Pura Stainless

20 Jan 19
Shop With Leslie

Jewelry trends for men and women in 2019 have been described as “maximal.”  That is, big, stacked, and embellished.  These include large and layered chains, coin and charm jewelry,  large hoop, feather, and off the shoulder earrings.  Also trending are headpieces, ear adornments,  wallet necklaces, cuffs for various parts of the arm, open cuff chokers, […]

19 Jan 19
Urban Eclectic Jewelry

Silver stamped PURA VIDA pendant measuring 3/8″W x 1 3/4″L with a 24″L stainless steel chain collar.

04 Jan 19
Family Hype

As a new mommy, one of the biggest challenges you would have ever to face is teaching your child how to do the basic human actions. These actions include walking, chewing, potty training, and even the simple act of sipping. With this, you have to ensure that you invest in the necessary items like the […]

28 Dec 18
The Scroll

What does December remind you of? December for me has always been a month of chilly winters, sweaters and makeshifts fireplaces back home. It is for the first time that December has been a month of no sweaters, no fireplace and no events. During my childhood, December always meant a series of eventful activities. Family […]