16 Jul 19
Pale Yellow Van

To cut a long story short: Our delightfully meandering drive through Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts saw spring unfold in front of our eyes. The brisk Big Sky vistas of Vermont crumpled up into the foggy, sleeping slopes of the Green and White mountain chains, which then released themselves to the sunny, rocky beaches […]

15 Jul 19

July 12, 2019 (Photo credit: lilacinn.ca) Friday morning I left Hampden, Maine and headed east on scenic Route 1 which would take me to the border crossing at Lubec.  It was raining and as I approached the border I thought about making a few side trips but decided that the rain, wind and low cloud […]

12 Jul 19
North Carolina Adventures

Further adventuring on our last day of vacation had us driving way way up North to Lubec, Maine which is about as far North as you can drive before crossing the border into Canada. Our next stop was West Quoddy Head Lighthouse. A little history in case you are interested…. Originally built in 1808, by […]

12 Jul 19
Shell On Wheels

While we have generally followed our 2019 route plan, the great thing about our style of RVing is the flexibility to change it on short notice if something fun or interesting comes up.  We make very few reservations more than a week in advance of our travels with the exception of very difficult to secure […]

10 Jul 19
Living In Eternity

Eastport, Maine was just across the bay from our campground, but it took over an hour to get there.  Supposedly it had a fantastic bakery, and we wanted Blueberry Pie.  We never found the fantastic bakery, and settled for a lame Blueberry turnover.   We learned Eastport was the setting for the Fox Television’s filming of […]

08 Jul 19

Today we reached our first Maritime destination, the quaint and cheerful St. Andrews, New Brunswick.  We’ve covered 1,392KM so far, but it feels like we can now start the vacation, instead of focusing on getting TO the vacation.  Everyone was a trooper today, although we’ve all just about had enough time in the Santa Fe.  […]

07 Jul 19
Art-to-Art Palette Journal

Maine has always been traditionally linked to American art. The natural resources of wood and gems were first traced to Native Americans and later to the early Colonial days. However, the fertile ground that lies as a backdrop for picture-perfect summers and dreamy hushed winters has a magnetic attraction to many area artists.     […]

06 Jul 19
messymimi’s meanderings

(Because some people like Blogger and some like WordPress, i am putting the same content at both.  If you would prefer to read this on the other site, it is linked here.)      ***********************************         This week, like most, has had its ups and downs.   Mostly up, because i like […]

03 Jul 19
Footwear News

You can still buy American-made footwear from workboots to wingtips.

17 Jun 19
This Fundy Migrant's Tale

This is probably the most tourist brochure-type photo I’ve ever taken – apart from cutting off the top of the lighthouse which no self-respecting brochure would do. 🙂 It was a nice day so I decided to explore the Quoddy State Park which is just south of Lubec. Honestly, I really should have visited here […]

16 Jun 19
Loire Magazine

These Quoddys are as good a summer shoe as you will even see. And that’s just by looking at them on the computer. When you see them, pick them up and handle them then it’s just a WOW… Described by American Classic in London as, “Classic simplicity for all occasions. Full moccasin construction surrounds your […]

05 Jun 19

Left Chelmsford bright and early as nothing there and places to go. Continued north and found my way to Lubec, Maine. Beautiful town with lighthouses to explore in both America and Canada. Quoddy Head State park with a great lighthouse is the eastern most point in the contiguous states. Walked across FDR Merorial Bridge into […]

27 May 19

As Julio DeSanctis was nearing the end of his life eight years ago, the legendary Bangor attorney gave his colleague Jeffrey Silverstein gift — a Windrider daysailer. Courtesy of Jeffrey Silverstein Courtesy of Jeffrey Silverstein Jeffrey Silverstein. In July, Silverstein will sail the 16-foot kayak with two hulls more than 250 miles from Kittery to […]

24 May 19

Boat shoes are a bona fide menswear classic that will bring a nautical feel to any of your summer looks. These are our favourite men’s deck shoes for 2019.