19 Apr 19
My Two Cents of Sense

…I wanted nothing better then to feel better fast and of course there’s always a little pity party when we don’t feel better faster!

19 Apr 19
International Free Press

Welcome to Rip’s Saturday Night Special A weekly music thread dedicated to all of your favorite tunes based on a weekly changing theme Play what ever you like but please play along and remember to Like and Recommend On this day in music Apr 19 th 1965 – James Brown The film T.A.M.I. (Teen-Age Music International) Show featuring The Rolling Stones, The Supremes, Four […]

19 Apr 19
New York Rag

A look at the Youth America Grand Prix 2019 Finals Week By Sarah Badham April 19th 2019 When the lights dimmed the audience was not only reminded to turn off their cell phones but also that this is a live audition. In the David H. Koch Theatre on Wednesday April 17th, the prestigious panel of […]

19 Apr 19
Sagebrush and Such

Oklahoma City, OK boasts some of the largest western equine shows or events in the nation every year but the city provides more entertainment for equine enthusiasts than just the shows. With the University of Wyoming Horse Judging team, I have travelled to each of these locations while visiting for a contest during the 2018 […]

19 Apr 19
News Archives Uk

Gemma Winter was apparently kidnapped in the hours-long Coronation Street of today – but the non-sympathetic spectators did not want her to come back. It seems Corrie viewers are fed up with Gemma's antics – one that challenges Phelan to return to kill her. During a break from the holidays in hell, Gemma went to […]

19 Apr 19

Christ, this town!!! When old Sir Wally Scott waxed lyrical about Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive, he didnt know the half of it because back then, Townsville didnt exist. Last weeks bit of tittle tattle about a prominent citizen who was chucked out of home be cause […]

19 Apr 19
A Bright Spot

Normally I’d photograph babies with soft light.  However there was strong contrasty sunlight coming into this room which combined wonderfully with the dynamic between mum and son playing peek a boo. The black and white conversions really highlighted the emotions.   I may take heaps of images in a photoshoot but always edit down to […]

19 Apr 19

Romans 1:16 “I am not ashamed of the gospel, it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes. First for the Jew, then for the Gentiles”. If like me you went to Sunday School all your childhood, you’ve probably heard this song: If you do good, kingdom. Oh, oh, oh, oh […]

19 Apr 19
Jay's Boo

…Is He the center of your existence or He’s for keepsakes…

19 Apr 19
OB Rag

On Wednesday, April 17, a scary-looking Lancetfish with dagger-like teeth was found at Dog Beach in Ocean Beach. The four-foot-long fish isn’t commonly found on local shores or caught while fishing off the OB Pier.

But there it was. And ACE (Albert C Elliott) was there along with his dog and took these photos.

According to 10News Lancetfish are more typically found in the dark depths of the ocean where they feed on jellyfish, micro plastic, tiny deepwater organisms, and even smaller lancetfish. They’re not very tasty to humans. But …

“despite their place in the ocean’s depths, fisherman may sometimes catch more lancetfish than tuna or mahi. NOAA says the fish is actually the most common bycatch in their fisheries, besides blue sharks.”

19 Apr 19
A Federalist Rag

A little over a year ago, the first North Korea-United States summit was held in Singapore. At the time, diehard MAGAers—from the U.S. Senate to Fox News to the right wing of the Internet—claimed that this summit was a grand achievement, a new start for U.S.-DRPK relations, worthy of nothing but praise. I, meanwhile, saw […]

19 Apr 19
David Murphy

Fingers is the story of Imad Al-Bokhari, a man so desperate that he will sell anything for a price. Imad Al-Bokhari of the desert city, Shangri-La, was born with ten fingers at the stroke of noon to a young woman with healthy teeth, breasts full of milk, three fingers on her left hand and two […]

19 Apr 19
A Federalist Rag

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

19 Apr 19
OB Rag

by Ernie McCray

I’ve never witnessed
a more beautiful scene:
Eldrick Tont Woods,
leaning over
a “gimme,”
gently tapping it in
to a Hallelujah chorus
of cheers
and chants
that came suddenly
like a gust
of wind
and continued
as though
there was no end,
bringing tears to my eyes,
just seeing
this man who,
for a decade,
going on two,
was in decline,
trying to contend
with an array
of young players

19 Apr 19
OB Rag

Editordude: Next week on April 23 the San Diego City Council will take up the proposed regulations on scooters and dockless made by Mayor Faulconer. Here is Councilwoman Jennifer Campbell’s (Second District) comments on next week’s Council vote.

“Since my inauguration in December 2018, few issues have been more ubiquitous in our beach and bay communities than scooters. Whether calls, e-mails or conversations in the community, I have heard loud and clear from constituents about the pros and cons of these micro-mobility options.

In February 2019, the Active Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, a committee that I do not sit on, moved the Mayor’s proposed scooter regulations on to the full council. Now, for the first time since being in office, I will publicly weigh in on this issue when our city’s proposed dockless regulations (scooters, e-bikes, etc.) come to the City Council on April 23rd.

19 Apr 19

You know how I mentioned that I volunteered to make costumes for the school production of ‘Wizard of Oz’?  Well I heard a suggestion that they were planning a papier mache version of Toto.  My reaction?  HELL NO So, I did some googling.  The first thing I came up with was this free pattern from […]