22 Jan 19
Smart Garden Plans

BELARINA® primroses are refined beauties that completely embody the joy and hope that spring offers. Their sizable double blossoms appear in a rainbow of colors and bloom profusely throughout the spring season atop the compact, bright green foliage. Sterile flowers result in plants that are particularly long blooming. Though they are perfectly hardy in the […]

22 Jan 19
iceni Post News from the North folk & South folk

The gardening team at Fairhaven Woodland and Water Garden, South Walsham is staging a ‘have a go’ Volunteer Day on Friday, February 1, from 10am to 4pm, for anyone wanting to explore volunteering opportunities in the garden, working with nature.

22 Jan 19
Beaux Arbres Plantes Indigènes / Native Plants

My first encounter with the a charming little native primrose was on the wave swept shore of Lake Huron, on the Bruce Peninsula, where limestone pavements shelve incrementally down to the water’s edge. Nestled in tiny, moist cracks in the limestone, never far from the spray, were some small pink flowers with yellow centres, Primula […]

19 Jan 19
Granny's garden

Bit chilly today but not as much of a frost as was expected the last couple of days. The theme this week seems to be mostly mauve or purple…… by accident rather than by design. Our youngest grandson is with us again this weekend so we will be making shortbread by popular demand from Granny’sGardenHimIndoors. […]

19 Jan 19
The Propagator

It’s beginning to feel a lot like winter. The temperature has dropped and it looks like we are in for a cold couple of weeks, with low daytime highs and below freezing temperatures at night. The only plants I’m a little worried about are the salvias grown from seed last year. They haven’t established yet […]

19 Jan 19
Bug Woman - Adventures in London

Dear Readers, you may remember that I visited the planting at the Barbican Centre in London a few years ago, and was very impressed. Today, in an attempt to get back to something like normality, I went to see a matinee of Macbeth featuring Christopher (Dr. Who) Eccleston in the Barbican Theatre but before I […]

19 Jan 19
Flower and Garden in Japan and more...

学名/ Botanical name : Primula Polyanthus Group  シノニム/ Synonym : P. pruhonicensis hybrids 英名/ English name :  Polyanthus primrose 別名/ Alternative English name:  Polyanthus group of primroses 日本名/ Japanese name:  プリムラ・ポリアンサ 日本名別名/ Alternative Japanese name: プリムラ・ジュリアン タイ語名/ Thai name: ต้นพรีมูลา T̂n phrī mūlā 原産地/ Original : Hybrid (Europe) プリムラ・ポリアンサはヨーロッパ原産のP・エラチオール(Primula elatior)、P・ブルガリス(P. vulgaris)、P・べリス(P. veris)などが交雑されて育成された品種群で、さらに日本で小型種のP・ジュリエ(P. juliae)を交配し、プリムラジュリアンと呼ばれています。現在はさらに交配が進み、プリムラポリアンサとジュリアンの見分けは花の大きさで付けられているようです。 They are assumed to have arisen from crosses between […]

19 Jan 19
Primrose Fields

2018 was a good year for Primula auricula, the species. These plants stood up to the weather better than many of the hybrid auriculas. They bloomed well and went on to set plenty of seed, as they always do.     Not every yellow-flowered auricula is an example of the species.  How do I know […]

18 Jan 19
The Arty Plantsman

Conscious that I have not blogged much in the last couple of weeks, I was thinking I might keep a record of my week, including what I get up to at work. So, beginning with Saturday: Saturday Saturday morning saw my first visit to the garden in daylight for a week and I took some […]

19 Jan 19
Appalachian Views from the 2nd Story Press

My grandmother always had the prettiest garden. She grew flowers while my Granddaddy took care of all the vegetables. Her blue and white Victorian house on Florida Street glowed with pink geraniums, pink and white petunias, and a glory of other blooms in her signature colors. Around the side and back…

17 Jan 19

Email from U3A offering an all-day seminar run by an expert in historical crime in which U3A members are invited to act as jury, hearing the evidence of two past crimes.  Have forwarded it to my Thursitalisti as requested (group leaders asked to forward to group members).  Sounds to me, just having watched the Family […]

16 Jan 19
Dave's Spice Racks

Last month I told you about my failures forcing paperwhites. The first batch, packed into a narrow container that fit on the windowsill, blasted almost all their buds. My hopes were then pinned on the second batch, which I thought would bloom in time for Christmas. But they didn’t. These paperwhites are taller than their […]

15 Jan 19
The Patient Gardener

When I went out to take the photos for this blog post I was surprised at how much was in flower dotted around the garden.  I have already posted this week about the snowdrops but they aren’t alone in bring dashes of colour to the borders. In the front garden the star is the Euphorbia […]

14 Jan 19
The Nature Niche

Another early spring wildflower found in early April on Lower Table Rock near Medford OR (Jackson County) is Henderson’s shooting star (Dodecatheon hendersonii). Some plant indices now classify D hendersonii as Primula hendersonii, while others retain the older designation. Since my previous shooting star posts used the genus Dodecatheon, I will continue to do so […]