24 May 19
Archy Worldys

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15 May 19

NVIDIA Pixel Clock Patcher is a free program for Microsoft Windows devices that removes certain resolution and refresh rate limits. The program detects limits and may patch the values to allow higher resolutions and refresh rates. It checks for certain limits and displays those that it finds in the interface. In the case of our […]

15 Nov 18

In late 2013, in This Week In Startups, Jason Calacanis interviewed Shopify CEO Tobias Lutke. Our takeaways: Distribution keeps getting more ubiquitous, so people will pay primarily for experiences. 1: There are many different kinds of innovation– not just in software. Innovation was a common thread throughout the conversation– Tobi and Jason talked about how it […]

12 Jul 18

These arms that are built by Ergotron continue to uphold the quality image of the Amazonbasics brand.

27 Apr 18
OrtDoza - Home

You may have heard about them – Korean IPS Monitors. What are they exactly? They are ‘lesser’ brands (ie. QNIX, Crossover, Pixio) than your usual Samsung or Dell when it comes to the monitor market, but are they worth it? In short, yes. While most people are skeptical about buying cheap, Asian branded electronics in […]