11 Dec 18
Travel Trivia Blog

It’s easy to see why Maine is a premier U.S. destination. The northeast state, with its rocky ocean coastline and rugged woods, has outdoor enthusiasts flocking to it year-round. And with historical sites and delicious food around every corner, Maine has something to offer all types of travelers. Read on to learn 11 facts that […]

04 Dec 18

Everyday Carry is the term used to describe gear and apparel carried each day. Someone’s everyday carry collection can include 1 item or 10+. The gear often includes things like wallets, pocket knives, multi-tools, and the apparel worn on a daily basis that makes life easier and better. Our previous Everyday Carry Gift Guide was […]

19 Nov 18
The Style Guide

Looking for stylish gear to upgrade your Thanksgiving? Or your fall and winter wardrobe in general? It’s all taken care of in today’s edition of The List. Whether you find yourself prepping for a weekend of hosting or a weekend of holiday travel, you need to look good (and likely stay warm) while you’re at […]

17 Nov 18
Our Arts Magazine

[su_box title=”Introduction” style=”soft” box_color=”#000000″]My name is Rick Berk I’m a photographer based on Freeport, Maine, who tries to travel and capture what I see through my lens as much as possible. I’m inspired as much by nature as I am by people and man made environments. Landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, portraits, and more- let me point […]

08 Nov 18

‘Not all who wander are lost’ is one of Tolkien’s most famous quotes. Some are just out there to see the world. You can travel and still be prepared, whether that means traveling across town or halfway across the globe. Today’s Everyday Carry Essentials theme is for someone who wants to get out and see […]

06 Nov 18
Langwater Farm

Early November is still a heavy harvesting season on the farm, and our harvest crew is hopping. We’re still bringing in fresh greens every day, plus digging a lot of root veggies & tubers that we’re stashing away for the long winter months. Harvesting is some of the most satisfying work on the farm, which is one of […]

02 Nov 18
DXing from Quoddy House

I fly to Bangor [BGR] on Saturday, November 10 and drive to Lubec, just over 2 hours away.  With a little luck I’ll be there in time to get an antenna up and running before dark … which starts at 4pm this time of year. I’ll be in Lubec until November 17 when I drive […]

30 Oct 18
Visible Poetry

Pintails warble into the quiet air; then the sound of a rifle and its recoil. Hunting season again. I dress my doe-coloured dog in a rouge coat, pull on my gloves.

28 Oct 18
Visible Poetry

Insomniac, I wake, open the envelope of the day and shove another act inside as if the day were expandable, made of pleats, an extraordinary accordion capable of melody every time I squeeze, not some exhausted drone, a whine or tumble of falling keys, of rain-soaked shoes, of numb-finger stitches, belated appointments and warmed-over meals, […]

24 Oct 18
Kings on the Road

Our Northernmost goal this year was Campobello Island International Park off the extreme east coast of Maine.  Campobello is actually located in the Canadian Province of New Brunswick.  In Roosevelts time the nearest ferry was from Lubec Maine.  Now the bridge from Lubec connects the island with the US.  Due to some ferry closures the […]

19 Oct 18
outdoor adventure to the max

When I paddle I usually pick up trash along the way. Over the years I have taken part in river cleanups and made a pledge with American Rivers  to pick up 3 pieces of trash every time I paddle. I’m in the habit now, of steering toward a floating plastic bottle or fishing a beer […]

18 Oct 18
Hiking in Maine

The “Bold Coast” of Maine is the area of coastal Washington County stretching from approximately Milbridge to Calais, and accessible through a route designated as the Bold Coast Scenic Byway (see map here from Maine DOT), which largely follows U.S. 1 North.  Bold Coast Maine, a collaboration by the Washington County Council of Governments and […]

13 Oct 18
Hiking in Maine

The word “Easternmost” is prominently advertised in many places across Lubec, including Quoddy Head State Park, which comprises 541 acres at the tip of the U.S.’s eastern reach.  By the time you reach Quoddy Head State Park, off South Lubec Road, you will likely have seen many advertisements for all things “easternmost” (campgrounds, gift shops, […]