31 May 19
Crux Sola

I used a random number generator to select the winner from among the commenters. Congratulations to “Dean O.”! (I will email you today) Part of the inspiration for this particular giveaway was to get people talking about their favorite women theologians (#ReadWomen). Below I list the top 4 most frequently mentioned women authors in the […]

13 May 19
elena johansen

When I started this blog, it was an author platform, because I needed to establish my pen name, my brand, and all that hullaballoo. Which, three books later, I’d say I have. I’m not a big name (not even close) but I’d say I have a brand: romance author who’s a giant book nerd with […]

13 May 19
Cat on the Bookshelf

Are you a book blogger who uses Instagram? Are you struggling to find hashtags that work for you? Do you want to up your Bookstagram game? This guide is for you. Last year I wrote a guide to Twitter hashtags for book bloggers. Now that I’m trying again to up my Instagram game, I realized […]

27 Apr 19
Archy news nety

This Saturday, April 27 in We don't lieBilal Hassani had tears in his eyes when he saw the photos of his mother defending him. Because he is a public figure, Bilal Hassani gets a lot of threats. A cyber plague is very difficult to live for the young man. Fortunately for him, he can count […]

14 Apr 19

It’s a cold, wet Sunday… the perfect opportunity to look back on what I’ve read so far in 2019! I’ve signed up again for the Goodreads Reading Challenge, with a target of 40 books, and it tells me that the 13 I’ve read to date puts me slightly ahead of schedule. Hmmm. It’s quite a […]

22 Mar 19

                  About the book: An artist? A dreamer? A rebel? Who exactly was Amrita Sher-Gil? She was a little bit of all these things, really. Amrita grew up with a great sense of mischief and adventure in two very different worlds, in a village near Budapest, Hungary, […]

21 Mar 19

  About the book: An A to Z biography of iconic Indian women, one for each letter of the English alphabet. Each character is represented by an illustrative sketch and a 500-word summary. This inspirational and motivational book includes the achievements of pioneering female scientists, doctors, activists, painters, dancers, astronauts, comedians, political leaders and many […]

20 Mar 19

Adulteress. The word is charged. It scandalizes and titillates. The adult makes it sound grown up and serious, somehow, the territory of those with enough life experience and agency to know better than to do what they are doing. The ess is all crackle and hiss, the long, low whistle of femaleness and dishonesty rubbing […]

19 Mar 19

Classical Tamil poetry by Andal Translated by Archana Venkatesan in the Harper Perennial Volume The Secret Garland, out now in a special Harper Perennial keepsake edition.   Ōṅki Ulakaḷanta   Singing the names of the perfect one who spanned worlds with his feet and measured them   we bathe at dawn proclaim:   If we […]

18 Mar 19

  The Lie: I’LL START TOMORROW I can’t count the number of diets I’ve tried. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve made plans to go to the gym and then blew them off. Number of half marathons I signed up for, paid the entry fee for, and then quietly pretended not to remember […]

17 Mar 19

Excerpted from Arupa Patangia Kalita’s book of short stories, Written in Tears, translated from the Assamese by Ranjita Biswas. Out now in a special Harper Perennial keepsake edition. The Girl with Long Hair Mainao stands on her toes at the threshold of youth. She is a cheerful, attractive girl with small, twinkling eyes and rounded […]

16 Mar 19

Direct, persistent, purposeful. Or – uncertain, uneasy, doubtful. One set of words are those most often associated with the sort of work I do in broadcasting, involving live interviews and the pressure to generate new information and understanding. The other reflects what I will often be experiencing in reality. It is the gap between the […]

15 Mar 19

‘I will call you Tooba. Tarannum sounds too …’ the baji’s voice trailed off, but her silence had said more than her words ever could. Doesn’t sound like a maid’s name, the girl completed the woman’s sentence in her heart. Just then, the woman’s cellphone rang and the girl watched as she picked it up […]

14 Mar 19

The Woman Who Slowly Disappeared     1. There’s a gentle knock on the door before it opens. Nurse Rada steps inside and closes the door behind her softly. ‘I’m here,’ the woman says, quietly. Rada scans the room, following the sound of her voice. ‘I’m here, I’m here, I’m here, I’m here,’ the woman […]

13 Mar 19

For most of us, women especially, we hold on to some little nugget, some little lie, some limiting belief that we’ve had since childhood. We’ve believed it for so long, we don’t even question it anymore. We heard something when we were younger and our feelings were tender. Someone said something, someone spoke into your […]

12 Mar 19

The Challenge of Change In 2018, in a first of sorts, a current Indian woman cricketer found  herself  in  a  TV studio  amidst  male  stalwarts  of  the game  while  a  Test  match  being  played  by  men’s  teams  was underway.  Smriti  Mandhana,  who  had  had  the  loveliest  of English summers, had been invited as a guest […]

11 Mar 19

Two days ago, the sage handed me the tome he had been composing for decades. ‘It’s my life’s work,’ he said, and a strange look flashed across his face, one I wouldn’t have expected. It was part shyness and part desire  for  approbation.  But  why  should  the  great  Valmiki  want approval from me, a queen […]