Rag Bone

16 Jun 19

When Daddy got up every morning all of The Tiny House was happy because of him. He was a whistler and there was almost always a merry tune streaming from his lips. It sounded of eagerness, like an intention to grab that day by the tail and wrangle some measure of goodness from it, no […]

16 Jun 19
Idiot Savant Bardcom

  Who was Joke () phine? My father figure—a secondary head of modern languages that took early retirement, and a sculptor in wood of raptors and big cats, who died aged ninety early in 2014—was a poorly constructed excuse for a woman (or neologism) that also took the material signs and display of a female identity […]

16 Jun 19

“DOGGERLAND” A novella by Jack Thomas   CHAPTER ONE   I awoke to a mountain haze, the colour of red phosphorus, sprinkled in sugar, like the icing that melts on a sticky oven-baked cake, coated with artificial chemicals. It felt hot, not immediately, but once I stood and turned to breathe in the mountainous air, […]

16 Jun 19
for cool parents + stylish little monsters

You know you’ve met your kind of parent when he describes parent sleep as “akin to sleeping the night before a really early flight and you’re afraid you’re going to sleep through your alarm clock.” Fresh back from a trip to climb Mt. Everest with Mandy Moore, we chatted with this dream dad on everything […]

16 Jun 19

“Everything I Own” Lyrics by Jason Gray from the album All The Lovely Losers What would I give to be pure in heart To be pure in flesh and bone What would I give to be pure in heart I’d give everything that I own I’d rid my whole house of its demons of lust […]

15 Jun 19
Stars in Her Eye

  The Summer We Lost Her promises emotional investment but instead delivers unlikeable characters without any depth. Matt and Elise Sorenson head to the Adirondacks to sell Matt’s family home. This will be their first chance for quality time in quite a while. Elise is competing in dressage with her eyes on Rio Olympics. Matt […]

15 Jun 19
Hoang Lan Dang

Chapter three Back at home my mother seemed to have grown sicker in the day I’d been away. Or perhaps it was just that I’d managed to forget how ill she really was. Mr. Tanaka’s house had smelled of smoke and pine, but ours smelled of her illness in a way I can’t even bear […]

15 Jun 19
Casper Academy of Excellence - 9207775588

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15 Jun 19
Mark S. Baker

BIRTHDAYS David Rose (1910) songwriter/composer/pianist/bandleader [“The Stripper”] (died 1990) age 80 – heart attack Nigel Pickering (1929) Spanky & Our Gang guitarist/co-founder [“Sunday Will Never Be the Same”/”Lazy Day”] (died 2011) age 81 – liver cancer Ruby Garnett (1934) Ruby & The Romantics lead singer/co-founder [“Our Day Will Come”/”Hey There Lonely Boy”] Waylon Jennings (1937) […]

15 Jun 19
He Said Magazine

We know, we know: We’ve been all Pridey-Pride-Pride here for the entire month of June so far. And we’re not about to apologize because, well, we really are P-R-O-U-D to be G-A-Y and this is a really big milestone year. Besides, today marks the halfway mark of Pride Month so you’re running out of time […]

14 Jun 19

TRINNY Woodall put on a busty show for a charity party…