Prisoner John Dowling

21 Jul 19
Moreton Bay and More

Henry Cowper was 25 when he came to Brisbane to take up the role of Assistant Colonial Surgeon at Moreton Bay. (Assistant was just part of the title – he was the only medical officer at the settlement.) He arrived at the same time as Captain Patrick Logan became Commandant, to a couple of huts […]

25 Jun 19
Tasmanian photographer | Thomas J. Nevin (1842-1923)

This prisoner stated that he arrived free in Tasmania as a sailor on the Bangalore with the name John Dowling, but he might have arrived as a convict with the name John Nowlan on the transport London in March 1851. Shipping documents testifying to his arrival on the Bangalore at any port and under any circumstance unfortunately, if true, are not extant. He was sentenced to five years in March 1870 for indecent assault as John Dowling. He was photographed as John Dowling by T. J. Nevin on release from the House of Corrections, Hobart in December 1874, and convicted again in February 1875 for larceny. A year later, in February 1876 he was convicted at the Supreme Court, Hobart, for rape of a girl between 10-11 yrs old, this time as John Nowlan, alias John Dowling. The sentence for rape was death, commuted to life imprisonment. John Nowlan alias John Dowling was sent to the Port Arthur prison on 25th February 1876 and transferred back to the House of Corrections, Hobart Gaol, Campbell St. on 17th April 1877. A prisoner who called himself John Dowling died at the New Town Charitable Institution, Hobart in 1906 of senilis.

08 Jun 19
Spared & Shared 16

These letters were written by Robert Alexander (“Alex”) Garner (1843-1864), the son of Charles Wesley Garner (1810-1892) and Winifred Parrott (1817-1846) of Darlington, Darlington county, South Carolina. Alex enlisted in Co. B, 21st South Carolina Volunteers which was captained by Samuel Hugh Wilds (Wilds’ Rifles). The 21st S. C. V. Regiment was organized in November […]

05 Jun 19
Read Yourself Happy

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s comic book release day! Here are some of the most exciting issues coming out. For a complete list, head over to Midtown Comics. Not sure where to buy your comics? Check out Comic Shop Locator for shops near you. If you don’t live in an area with a local shop, you can purchase […]

02 Jun 19
IEHS Online

This bibliography supplements an essay published in the Summer 2019 issue of the Immigration and Ethnic History Newsletter (available now to IEHS members and freely available online after a one-year delay). As the essay explains, and this list shows, scholars in an array of disciplines have shaped the historiography of (im)migration detention. The field brings […]

28 May 19

A ten month old beaten to death on a slave ship. A fifteen year old girl with gonorrhoea, hung naked, and beaten to death on a slave ship. A negro boy and a dog fall overboard. The Captain goes back for the dog. Children in cages being made ready for sale into slavery by the […]

18 May 19
British Association for Irish Studies

On 16th May 2019, we held our Annual Prizegiving Ceremony in the Embassy of Ireland in London. The Council of BAIS would like to thank the Embassy for making us feel so welcome, particularly Ambassador Adrian O’Neill, Ruaidhri Dowling, Rachel Ingersoll and Gerry Doherty. Ambassador O’Neill’s warm, thoughtful words encouraged us in our efforts to […]

12 May 19
Moreton Bay and More

The Moreton Bay penal settlement was designed to be a place of punishment, but not execution. There was no Supreme Court at Brisbane until the 1850s, no scaffold and no executioner. The prisoners who committed capital offences at Brisbane were taken by sea to Sydney, where they were tried, and if found guilty, executed. The […]

01 May 19
Willow and Thatch

We’ve gathered up the new-in-May period dramas that are included with your US Amazon Prime Video membership.  Then, we share the period dramas that are newly available to rent, coming to Prime Video Channels, and some historical / costume / period movies that are being released to DVD in May. Finally, we list some newly […]

13 Apr 19
A Blog of Thrones

It’s time, folks. HBO’s hit show “Game of Thrones” will premier its eighth and final season tomorrow. It’s a big deal, y’all. So before the epic 6-episode finale, I figured I’d take a shot at predicting who will see the final credits roll, who will fall along the way, and who is just plain dumb. […]

06 Apr 19
Condensed History - Cathedral Magazine

1. Online Copy of the Magazine 2. Image References Wikimedia Commons (2016). Southwell Minster, Nottinghamshire – From the West. [image] Available at: [Accessed 5 Apr. 2019]. Niharika Sanyal, Pinterest, (2019), Canterbury Cathedral Plan [ONLINE]. Available at: %5BAccessed 5 April 2019]., (2019), Canterbury Cathedral in Kent [ONLINE]. Available at: 9 January 2019]. Martin Stone, (2019), St Peter-on-the-wall, Bradwell on Sea […]

12 Mar 19
Geoffrey Bingham

  This tribute first published in 2009 by the Sydney Morning Herald GEOFFREY BINGHAM was an author, soldier, prisoner of war, farmer, Anglican minister, evangelist, missionary, theologian, entrepreneur and down-to-earth thinker about life, love and community. In the mid-1950s he packed the Garrison Church, Millers Point, on Sunday nights as he preached on holiness, influenced […]

04 Mar 19
Moreton Bay and More

On 11 December 1827 at about 8 am, a prisoner named John Stones was working at the Moreton Bay settlement making bricks, when a fellow convict William Johnson approached him with the startling announcement “Morris Morgan has threatened to knock my brains out many times, and I hit him with an axe.” Morris Morgan was […]

11 Feb 19

My mother, Elizabeth Ann Conlin, was a small but determined lady of Irish (via Liverpool) descent. A fervent Catholic, in a small Welsh market town dominated by Presbyterians, Wesleyans, Baptists, Methodists and Primitive Methodists, she ensured that we knew our cathechism, fasted on Fridays and attended Mass as often as possible. She was, however, far […]