19 Apr 19
Leah Warrington

I discovered on my phone an app that allows for calls to be recorded. I thought that since it was over the phone that of course it would be bad quality. Nothing much I can do about that- which I was wrong about, but I’ll get to that in the editing segment. I did test […]

18 Apr 19

    So in this meeting, we have just reviewed some things from last week, plus we have been talking about how our interviews are going, with difficulties and signs of progress. Cameron suggestions have been very helpful for me on how to get a laptop, hopefully, I will be fine. I had lots of […]

17 Apr 19
Best Online Shopping website

“RTS Recording Turbo System – RTS” [ad_1] Dove si tiene il corso? Questo corso NON si svolge in un luogo fisico, in una scuola, in una classe, ma sul tuo computer, senza vincoli di spostamenti o di orari! Tutte le lezioni sono state realizzate in formato di video tutorials completamente scaricabili sul tuo computer. Dal […]

17 Apr 19
Alix Morrison Film

Main Points Discussed: Holger: It was a good choice of narrative in comparison to our initial plan of showing all four couples. The strength of the film lies in that they are both couples so they have similarities but also a lot of clear differences. Playing with this tension between the layers was a good […]

16 Apr 19
Erica Sofia

With technology rapidly advancing, creative industries are constantly evolving and expanding the ways we express ourselves through art. Be that in the sophisticated interfaces of graphic tablets, progressively higher definition video cameras, or the accessibility of fast, flexible and professional music software. The way we record and perform music may be subjective, but it is […]

16 Apr 19
Milvet Audio

I tracked the vocals for Even Flow in my home studio room in my basement. I used an Audio Technica 2035 with a pop filter about 4 inches from the grill of the microphone, and I stood about 6-8 inches away from the microphone. Considering I belt loudly, I couldn’t get too close to the […]

16 Apr 19
Milvet Audio

For tracking the guitars, I chose to use my custom built pedal board directly into my Scarlett Solo USB interface. I then created an audio track and opened an instance of the PRS Archon plug in amplifier by Waves. For bass tracking, I borrowed my friends New York pro and plugged directly into my Scarlett […]

16 Apr 19
Alix Morrison Film

Name: Alix Morrison Project: Street View (Working Title) Date: 12/03/19 Tutor(s): Sana Bilgrami Main Points Discussed: We have agreed to just focus on the two couples, Kenneth and Patricia, and Tony and Geoff, as they are of similar age and length of relationship, yet they have had distinctly different experiences because one is a heterosexual […]

15 Apr 19
GC's Blog

Project Management  After week 7 we successfully delivered the first single for the artist then we further discussed about producing an EP for him. Our group went on creating a weekly plan for the project to make sure we are always on track. We planned out everything and started the process smoothly, but it didn’t […]

14 Apr 19
The world's leading Computer Music site - Sleepfreaks

About M/S processing A songs sounds will generally compile into the center. Because of this, the sounds on the side (L/R) will be smaller in comparison. By placing a limiter or maximizer to try to increase the side sounds, as expected, its difficult to control because the center sounds will increase as well. We can […]

11 Apr 19
The world's leading Computer Music site - Sleepfreaks

Using side chain to add some spice to your groove Side chaining is the technique of adding a pumping feel to instruments via the kick sound. By changing the compression to side chain mode, you can create these kind of sounds. The famous side chain sound [sc_embed_player_template1 fileurl=”″%5D We’re certain you’ve heard this sound once […]

10 Apr 19
Michael Rotunno

Michael is a working bassist, producer, and performer seeking positions within the music industry. He has an extensive background in classical, jazz, rock, and more on both upright and electric bass. His experience on stage and in a performance setting, has grown significantly since his first time on stage at the age of eight years […]

09 Apr 19

What first drew you into music production? I played piano a lot in middle-school and decided to join a rock band. The band wanted to record an album together, but we couldn’t afford studio time, so I bought a copy of ProTools and became the recording engineer. The band members went their separate ways, but […]

08 Apr 19

SWOT ANALYSIS… Identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for your dream job/internship. I dont have a necessary “dream job” however, I do have jobs that I would like to work at, including being a sound engineer at a studio or working at a advertising agency. I will do a swot analysis for both positions, […]