29 Jul 18
Travels in my head

I’ve always been interested in Albania, it always seemed to me like a mysterious and unknown country on the edge of Europe. Last year I took an extended holiday and visited Albania as part of my trip – before going I read the Accursed Mountains by Robert Carver. This book is set in 1996 when […]

15 Jul 18
Travels in my head

The Mermaid’s Child. This book has been sat on my shelf for ages, I’ve even picked it up and started to read it a few times  but never made it beyond the first couple of chapters. Finally I picked up the book and started to read it properly, and I’m glad I did although I […]

07 Jul 18
Travels in my head

Lullaby starts with the ending – in fact the ending is written on the front cover: “The baby is dead. It only took a few seconds” In the first few pages it is clear that the nanny murdered the two children in her care – then tried to kill herself. The book then then goes […]

24 Apr 18


Today was a hard day. I’m still struggling with coming to terms with what happened but friends are rallying around. I will be ok. 1. Gnocchi alla Sorrentina da Saporitalia. They are good and they are not straightforward to make. There’s an art to make them right and at Saporitalia they do make them right. […]