Rachel Roy

21 Feb 19

The internationally renowned designer and entrepreneur helps women look and be the very best version of themselves with this strong, sexy style guide filled with practical and inspirational tips and personal insights gleaned from her own journey in life and business. “As a teen, I’d draw the type of glamorous clothes and accessories I longed […]

20 Feb 19
West Hove Forum

Minutes of West Hove Forum meeting Tuesday 29th January 2019 at Lawrence Art Studio   Attending: Edward Clay (Chair and Wish Park Surgery PPG), Jane Galvin (Secretary & Kingsway And West Hove Residents’ Association), Mike Gibson (Hove Station Neighbourhood Forum), Mark Drayton (Trust for Developing Communities), Cllr Garry Peltzer Dunn (Wish ward), Rachel Chasseaud (Brighton […]

20 Feb 19

[tempo-video id=”5973236083001″ account_id=”219646971″ autoplay=true] When Marina de Tavira was approached to star in Alfonso Cuaron’s Roma, the role of Sofia — a woman trying to keep her family together as her marriage crumbles and finding unlikely support in her housekeeper Cleo — was something that felt innately close to her own life. “I can relate […]

20 Feb 19
Entertaining WE

Photo: Screenshots via YouTube Given the internet’s ability to transcend physical borders and language barriers, it’s no surprise that dance videos have always been a cornerstone of meme culture. The online-dance-craze ecosystem started with viral videos like the Numa Numa Guy and Star Wars Kid, and then harnessed by more deliberate efforts like the Soulja…

20 Feb 19
Best Books Hub

Best JIRA Books Practical JIRA Administration: Using JIRA Effectively: Beyond the Documentation 1st Edition by Matthew B. Doar JIRA Development Cookbook by Jobin Kuruvilla JIRA Agile Essentials by Patrick Li JIRA Strategy Admin Workbook: Templates for the application administrator to set up, clean up, and maintain JIRA 1st Edition by Rachel Wright Jira Core Basics: […]

20 Feb 19

List of Filipino Singers Male and female enumerates past and present singers. You may click on the link to see the song list and albums of the particular singer. Male – Anjo Resurreccion Anthony castelo April Boy Regino Archie Aguilar Ariel Pineda Ariel Rivera Bamboo Manalac Basil Valdez Bryan Bryll Termulo Bugoy Drilon Chito Miranda […]

19 Feb 19
Putting Down Uprising

A fourth wall break is what happens when a character in a film or TV show turns to face the camera and speaks directly to the audience, often while the rest of the cast either pauses for the monologue, or carries on with the action without noticing. Netflix’s House of Cards is probably the most […]

19 Feb 19

Item specifics:
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Publication Date: 2007 – 2011
Product Type: Comics Lot
Product Condition: Very Fine to Near Mint
ISBN: None Stated

19 Feb 19
Ian Phillips: Music, TV, film Reviews & Interviews

    When I started doing the Brookside rerun campaign over twelve months ago, never did I imagine I’d get to “interview” some of the cast – really it’s more a Question and Answer by correspondence but I must say how grateful to each and every one of the actors from the series I’ve interviewed so far: […]

19 Feb 19
Sagittarius Viking

My daughter and I had such a glorious time in Red Rock Canyon last Tuesday, when I was able to get off work early (instead of the usual late..) so I decided to get us up early on Sunday morning, to enjoy some more time there. The city often feels like it closes in on […]

19 Feb 19
Archy Worldys

The 2019 Writers Guild of America Awards have come and gone – and a handful of talented talents have taken home prestigious awards. The WGA Awards took place on Sunday, February 17, in two locations on the east and west coasts of the US, each with their own hosts, and were the final pit stop […]

19 Feb 19
Soul Searching with Sabby

Wanderlust, travels, adventures. As someone who’s young and just wants to explore the world, these words never fail to excite me. No matter what time of day, wherever I may be, the thought of a new adventure just puts me in a state of frenzy. As of today, I’ve traveled to 11 different countries and […]

19 Feb 19
Rachel Roy - Consultant

Do you find that your Admin Team or EA go above and beyond when new starters arrive within your Company.  Not only do they know everyone within the team, but they are also aware or involved with projects, processes and the general goings on within the company.