Pro Ject

20 Apr 19
Part-Time Audiophile

CHICAGO (PTA) — With the official world-wide launch of Pro-Ject’s four new turntables scheduled for MUNICH (May 9th 2019), we were given early-access at AXPONA 2019, to look, touch, and feel the new spinners from Pro-Ject. Shipping on track for this summer. We take a tour of the four new turntables with company personality and […]

19 Apr 19

Fight against Legal Terrorism

  Madhya Pradesh High Court Mahendra Sen (Shrivas0 vs The State Of Madhya Pradesh on 29 March, 2019 1 M.Cr.C.No.25856/2018 HIGH COURT OF MADHYA PRADESH, PRINCIPAL SEAT AT JABALPUR (SINGLE BENCH : HON’BLE SHRI JUSTICE J.P.GUPTA) Misc. Criminal Case No.25856/2018 Mahendra Sen (Shrivas) and others Vs. State of Madhya Pradesh and another Shri Rajesh Kumar […]

16 Apr 19
Millennial Gizmo

When it comes to music consumption, streaming continues to be the music industry’s biggest earner. Sales of physical formats like CD and vinyl are declining overall, though the latter has been clawing its way back slowly over the last few years. High-end audio brand Pro-Ject is clearly hoping that the Compact Disc will also enjoy […]

14 Apr 19
Old Things R New

Sunday Memories Judy Wills I really enjoy some of the things that flit through my mind.  Well, most of them.  Most of them are fun, good memories. And then I will find something that brings my mind into focus on things of God and how He has led my life so thoroughly. Recently, Fred and I were […]

13 Apr 19
Business Consulting

The latest trending report Global Turntables Market by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2024 offered by is an informative study covering the market with detailed analysis. The report will assist reader with better understanding and decision making. A turntable is the circular rotating platform of a phonograph (a.k.a. record player, gramophone, turntable, etc.), a […]

12 Apr 19
Millennial Gizmo

Vinyl lovers at the audiophile end of the spectrum can pay a small fortune for a top notch turntable. But Austrian hi-fi manufacturer Pro-Ject has added a new turntable to its X line that promises true audiophile sounds at an affordable price. .. Continue Reading Pro-Ject spins out affordable audiophile X1 turntable Category: Home Entertainment […]

10 Apr 19
Canberra CityNews

Meet the Canberrans who are sharing hope, music and safety this Easter. This is a sponsored post.

09 Apr 19

Greetings fellow citizens of Nations from around the World. We Are Anonymous. We increase the quality of life for all. We know the certainty of our future. We are the hand of Karma. We reward the righteous and We teach the wicked the errors of their way. In 2012, Anonymous disturbed the Project Mayhem virus, […]

09 Apr 19
Metaxyturn Diaries

The closest I can come to describing the God of apophatic prayer—-I mean by describing what my masters call sin—-is the bliss that I know in my knuckle when I stroke the in- sides of my cat’s ears. That space of snap judge- ment —- flight or fight—- but not now, not unless I o- […]

08 Apr 19
Recent Trends and Demand in Healthcare

The Global Injection Pen Market is expected to gain prominence over the forecast period (2018–2023). It is estimated that the global injection pen market is expected to register at a CAGR ~ 6.5 % during the forecast period of 2018–2023. The injection pen is a standard delivery device for accurate subcutaneous delivery. A number of […]

04 Apr 19
Elite Collectors Network

The ballot for the 2019 International Licensing Awards has been finalised, featuring 154 nominees vying for the prestigious industry honour. For the first time in the Awards’ 33-year history, submissions and judging have been held online, encouraging more international submissions than ever before. The judging panel included nearly 150 executives from 18 different countries; and the […]

03 Apr 19
Managing disaster

From DM to DRR- An Overview   1. Background This session will broadly cover the basics of disaster management and its process of evolution as a discipline. The aim of the session would be to provide participants an overviewof the growth of disaster management as a discipline of discourse. It will basically trace the development of the subject […]