10 Jun 19

The Proxxon KT150 is a nice cross table. Well build and well used. The only problem is the fact that you need to count the numbers of turns you make plus the issue that there is some backlash. Backlash means that you turn the x or y wheel but the table does not respond immediately. […]

28 May 19

It’s been a week now so I can tell you about my slight injury. It could have been so much worse. Last Sunday morning I snatched some time and decided to progress the Square. First job was to cut off the moulded panel lines and apron edges from the white metal kit. That would give […]

27 May 19
Hobby Painting Brussels

I might have mentioned it earlier, but really don’t remember: I was looking for easy tutorials on OSL – without having the need to spend too much time on it, just having a nice “wow effect” and found this one on Light Miniatures. Then reading further, there are a few good tips on how to […]

27 Apr 19
Alexander Impertro's blog

I’ve recently acquired a Proxxon MF70 mill to manufacture small brass or aluminum parts for projects where 3D-printed parts aren’t suitable. It’s a great addition to a hobbyist’s workshop whenever space is constrained and only small parts have to be machined. To increase it’s usefulness, I’ve decided to add CNC capability to it right away, […]

19 Apr 19
genuine grumpy old tin

This is the first post of three regarding the Tabletop Knights show in Germany. This will be about the first display board, Gone? I saw this image, credit to whoever did this (if you let me know I will credit that person here) and thought, “I want this!” If you are interested I have a […]

09 Apr 19

Proxxon 37088 DS 115/E Scroll Saw, (36) Assorted 14T, 17T, 34T Scroll Saw Blades – Buy – Proxxon 37088 DS 115/E Scroll Saw, (36) Assorted 14T, 17T, 34T Scroll Saw Blades

09 Apr 19

Proxxon 37088 DS 115/E Scroll Saw, (36) Assorted 14T, 17T, 34T Scroll Saw Blades – Buy – Proxxon 37088 DS 115/E Scroll Saw, (36) Assorted 14T, 17T, 34T Scroll Saw Blades

05 Apr 19
Yes, you can whip up a design for a printed circuit board, send it out to one of the many fab houses, and receive a finished, completed board in a week or two. There are quick-turn assembly houses that will manufacture a circuit board and populate it for you. But sometimes you need a board now, and that’s when we get into home PCB fabrication. You can do this with either etching or milling, but [Renzo] has a great solution. He built a 3D printed milling machine that will make a printed circuit board. The design of this tiny micro mill is based on a handheld rotary tool, also called a Dremel, but that’s like Kleenex, so just buy a Proxxon. This mill is designed with 3D printed T-track and constructed with linear bearings on smooth rods with standard NEMA 17 stepper motors and herringbone gears for little to no backlash. There is quite a bit going on here, but lucky for us [Renzo] has a video tutorial of the entire build process available for viewing below. We’ve previously seen some of [Renzo]’s previous efforts in homemade PCB fabrication, up to and including applying green soldermask with the help of Fritzing. This is good, very good, and the only thing that really separates this from manufactured PCBs is the lack of plated through holes. That’s just a bit of graphite and electroplating away, and we’re looking forward to [Renzo]’s further adventures in making PCBs at home.
02 Apr 19
The Journaling of Meyers 076

Es letzte Wort hat ausnahmslos den Doktor, zu Deutsche Mark ich außerordentlich enorm Vertrauen hatte. Was war ein Tretroller für Erwachsene? Pauschal lässt sich diese Frage pauschal nicht erwidern. Die Umwelt wird geschont plus man betreibt zumal noch ein einen Tick Leibesertüchtigung. Weil verfüge über meinereiner möglicherweise Glück gehabt, bekanntermaßen kurz nach der Order änderte […]

22 Mar 19

Proxxon 37160 KGS 80 MICRO Chop Saw with Cut-Off Wheel, 36T 85mm Saw Blade – Buy – Proxxon 37160 KGS 80 MICRO Chop Saw with Cut-Off Wheel, 36T 85mm Saw Blade

07 Mar 19

A professional survey of “Global Non-Woven Disc Market Report 2018” serves a in-depth assessment of Non-Woven Disc industry containing empowering advances, vital patterns, growth drivers, institutionalized detailing, Non-Woven Disc regulatory scenario, administrator definition investigation, Non-Woven Disc launching, ultimate assistance, admiration chain, Non-Woven Disc leading manufacturers profiles, and systems. Furthermore,  the Non-Woven Disc industry report provides […]

23 Feb 19

3D-printing is not exactly fast, but at least my effective work-time is limited to drawing up the parts in openscad. Working in metal, however, is tedious and at times hard work too (I hate that). So mistakes when making metal parts are expensive in time and money (but mostly time). I can’t remember when I […]

27 Jan 19
Interloping Infantry & Falling Rigging

Not directly involved to any wargaming as such, but I got a commission from my daughter to build interior for the FTX Ford Bronco RC car she got some time ago. According to specifications a Mailleg mouse should be the passenger and/or driver. I got some Forex (foam-PVC) that is and then Proxxon hand tool […]

21 Jan 19

So richtig notwendig isses wahrscheinlich nicht, aber was solls… Geht bei CR10, Ender3, Ender5 und baugleichen HotEnds.