Princesse Tam Tam

09 Dec 18
Ashes to Ashes

Ugh! I don’t get it! How can something be super-awesome AND super-awful at the same time? I THOUGHT this was gonna be the best vacation ever. And it kinda was. Lotsa cool stuff happened. I rode on a boat and I went to a lighthouse and I got a really pretty pair of earrings! Plus […]

28 Nov 18
Indie Wrestling INTL

International Deathmatch and Hardcore Wrestling Update for November 28th, 2018 Lucha Star Injured in Cinderblock Incident, Interview with ICW’s Dysfunction, GCW’s G-Code, CZW’s Cage of Death Preview, BJW’s Upcoming Matches, Onita News and More The real unsung heroes of deathmatch wrestling are the friends and families of the wrestlers who are there to take care […]

25 Nov 18

Les langages de l’amour. Un concept qui permet d’améliorer une immense partie des relations. Comment mieux communiquer avec la personne que l’on aime ? Comment faire durer le couple ? Comment être heureux à deux ?

14 Nov 18
Mechanical Anime Reviews

Yea, you heard me. I said it and I mean every word of it. What are you going to do about it? From a technological level this doesn’t make sense, but Attack on Titan has replacements for this aspect. Replacements that revolve around the last part of this show’s English name and the powers that […]

23 Sep 18
NTU Visual Arts Society

An eclectic blend of Japanese and Western pop culture, STGCC, short for Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention, is back again in 2018! Retaining the well-received GGXP and Akiba Zone format from last year’s edition while bringing in new surprises, STGCC ensures a new experience for both first-time attendees and seasoned veterans. This year’s STGCC […]

11 Sep 18
Tam The Med Bookie

📝#bookreview : The Fisher Queen’s Dynasty(2017) by Kavita Kane✴️Pages: 325✴️Price: ₹350✴️Genre: Mythology/fictionThis is the first book that talks about mythology in such a lucid, breathtaking way!My knowledge regarding the characters of Mahabharat is limited to the clan Dhritarashtra (the blind king who had hundred sons) and the Pandavas; what happens with their lives and how […]

01 Sep 18
My Dearmost Gurudev

January 2013 Rio de Janeiro/RJ, Brazil Sri Bhagavat Saptah 2nd day (morning) Today is the second day of seven days of Srimad Bhagavatam katha. Yesterday I also discussed Krsna’s Damodar (Dambhanda) lila, how mother Yasoda bound Krsna with a small rope which she binds her hair with. In this way, Krsna performed sweet lilas in […]

16 Aug 18

Backed by L Catterton, the executive wants to popularize the affordable luxury brand beyond France.