23 Apr 19
AÉNL Media

[ad_1] Dan, one of my Fb buddies, wrote to me asking about choosing a soldering iron: “Swift question… I am wanting for a new soldering iron. would you endorse nearly anything underneath 40 dollars with out a soldering station? I am acquiring weary of my RadioShack 45 watt iron with the screw on guidelines (and […]

22 Apr 19
Charity Windfall Canada


21 Apr 19

Automated cocktail machines can be fun projects, but this device by CamdenS5 takes things to a whole new level. Not only can it pour liquids from multiple bottles, but it chops limes, dispenses sugar and mint, and even features a refrigerated compartment to keep ingredients at the appropriate temperature.     An Arduino Mega along with an Uno are employed for […]

21 Apr 19
In The Know Cycling

The new racing tire is called Schwalbe One. The name alone indicates how significant this new tire is for the bicycle tire manufacturer based in the German town of Reichshof. It is produced by Schwalbe in a high-end factory set up exclusively for the manufacture of this new top-class tire. The Schwalbe One has been […]

21 Apr 19
Davis Enterprise

For more than 30 years, we’ve had to go to a local farmers market (about 100 in Northern California) to get Upper Crust Baking Co. treats. Though the Kalisky family still relies on markets for their sales, the store is a welcome addition to town. It opened Feb. 19, filling the former RadioShack space. It […]

20 Apr 19
Charity Windfall Canada


19 Apr 19
SSN Student Club - Technical Blog

One of the most fascinating topics out there today is the topic on all things technology. How everything operates so effortlessly and seamlessly could be considered one of the many mysteries out there, except for those that have studied in depth. Learning new information remains a wonderful act, and just like an HDD – our […]

18 Apr 19
Two Buttons Deep

He apparently made video recordings of himself inserting the malicious USB device into the computers and said “I’m going to kill this guy.”

17 Apr 19

Global Portable Television Antennas market research report covers the analysis of its upcoming growth prospects is been mentioned with maximum precision. This study includes an elaborative summary of Portable Television Antennas market which also includes snapshots that offer depth of information of various other segmentations. Through qualitative and quantitative analysis of key factors which are […]

17 Apr 19
Breanna's Creations - Art Therapy/Counseling Graduate Student & Photojournalist

Career Journey Breanna L. Cox Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College Abstract In this paper, I will critically analyze and discuss all of the interests, skills, experiences, events, and abilities that make up my career journey. It is organized by three sections that starts with the Early Years from age six to high school, then Young Adulthood talks […]

16 Apr 19
Marquis Who's Who Top Executives

Robert Kamerschen, Senior Business Executive, Private Investor, Consultant and Mentor, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in business.

16 Apr 19
Chuck W.

Interview with Abe Ingle at AI Synthesis

15 Apr 19
Cecilia Moore

Gymboree and Payless ShoeSource are among the latest major chains to close up shop, or announce that the end is near as they file for bankruptcy. Earlier this year, JCPenney announced more than a dozen store closures nationwide. Many one-time major chains have gone this route, as well. So, as Amazon and other online retailers’ […]

14 Apr 19
Vim and Bash Adventures

Referenced from this post (This is the story as how my teenager self remembers it. It was about 11 years ago now, so some details are fuzzy and may be a little off, but all the feelings are real. Commentary from my present self will be in parenthesis, so expect an overlap of storytelling and […]

12 Apr 19
Binge Sequence

No MCU film has had the media circus surrounding it that Captain Marvel has. Whether it is the people angry at the politics of the film or the people angry at the lead actor’s public statements about the film’s reception, I only know one thing. That cat looked surprisingly real. If only Garfield 3 gets […]

12 Apr 19

9.90 USD −0.060 Teens are becoming more comfortable using a credit or debit card to buy a game whereas two years ago it wasn’t as popular. These online downloadable options are causing stores like GameStop and RadioShack to become obsolete.