21 May 19
Discard Studies

by Gay Hawkins ‘Disposable’ usually describes minor ephemeral things from take-away coffee cups to plastic bags. More recently, it has been applied to furniture, fashion, technologies and even people. But what does it mean? The phrase ‘easy come, easy go’ captures many of the popular assumptions about disposability. Disposable items are immediately available and appear […]

20 May 19
Dan's Metaphysical Monolog

Absolute knowledge is meant to be impossible to obtain; all deductive reasoning stems from axioms and thus stands or falls on the strength of those axioms. I beg to differ. If you can show: X AND Y = true X AND ~Y = true Then X is unconditionally true. IE X becomes absolute knowledge dependant […]

13 May 19

Business in the Age of Mass Extinction: “through a combination of human-caused climate change and the near complete occupation of the planet by humans, we’re destroying habitats and species at an unreal rate (similar to previous extinction events from, you know, asteroids). Besides some increase in agricultural and forestry production, most natural systems that support […]

12 May 19
Game of the People

THIRTY years ago, it would be nigh on impossible for one country to provide all the European finalists. The only way it could have happened was if the holders of the European Cup and European Cup-Winners’ Cup were English and the qualifying clubs from England were not the holders. In 1971-72, we had a UEFA […]

09 May 19
Newsy Today

There are a few days left for employees to sign in and out of work so that companies keep track of each other's working hours. What will be mandatory from next Sunday May 12. a measure for many nineteenth-century when in a changing work environment as we live what workers most appreciate (41.9%) is precisely […]

08 May 19
Acacia Wood Table

God knows Himself. By God knowing Himself, He knows eternal possibles through His essence. By knowing eternal possibles and the goodness of His essence, His self diffusive goodness will terminate into a particular world. By knowing this in-discursive choice, He knows the fixity of this choice. By knowing the fixity of His choice, He knows […]

07 May 19

Australia is in the lead for a severe flu season after a large increase in the number of flu cases confirmed in summer and autumn. There have already been 40,000 confirmed cases of influenza in the laboratory in 2019 – about three times the usual number recorded in this period of the year. In an […]

06 May 19

Irish-Australians call ourselves Irish Catholics, which is true culturally but our spiritual formation was not specifically Irish, but continental Catholicism.

04 May 19
St. Mark's Anglican Church

  “For our waste and pollution of your creation, and our lack of concern for those who come after us, Accept our repentance, Lord.” – Book of Alternative Services, p. 285 The above words of confession are from the ‘Litany of Penitence’ in the Ash Wednesday liturgy. The emphasis of my first four columns has […]

04 May 19
Archy Worldys

The debate a while ago is in the workplace. A four-day work week, without reducing salaries but with a more free day, would be used to improve productivity and favor conciliation? There are many variables around such a complex hypothesis, but the truth is that at a time, the current one, in which the digital […]

03 May 19
Graham Holderness

According to the Daily Express (23 April 2019) these ‘unearthed’ signatures (who knew they’d been ‘earthed’?) raise questions about Shakespeare’s identity and the authorship of the plays. Read my reflections on the Shakespeare Authorship Question. Shakespearean Selves Graham Holderness “Are you the author of the plays of William Shakespeare?” Shakespeare in Love (Madden 1998) As […]

02 May 19

Past, present, and future. Which is real and which is not? Philosophers have had various theories, and a century ago, philosopher JME McTaggart classified two common theories as the A series and the B series. He hoped to prove that time is unreal by arguing that time satisfies both the A series and the B […]

01 May 19

We’ve all heard it-most likely more than once: the “man of his time” defense. It goes something like this: One person criticizes a historical figure on moral grounds. Another person defends that historical figure on temporal grounds. “We can’t impose our moral standards on the past.” “This is presentism!” “He was only a man of […]

01 May 19
The Renaissance Mathematicus

In an article on their website about their history Astronomy magazine claims to be the greatest magazine about astronomy in the world. If this were the case, one would expect them to maintain a high level of journalism and fact checking in the articles that they present to their readers. Unfortunately in at least one case […]

01 May 19
The Imaginative Conservative

The true historian attempts to recapture the past for its own sake. He goes about this goal intentionally, always resisting the temptation to eschew complexity for relatability. He is better able to get to the root of an inquiry, to discern what really happened from what we wanted to happen, to learn what past men […]

30 Apr 19
Fort Russ

Apr 30, 2019 – Venezuelan President pretender Juan Guaido is about to topple the structures of power in Venezuela, mustering an impressive insurgent and popular military force of …. fourteen men. Yes, surely it is absurd. But in the details of this ridiculous looking ‘attempt’ at phase n of the coup, so very much needs […]