14 Dec 18
Alex W. Wheatley

Sheldon Cooper is a fictional character in the shows The Big Bang Theory—depicting his adult years—and Young Sheldon—his life from age nine and forward. Sheldon is incredibly smart and gifted in academics. He begins high school at the age of nine and is a visiting professor by the age of 14. Sheldon struggles with social […]

10 Dec 18
Clustify Blog - eDiscovery, Document Clustering, Technology-Assisted Review (Predictive Coding), Information Retrieval, and Software Development

The IG3 West conference was held by Ing3nious at the Paséa Hotel & Spa in Huntington Beach, California. This conference differed from other recent Ing3nious events in several ways.  It was two days of presentations instead of one.  There were three simultaneous panels instead of two.  Between panels there were sometimes three simultaneous vendor technology […]

09 Dec 18

Radioshack Concertmate – 1000 Variable Touch Responce Learning Keyboard – Buy – Radioshack Concertmate – 1000 Variable Touch Responce Learning Keyboard

06 Dec 18
CBS Boston

Sears Chairman Eddie Lampert wants to buy stores and assets to keep the company alive.

04 Dec 18
Matt’s Modern Interweblog

Apple is in the news right now for their court case over how they charge developers a 30% commission on their app and in-app sales. While not directly related to our professional lives, the building blocks are very familiar. How should we think about how much value a platform provides us with? How should we think about […]

03 Dec 18
Periplo I Revolucionando la forma de ver el mundo

Si ya te resignaste a ser tu propio Santa, date gusto con estos artículos irresistibles.

01 Dec 18
Charity Windfall Canada


30 Nov 18

Two days ago, I wanted to check the weather for the next day and see if I could make a certain amount of money also by using a Geomancy chart. The one chart indicated cold/dry and the other chart indicated I wouldn’t make the amount desired. Knowing that, I decided to work earlier than I […]

30 Nov 18
Charity Windfall Canada


29 Nov 18

RadioShack Advanced 3-Station/3-Channel FM Wireless Intercom (43-3105) – Buy – RadioShack Advanced 3-Station/3-Channel FM Wireless Intercom (43-3105)

29 Nov 18
For Your Society

This summer, Toys “R” Us officially joined Circuit City, Blockbuster, and RadioShack on the growing list of now-extinct brick-and-mortar retail stores that were fixtures of 1980s and 90s America. Amazon’s tidal wave has wiped them out one by one, with more inevitably to come. Toys “R” Us feels a little different, though, than all the […]

27 Nov 18

After hanging on through two bankruptcies, RadioShack struck a deal to open small locations inside a franchise called HobbyTown. Now, the question: Will this help or hurt both brands?

23 Nov 18
The Daily Hangover

So it’s officially the day after Thanksgiving, which means it’s Black Friday, which means it’s Friday, which means it’s Fried-ay, which means it’s time for me to aimlessly hammer away at my Macbook Pro until genius rears its head. Before I do that though, it’s tradition that I explain what my Fried-ay blogs are before […]

22 Nov 18
Starry Constellation Magazine

By: Ujjyani Banerjee   The episode begins with adult Sheldon (Jim Parsons) remembering his tenth grade’s not-so-favorite elective Psychology 101 and his Thanksgiving homework of observing family dynamics to arrive at a hypothesis and make a prediction. That night, George (Lance Barber) tells Mary (Zoe Perry) about a job opportunity of Speciality Team Coach at University […]