25 May 19
Oakland Socialist

As the shadow of ruthless authoritarian regimes falls across the world’s continents from Europe to America North and South to Asia, the world’s capitalists have greeted with undisguised jubilation the victory of Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party in India’s recent general election, winning 303 of the Lok Sabha’s (lower house) 543 seats, as against their […]

25 May 19
Timeless Classics

What you project
And what you are
Are still
Two different things

25 May 19


The Human Self Students Name Institutional Affiliation Date The Human Self The substantial amount of a diverse and intriguing existence of the selves shows perception to be based on one’s own adaptation to social fixations. Perception entails a derivative approach of thoughts through cognitive approaches. Freedom and liberal concepts ascertain metaphysical concepts, whereby one has […]

25 May 19

It might look like “chauvin”, but people from Provence, colors and smells are inspirational for artists! No matter the type of art you are in, you will concretely understand how this region creates wonders in the hand of artists; Oxygen, flavours, lifestyle inspirations, landscapes and flowers, mysterious cicadas and peaceful portlands. All those things are […]

25 May 19
Bog, Swamp, River and Garden

Over the course of the last ten 12 years, I have focused my post-retirement thoughts on what this life, my one life, life as a human in the known universe, has been and will continue to be about. I can afford the luxury of introspection, able to take time out of my days, weeks/months/years out […]

25 May 19
New York City Ticketron

The New York Rangers have cap space to add several impact players and Jacob Trouba could be exactly what the team needs. The New York Rangers are uniquely positioned to add to their roster this offseason as they have a projected $19 million in cap space per CapFriendly. They also have the second overall pick, […]

25 May 19
The Scorecrow

Logan Davidson, SS (Clemson)
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 185
Age: 21
Bats: Switch
Throws: Right
2018 Stats: .292/.408/.544, 15 HR, 46 RBI, 68 SO, 43 BB
2019 Stats: .296/.414/.588, 15 HR, 55 RBI, 55 SO, 43 BB
Logan Davidson was born December 26, 1997, in Charlotte, North Carolina. His father Mark played at Clemson in 1982 and played six years in the majors for the Twins and Astros. Mark earned a World Series ring with the Twins in 1987. Logan lettered all four years at a Providence High School while being an excellent two-way star. He led Providence to a state title his junior year while being great at the plate and on the mound, and was selected as an All-American and won the North Carolina Gatorade Player of the Year his senior season. During this season, Davidson batted .456 with eight home runs, 16 doubles, 42 runs scored, and 47 RBI, while also boasting a 10-0 record with two saves, a 1.28 ERA, and 75 strikeouts in 61 innings on the mound. Following this season, Davidson signed with Clemson and was also drafted in the 30th round by the Philadelphia Phillies, but elected to go to Clemson.

25 May 19

These synapses within nucleus gracilis are indistinguishable via intact synapses at the ultrastructural stage, containing groups regarding synaptic vesicles. Nonetheless, your junior regenerated projections usually are not electrophysiologically lively, probably owing to some extent to some disappointment of remyelination [110]. Fig. One Term regarding neurotrophin-3 (NT-3) gradients can easily induce sensory regrowth as well as […]

25 May 19
Information at its best

Below is the notice alerting the general public of the registration date for the 2019 batch B prospective corps members It was also reported that There would be an increase for the National Youth Service Corps as well because, by the Act, they should earn at least the minimum wage and the NYSC also has […]

25 May 19

Contemporary cinema struggles to represent how deeply phones have restructured everyday life   . Films set in today’s world are often stunted when it comes to representing what contemporary life looks like. This is because they tend to shy away from one of its defining aspects: phones. So much of life is now lived on […]

25 May 19
Fort Smith/Fayetteville News | 5newsonline KFSM 5NEWS

As of 6AM on Saturday, the Arkansas River level reached 34.75ft. This is the same level the water was during the 1986 flood. We also passed the water level from the 2015 flood. Then, the water level was 34.63ft. Current projections show the water is rising slower than expected. It will likely break the record […]

25 May 19
Gold Goats 'n Guns

I’ve been making arguments for months that Donald Trump’s trade war with China is the height of stupidity. While Trump has the power to do what he’s been doing — sanctioning actors and applying tariffs — some power is best left not used. The simple fact is that America is uncompetitive. This is at a […]

25 May 19
The Clemson Insider

As Clemson awaits a potential postseason bid, The Clemson Insider releases our projections for the 2019 NCAA Baseball Tournament.   For a quick review, the field is made up of 64 teams split into 16 regional sites. The 64 teams consist of 31 automatic bids and 33 at-large selections. We will break the bracket down […]

25 May 19
Iowa Climate Science Education

Squaw Valley, California has had seventy-eight snow days since November 22 – totaling 715 inches of snow. They are thirteen inches behond the record year from two years ago, and may pass the record tomorrow. Average snowfall is 450 inches. View Last 7 Years of Squaw Valley Snowfall | Squaw Alpine They will be skiing […]

25 May 19
Rich Investing

I update each Saturday with my view of the stock market for the next few weeks (if occupied with family or travel, rarely I am a day or two late, just check back).  The monthly “Long Term” update will be on a Wednesday soon after the 15th of each month, and this supports investors who […]