18 Jul 19

The post This Back-to-Basics Photography Exercise can Improve Your Photography appeared first on Digital Photography School. It was authored by Rick Ohnsman. The digital age has made photography easier, cheaper, and more accessible than ever before.  Even people who wouldn’t call themselves “photographers” now carry a camera in their pocket in the form of their […]

08 Jul 19

Every used a Helios 44 58mm f/2 lens? If not, I think you’ve missed out. In this post I’ll talk about why, and what to look out for when you’re ready to buy one. Before I knew very much about lens mounts, I had at least discovered that before bayonet mounts became the norm, the […]

06 Jul 19

  Risking the Ridiculous, Continued An Interview with Eric Kraft, Part Two FOR ALL OF HIS ADULT LIFE, Eric Kraft has been working to construct a single large work of fiction, The Personal History, Adventures, Experiences & Observations of Peter Leroy. (That is not to say that he has been working on it all the time […]

02 Jul 19
F/8 and Getting There: Film Photography in the Digital World

I love rangefinders. They’re quiet, usually compact, and with my vision problems, I find them so much easier to focus than SLR’s. Unfortunately, most of them tend to cost more than SLR’s. Today I’m going to review two of the cheapest interchangeable-lens rangefinders, both of which go in the 20-40 dollar range. Yes, you read […]

26 Jun 19
F/8 and Getting There: Film Photography in the Digital World

Having shot a roll on it, I generally like the Nikkormat. Mine has a bad frame counter and some apparent non-linearity of the meter, as well as a problem with B and an occasional failure to cock the shutter when advancing the film. I try not to hold these issues against the model. I have […]

16 Jun 19
Idiot Savant Bardcom

 Out of nowhere would come the cluck-cluck, the spitting.Then the screaming of a two-stroke, 50cc Suzuki trials bike, airborne. If you said no. No: you’d eat the speckled and not the squishy, seeping black lizard of a banana on offer. Yet more confirmation—if it were necessary—of the blight he had to put up with and that ruined the free-range […]

10 Jun 19
Vizuální čokoláda

So I’m not going to lie, it’s been quite a while since I wrote this blog. More specifically I’m now using my Praktica, before that it was the Argus, before that Kodak Stereo, and finally the Signet. But I’ll do my best to remember. Visually I am attracted to the camera. It’s compact, the build […]

05 Jun 19
the wandering boy

I’ve decided to change my stately and librarian style bookshelf to a more simpler one. Bought this at IKEA for a song and it is just perfect. This gives me plenty of room to house my other stuff that are non-book related like my beloved Praktica and other knick-knacks from my childhood (Moomin mug and […]

27 May 19
Archy news nety

There are millions of them around the world waiting to hold on to some of the latest vital information circulating around the world. The minute by minute "3D video cameras"The market relationship based on the growth and development of the 3D video camera market is systematically listed below. The market report on 3D camcorders includes […]

22 May 19
Dr. Stein's Photographic Establishment

The opportunity to handle and shoot a Praktina IIA many decades ago touched a nerve inside my photographic brain that has never stopped quivering. Make no mistake – the Praktina was a lousy single lens reflex. It was from KW in East Germany and had all the flaws of Praktica and Practisix construction inherent; raw […]

08 May 19

Sorry about the photos. Set off today after lunch and parked at Smelt Mill in the Trough of Bowland, this is the headquarters of the Bowland Pennine Mountain Rescue  team. On the 1:25,000 map I noticed a track leaving the road and zigzagging up  Staple Oak Fell. I found it and was able to follow […]

02 May 19
Fup Duck Photography

Gotta love a standard lens. Not too hard to get good performance out of, and there used to be one attached to every changeable-lens camera that was sold. There’s a lot of them about and they can be reasonably priced.

29 Apr 19
Analogue Stories

In my extensive collection of pinhole cameras, the Diana Multi Pinhole Operator is one of the few ready-made cameras. It is as versatile as its name is long. On the surface, it looks like the normal Diana F +, except that the lens is flatter. It is in fact not a lens, but only a […]

27 Apr 19

When I visited the Vintage Camera Museum this past Tuesday, I was transported back in time, though not as far as one might think. As long-time readers of the blog know, I have owned and used just about every major camera system that ever existed. I’m also steeped in the culture and history of photography, […]