer

I’m back in rainy Dunsmuir after traveling to Moab for a mini racecation last weekend. The weather was perfect . Behind the Rocks wasn’t officially my first race of 2019, but it felt like it for so many reasons. Moab is a beautiful and magical place that I was happy to re-visit, but to be […]

27 Mar 19
F3 Gastonia

Back to reality this week after a blur of catnaps, long runs, intestinal “touch and go” issues, and laughs.  The Mayor had the Fury cleaned and prepped for the journey to Columbia.  The characters in this story are the Mayor as the Commander, Dolph as the Navigator, Stroganoff as Nantan, Breaker Breaker as just a […]

24 Mar 19
Whitby Town History Blog

1928 – Away to Willington and one of our heaviest defeats ever. 3 – 13. It was a Northern League game and one hell of a result. Whitby’s scorers that day were: A ‘Pat’ Donnleey, Harry McBurney, and G. Rees. The team: D. Martin, Dunne.M, Waller.J, Butler.J, Rees.G, Donnelly.A, Harland.J, Perry.G, Donnelly.P, McBurney.H, Palmer.R. 1951 […]

18 Mar 19
Site Title

Flexible seating arrangements, why now? The modern classroom has advanced in leaps and bounds in the last 30 years, from a space where the teacher lead and the students followed, to a space where the teacher and student both have to collaborate in a space and environment where safe, healthy educational activity can take place. […]

04 Mar 19

Esseri Bianchi Supremazisti non significa essere “razzisti” ma realisti razziali. Non significa odiare ma significa pretendere. Pretendere che i Neri, la gran parte di loro, diventino evoluti quanto i bianchi in modo da coesistere nella pace, nel rispetto e nel vero progresso utile ad evitare l’estinzione. L’Attore Americano John Wayne era di questo avviso.

28 Feb 19

Lucca Siena, due bellissime e monumentali città, punto di arrivo e di partenza della Via Francigena. Borghi straordinari tra Monteriggioni, San Miniato, San Gimignano, etc sono tra i gioielli più preziosi della architettura e rinascimentale, si inseriscono panorami ordinati ed armoniosi. Percorrendo svariate tipologie di sentieri. Dal centro città, alla creste panoramiche delle colline o […]

25 Feb 19

Ispirato a una poesia
di Atanas Dalchev


Un fantastico racconto per immagini
disegnato con straordinario talento

Le suggestioni
che solo maestri
come Brian Selznick
(Hugo Cabret)
sanno dare





Autore: Kalina Muhova
Collana: Mirari
Formato:40 pp, 18x27cm cartonato, b/n,
ISBN: 9788867903313

09 Feb 19
A Pop Fan's Dream

Review Volume 3 saw the Indie Top 20 series turn a sort of dayglo. The design style became more consistent – logo, paperclip, the Melody Maker sponsorship more prominent and it was now on a new label, Beechwood Music. We also saw the first of a sub-heading or byline – War Of Independents. “There is […]