Pretty Ponies

16 Jul 19
CauseACTION Clarion

“Right now, this week, everyone wants to kill me,” he says, with a shrug that’s almost believable. “But the weeks before that everyone loved me. And they’re both equally annoying. Like, imagine you took a Sharpie,” he laughs out the word Sharpie, “and you colored your nose black. Completely black. The whole thing. And you’d […]

15 Jul 19
Tales of Adequacy!

Drawing in this style is hard. It is definitely worth the effort and practice, but no joke…it is deceptive in its complexity. This week, I got the “My Little Pony” Pinkie Pie Bishoujo Statue by Kotobukiya, which pretty much looks like the art above, but in statue form. Kotobukiya does Anime/Manga style interpretations of all […]

15 Jul 19
Widow's Pique

July 15, 2019 “Hmmm,” she said, with a look of unhurried but oh so professional concern, “it looks like we have some atrophy down here.” First of all what’s this “we” bullshit? I’m the one who has assumed the position, disrobed and shed all dignity and placed my legs into the medical pony stirrups, not […]

15 Jul 19

Dan Watters talks about the inspiration and creation of his new series, Coffin Bound from Image Comics.

15 Jul 19
Chazwozzer's Travels

early june i boarded a 620pm flight to frankfurt, and then connected on to malta. i had a friend whose heritage is maltese but i’ll admit i couldn’t have told you a lot about it. for those like me, malta is a (series of) island(s) just off the toe of italy’s boot. it very much […]

15 Jul 19
Faith of Horses

Disclaimer: This post is about my recent riding trip in the mountains and climbing figurative mountains of fear and doubt. I am writing from a very honest and vulnerable place in hopes of encouraging myself and others to continue the journey of overcoming “mountains,” whatever they may be. This past Wednesday I loaded Preacher on […]

15 Jul 19
Cigar Reviews by Phil 'Katman' Kohn

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf Binder: Nicaraguan Filler: Nicaraguan Size: 6 x 54 (654N) Strength: Full Price: $8.99 Today We take a look at the Micallef Grande Bold Nicaragua. Everyone and his brother have already reviewed this 2018 release. So, in Katman style, I thought a 1-year aged stick might bring out something new…or not. I’m also […]

15 Jul 19
The Journaling of Blackburn 314

dreadlocks human hair Hair extensions are made by one of two materials; real human hair, as well as synthetic hair. The second item could be the cheapest solution in addition to is proving pretty well-liked within the tresses extension cables industry. In the nutshell, synthetic hair is essentially clear plastic and will never search as […]

15 Jul 19
The Clock Out

So, it was my last weekend before starting my big new job, so I spent the weekend getting ready – ironing my clothes, organizing my new workbag, reading all of the documentation flooding my inbox (I so appreciate a through onboarding process), and trying to get a good night’s sleep before I have to start […]

15 Jul 19
Polished Pony

The flakes in this base were gorgeous. They just popped! I cant describe the base color. I want to say its sort of a greyed out denim? Either way it was very pretty. 2 coats & TC

15 Jul 19

Well, it’s been an absolute AGE since I’ve updated this blog – partly thanks to the fact that I’ve been kept pretty busy with lettering lately. 2019’s also thrown me a seemingly never-ending succession of curve-balls and crises as well, so I’ve been kind of coasting along for a few months. But it occurs to […]