20 Jun 19
Smitten Mitten Mom

If you’re from the rust belt of America, you have probably heard of or been a fan of ICP. However, did you know there is a pregnancy medical condition that shares the same name, ICP? Yes there is, and either way, you can choose to enjoy your faygo or not. ICP of pregnancy is a […]

20 Jun 19
Dating, Breaking News, Celeb Gossip & Everything College | CC

Jhene Aiko has been in the music scene since the early 2000s. From appearances in B2K music videos to become the angelic, soothing singer that many contemporary R&B music lovers enjoy today. Over a decade, Jhene Aiko has experienced the highs and lows of being in the music industry. Since 2011, Jhene has been on […]

20 Jun 19
Andrew Reviews

Director Jake Scott’s earnest drama “American Woman” is more empirical than logical. Every (genuine) human story is about the experience of the individual, it’s hardly about the logic in which the human deals with a situation. When life unravels in unexpected ways, it’s always about how we observe and go about to tackle the unsavory […]

20 Jun 19
Online News

Three quarters of people living with epilepsy in low-income countries do not get the treatment they need, increasing their risk of dying prematurely and condemning many to a life of stigma.

20 Jun 19

There are things that are very necessary about your Health, Beauty, Natural Tips that you don’t know. Hope you share this! I am doing this because it’s very dependable and helpful. All you have to do is click any of the links you are interested in and it share too if you find it helpful […]

20 Jun 19
Preparing For Your Baby

Ante Natal Clinic OPEN DAY! First of its Kind for mothers ✅✅ Happening Live at the Westend Hospital Date: 25th June 2019 THEME: Nuture your Bump for a Healthy Baby! What to expect? – Diet Tips for before, during and after Pregnancy – Fitness Fun Class – Gynaecologist advice and Consults. Time: 10am! Lets come […]

20 Jun 19
What's the Word Wooord?

On Wednesday the 12th my wife’s OBGYN said it was not likely that our child would make it’s due date. We were a little disappointed. Not to say that the baby’s health wasn’t the most important. If it wasn’t ready to come out, then that’s the way it was. That said, we were just ready. […]

20 Jun 19
Firestorm Ministries, International

God’s Creation – The Salt Covenant October 15, 2001 4:00:56 AM Hello Firestorm: Recently we had quite a discussion during the Monday Night Forum regarding salt. Question? Is it Biblical to sprinkle salt in and around our homes to purify and sanctify them to Yahweh, since salt is widely used by witches and the occult […]

20 Jun 19
SIUE Young Adult Literature

When I was in middle school, I truly thought that those were the worst years of my life. However, the culture shock I hit when I entered high school. High school is a vast, expansive place when you attend school here in Edwardsville, Illinois. My graduating class was over 600. What I learned in high […]

20 Jun 19
Love Life Linger

I have a confession to make……I think I’m a fake…! I have always worried so much about what other people think of me. Everyone, from my husband to my kids, strangers walking down the street and past bosses. This leads me to question everything I say or do, especially when anxiety levels are high. Did […]

20 Jun 19

The British model Abbey Clancy has become a mother of four. Tuesday, the blond beauty of 33 years took Instagram to announce that he had given birth to a child on June 3rd. "Welcome to the world, dear boy … who weighs 7 pounds, now at home safe and sound," he wrote in the post's […]

20 Jun 19
Trillium Psychology

A few weeks ago, I was tagged in a post from a fellow psychologist on Instagram for @hellomytribe about their #healthyladyhappybabychallenge. My little girl is sound asleep and a load is in the laundry, so I figured I would take some time and participate in the challenge by answering the questions listed in the post […]

20 Jun 19

Busy Philipps opens in a cover story for Michigan Avenue about how a trip to Disneyland inspired her to help her daughter see the positive side of fame

20 Jun 19
Hanap Buhay Philippines

A well-established, stable farming operation is looking to add a Fertilizer Truck Driver to their team. This individual would assist in various parts of the company, and be an important part of their day-to-day operations. Apply today!
* Transport all dry and liquid fertilizers from suppliers or ports to the fields for application
* Assist in monitoring inventory levels of fertilizers in-house
* Transport fertilizer and spray equipment
* Repair and maintain fertilizer storage tanks as needed
* Manage dumpster levels, move and dump them as needed
* Assist transportation department when needed, may occassionally fill in as a driver during harvest time
* Class A CDL drivers license
* Endorsements required:
* Doubles and Triples
* HazMat
* Tanker
* Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) required for entry into Port of Stockton
All qualified applicants will receive consideration witho

20 Jun 19
Find one job

Company: Lorien Resourcing
Location: Ipswich IP1

20 Jun 19

by Katherine Sinkovics The time has finally come. Eight months into the Vento Aureo anime’s run and it’s finally at its last story arc. Six more episodes and the Part 5 anime adaptation will finally come to a close, depriving fans of animated Jojo content until the inevitable Stone Ocean anime adaptation airs a year […]

20 Jun 19
My journey with depression and anxiety

Hey! So I’ve just bathed my little one and, sitting by the bath, watching her splash and giggle, makes me so happy. The simplest things really are the best in life. I live for these simple moments, the tiniest things that might just be part of being a parent, like a kiss on the head […]