19 Feb 19

For some time now I’ve been trying to reduce the variety of different film stocks I use. For black and white, my current favourite is Ilford FP4+, of which I have 100 sheets of 5*4, about 30 rolls of 120, and a couple of rolls of 35mm in stock. That’s not because I think there’s […]

13 Feb 19
Life Hacks

I recently used a Praktica Nova I for the first time and realized that I loaded the film incorrectly. As you can see from the manual screenshots one is supposed to insert the film into the take-up spool (22). Instead, I inserted the film to the transport sprocket (21) solely. When I tried to unload […]

12 Feb 19
Research Reports

Binoculars are also known as field glasses. Binoculars have two telescopes installed side by side. The two telescopes are aligned so as to provide the same viewing direction. Binoculars are often used to view distant objects. They may vary in size based on design and application. Binoculars are designed to offer a three dimensional image […]

08 Feb 19
Analogue Stories

Lately I’ve been a bit dissatisfied with my photos. Sure, I´ve made some nice pictures, but there have been very few really spectacular shots. I can’t help but think that I used to make better pictures, a few years ago. Now I did shoot less during the past year. In 2015 and 2016 I still […]

05 Feb 19

In November 2018 my wife, our daughter and I took a trip back to my hometown in Sydney, Australia for my brothers wedding. I took a fair few rolls of film and my Zorki 4 sporting an Industar 50, with the goal being to purchase as many thrift store cameras as I could find/afford, and bring bags of cameras home from the motherland.

04 Feb 19
Analogue Stories

A new year, a new series of projects. Before January I did not make it too difficult for myself: I was going to photograph books. I’m not really into lifestyle accounts on Instagram, but there is an account that posts very nice pictures of books that make me jealous ( Not even of the books […]

03 Feb 19
Kosmo Foto

Lomography’s film range is often a moveable feast. The Austrian toy camera empire doesn’t operate its own film factory, so it relies on the products of other producers. Over the years this has seen films like Fomapan 400 and 100 released as the Lady Grey and Earl Grey black-and-white films, Agfa CT100 Precisa and then […]

03 Feb 19
Little Dog On A Lead

I’ve been keen on photography since I first used a Box Brownie* in the early Sixties (just after I could ride my bike without stabilisers).  An early black and white photo of the Cutty Sark remains a favourite of mine (OK , so the ship was leaning a bit, as was the dock – and the […]

01 Feb 19
Analogue Stories

Last month I shot some film in my Praktica MTL3 for the first time in a while. It was once my standard SLR, solid and reliable. In the decade or so since I got the thing, I have bought more and more cameras, and I neglected MTL3 because of the convenience of my Minolta XG-1 […]

01 Feb 19

I have been photographing with film for many years, and also doing macro photography with digital cameras. Decades ago, when I was a teenager, I tried to take macro shots with my humble Praktica MTL5 and close-up lenses with slightly disappointing results. Later I did it again with digital cameras and the learning curve was […]

25 Jan 19
Fuji X Weekly

Lenses can be quite expensive. Most new lenses cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a couple thousand. Many people want to expand their glass collection but simply cannot afford it. A good solution is to use vintage lenses from the film era on your modern camera. An inexpensive adapter will allow you to […]

23 Jan 19
Bob Christy, Photojournalist

I have been a photographer since the age of 13 when my grandfather passed away. He was an amateur photographer for as long as my dad can remember, even back into the 1930s. My father brought all of his camera gear home from his house after his death. I remember as a child not being […]

23 Jan 19
Kosmo Foto

In a recent post on 35mmc, Hamish Gill has some cautionary advice for those buying film cameras – and possibly entering into a world of expensive disappointment. The post comes at a time when people are perfectly willing to throw more than £1,000 at cameras like the Contax T2, a thoroughbred premium 35mm compact that […]