Raf Simons

23 Feb 19
Tom Lesniara

Source: Getty Images/ P. Kovarik The passing of Karl Lagerfeld has left everyone interested in high fashion shocked. “What’s gonna happen to Chanel and Fendi?” – people are asking on social media. There is no doubt that Lagerfeld changed the world of fashion, introducing some of the most controversial ideas at the same time staying loyal […]

22 Feb 19

Tesla Dog Mode My husband has become something of an ambassador for Tesla since he bought his Model 3. Now he can gloat about one more amazing feature that seeks to save puppers from overheating and owners from having their windows smashed in by well-meaning citizens. Next step: acquire dog. Steve’s PaleoGoods Kimchi Probiotics are […]

22 Feb 19

To all ATS personnel, civil and military, past and present, your comments, corrections, expansions and additions are welcome, invited, nay even demanded. This is your history, feel free to adopt it and contribute. Please remember that this is an ATC history site not just a control tower/centre site. we’ve added a lot of new towers recently but to do […]

22 Feb 19

Hallo Readers, The British Body Politic, which had been ailing for some time, has finally succumbed to massive organ failure and is currently on life support, hooked up to those machines that go beep, beep, beep, like you see on the telly. The left side of the Body Politic started leaking, with eight constituent elements becoming […]

21 Feb 19
Blitz Detective

The first part of this blog looked at seven vanquished City of London churches aspiring to determine the effects of 1666 and Sir Christopher Wren’s involvement in the rebuild of the City. The second part of the series will look at seven more churches with the same fates, be it to demolition through “progress” or […]