13 Mar 19
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Grillflade til Funktion raclet fra Funktion

26 Jan 19
Eating With Ziggy

Ask 100 Staten Islanders what is good to eat on the island and the answers will be roughly as follows:  50 will say pizza.  25 will swear by the Eyetalian.  10 will say nothing, as in time will expire until they can come up with something.  10 will say Mexican. 4 may surprise with Spanish.  […]

17 Oct 18
Actus à la une

La ville de Clermont-Ferrand vient de le rendre public ce mercredi 17 octobre : la direction artistique d’Effervescences ne sera pas reconduite en janvier prochain. Le programme d’animations qui accompagne la candidature de la ville au titre de capitale européenne de la culture avait pourtant bien commencé, avec 50.000 spectateurs présents lors du lancement en octobre 2017 et […]

21 Aug 18

Right now we are in a town called Trim which is 45 minutes from Dublin. We have been in Strasbourg for the past 8 days. The area we were staying in is called Alsace and we were living in a village close to the city of Strasbourg. In Alsace one of the things they are […]

09 May 18
Je Ne Comprends Pas

I should’ve known that I would learn about food. I am in France. It’s engrained into their cultural identity. The food here is incredible. Well, 99% of it. There have been a few foods that haven’t been quite to my liking (oysters, roquefort). The French take their food incredibly seriously. Not only has the food […]

23 Mar 18
RMN Networks

Germany – Gumawa ng pizza na may 111 iba’t-ibang mga keso ang isang pizzeria sa Berlin, Germany. Ayon sa isa sa hurado ng Guinness World Records, sa dami ng keso sa ibabaw ng pizza ay naging iba’t-iba rin ang nagiging lasa nito sa bawat kagat. Nakadagdag pa raw sa sarap ng pizza ang lutong nito […]