09 Nov 18

 The problem with leaving a farm is that there are so many potential things that can go wrong.  Since we bought the farm, we have enlisted a variety of people to farm-sit for us.  We even paid someone once, when most of our family went to a wedding at the same time.  What most people […]

21 Oct 18

Tippy kayaks are tippy. Stable kayaks are stable. Seriously.

03 Oct 18
Horses in the South - A Horse Blog

Brooke Kemper and CLASSIFIED. ESI Photography. The HITS Culpeper Summer Series at HITS Commonwealth Park has come and gone for 2018. It was a beautiful week to close out the season in the Heart of Virginia’s Horse Country with great weather, blue ribbons and the Horseware Ireland Grand Circuit Champion awards claimed at the Culpeper […]

15 Sep 18

While I always kinda liked the Tomb Raider games, they have become a cheap Uncharted copy since the reboot. Not too cheap, still fun. Or even more fun than the previous ones. Those are classics but they always become boring at some point. But both old and new Tomb Raiders are nothing like Uncharted. And […]

11 Sep 18
A Library of Souls

Kami tergesa-gesa karena kabarnya kapal akan segera berangkat pukul 16.00 WIT. Segala macam barang, mulai dari kontainer berisikan obat-obatan hingga satu unit perahu kayak merk Pyranha, turut kami angkut dari tronton TNI AU milik Lanud Manuhua menuju dek kapal ASDP Ferry yang akan kami tumpangi untuk tiga belas jam berikutnya. Kala itu adalah pertama kalinya […]

08 Sep 18
Route to marathon

When I joined TriTanium for their New2tri course, the ‘grand finale’ was to do the Dublin City Triathlon on the 8th September. We trained together for the last 10 weeks, and eventually the day arrived. On Thursday I went to Frank Kane to collect Hilary’s and my number. Met Rich and Gary on the way […]

31 Aug 18
The Paddler ezine

The Angry Fish navigates fifty years of innovation with Pyranha Kayaks. The short documentary is a pilot for a proposed feature length film covering (in-depth) the same subject. Matt Cooke – Endless Summers Productions

22 Aug 18
The Art of Escapism by Kayak

I am driving up the M4 or to be correct across the M4 with a Pyranha Fusion and a Wave Sport Scooter on the roof making all kinds of strange noises as the wind blows through the straps. For our first outing we take them to the local river, launch from an awkward set of […]

08 Aug 18
Pyranha Designs

I am selling swaddles! My first one is DR WHO inspired. Woven cotton outside and flannel cotton inside. It’s been an adventure figuring out the product situation…what should I make, is it somthing customers would buy, is my pricing too high? Ive been researching and researching as I’ve said before, but I’ve finally just took […]

31 Jul 18
Soul Horse

Well this is a lovely opportunity and a wonderful gesture! America’s Country Store of College Station, TX has made it possible for ya’ll to call in and buy specific supplies needed for all of our Soul Horse Kids!! Please see the Store Information below and the list of needs as well. America’s Country Store of […]

21 Jul 18
Pyranha Designs

Today is a pattern day. I’ve done the basic tee for you guys, now onto the Raglan. I feel as though the raglan misses out alot, but it has great qualities. Sometimes I want to use a collage print for a tee, but it’s too busy for the main body and the sleeves don’t seem […]

19 Jul 18
The Kayaking Journal

Review: The Pyranha Ripper is one of the most talked about white water kayaks at the moment. Is it worthy of the hype, and what’s it like to paddle for people who’s name isn’t Bren Orton or David Fussilli?

18 Jul 18
Horses in the South - A Horse Blog

Agustin Rosales and CAPELIUS. Photo Courtesy of ESI Photography. Agustin Rosales Soars to First and Second in the Open Prix; Dominique Damico Jumps to First in the Devoucoux Hunter Prix Exhibitors jumped into another week of Show Jumping Competition at HITS Commonwealth Park to wrap up the July series of the circuit in Culpeper, Virginia. […]

14 Jul 18
Pyranha Designs

So….I have been up to my elbows in research lately. Research? Why? I’ve been the process of revamping my store. I’ve come to the realization that my projects just dont grab buyers attention. There are so many other talented seamstresses that have been doing this for years, and their shadow is too much to over […]