24 Apr 19
Daily Post TV

Thailand ram – Nakhon Si Thammrat tupi ah, Sukkasem Sonthao kum 48 cu khuaiva kawl ah a mah lawng a rak kal. Inn ah a rak chuak ti lo caah a nupi nih palik sin ah report nak a va tuah. Sukkaseam Sonthao hi April ni 13 in khan khuai kawl ah a kal cu […]

07 Apr 19
Maco42 and Friends Mixes

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-ufrmf-ad38e8 Archives – 317 – Future DnB Anthems Vol.11 Mixed by Maco42 (2016) Tracks 1 All Around You – VEB2 Baby Love – Selcosis3 Permanent Debri – N box4 Cliff – Alex Rivz5 Close To You – Triangle6 Constellations – Cryogenics7 Different – Ramsa Ghost8 Day Has Come – Monster9 End of The War – […]

02 Apr 19
Lux Exposé

Two Fifty West 81st Street is a curated collection of 31 ultra-luxury condominium residences with more than 6,000 square feet of lifestyle and wellness amenities and rich and luxurious interiors, all designed by critically acclaimed firm Robert A.M. Stern Architects and developed by Alchemy Properties (the same team behind the Woolworth Tower Residences). The project […]

27 Mar 19
Me Bawihtlung - Fanau Duhawm

    Joseph Lalchhuanawma hi, kum 2-na a hman chhung khan Pathian hruaina zarah damna leh hriselna changin, kawng hrang hrangin hma a sawn a nei ve a. Chhungkua tihlimtu a ni a, lawmna tam tak a thlen a. Kum 2 a hman chhung khan dam lohna, natna khirh em em a tawk lo a, […]

25 Mar 19

(Publisert i Nordnorsk debatt 04.04.19) En kvinne søkte på en utlyst prestestilling i Nord-Troms. En historisk søknad. Den første søknaden av en kvinnelig prest noensinne behandlet av Nordreisa menighetsråd. Debatten som fulgte i ukene etter var utrolig å vitne. Læstadianismen, en vekkelsesbevegelse fra 1800-tallet, har fortsatt sterke røtter i Nord-Troms og deres tilsynelatende talsperson – […]

06 Mar 19
The Corner of Laura

Fascinating Finally getting more diversity into my reading. Hope I don’t regret taking on such a long audiobook. Amazing world building and it never feels like an info dump – must look up Chinese history to see how much is taken from real life. Scummy corrupt politics are demonstrated in practically every aspect of Rin’s […]

04 Mar 19
Hersey Kiss

For Presidents Day weekend, a couple friends and I went to Miami to get a little sunshine, stress relief and the perfect ‘gram. It has been so snowy in NYC that it feels nearly impossible to get cute shots anymore without repeating the same jackets over and over again. Over the last few weeks, it […]

23 Feb 19
Lametna Aw

ZIRLAI 9-NA                                           February 23–March 1 SATANA LEH A THURUALPUITE Chângvawn: “Tichuan, drakon chu hmeichhe chungah chuan a thinur a, a thlah la bâng, Pathian thupêkte zâwma, Isua Krista hriattîrna thu neitute chu do tûrin a chhuak ta a” (Thupuan 12:17, MEV). SABBATH  CHAWHNU                                                                                                         February 23   Chhiar tûrte: Thup. 13, Thup. 17:8, Dan. 7:24, 2 […]

20 Feb 19
Chin International Daily News

Kannih Chinmi hrangah voksa hin duh a co bik kan ti asile kan sual tam lo ding. A that lo zia khal kan thei nan, kan sup aw thei lo cu a si ko. Mithiam pawl in Voksa an zir suahnak ih an hmuhsuah mi pawl cu a hnuailam bangtuk a si. 1.Vok ih sunghril […]

08 Feb 19
Vancouver Sun

Planning a Miami vacation? Here are the hotels to stay at, restaurants to eat at, and museums and shops to visit in its Design District.

06 Feb 19

H1N1 Influenza virus emaw Swine flu: Mizoram ah Khawvel changkan rual a ke pen ta ve chu, ram changkang leh ropui zawk ah te kan zin in an chanchin kan hre zung zung ta mai. Digital age in hmasawnna min thlen ve kan ti thei mai awm e. Chutih rual chuan khawvel hmun hrang daih […]