Recording King

16 Jun 19

Spooky Tooth’s Island Record Years. All too often, some bands don’t get the credit they deserve, and that was the case with Spooky Tooth, who for a time, pioneered the use of twin keyboards. They lead the way and soon, other bands were following in their wake. By then, the Spooky Tooth story was over. Spooky Tooth were […]

16 Jun 19
Vinyl Lair

June 9th 1992 #Deicide released the album “Legion” #InHellIBurn #HolyDeception #RepentToDie #DeadButDreaming #Trifixion #DeathMetal Did you know… The album was produced by legendary death metal producer Scott Burns. June 9th 2017 #Suffocation released the album “…Of The Dark Light” #YourLastBreaths #ReturnToTheAbyss #TheViolation #TechnicalDeathMetal Did you know… It was their last album to feature vocalist Frank […]

16 Jun 19
Saint Augustine's Lyre

This hymn is a medieval hymn on the Holy Trinity. Some sources seem to indicate it is a Sanctus Trope and John Mason Neale lists it as a morning hymn for Trinity Sunday. This is the original text of this hymn as it appears in John Mason Neale’s Hymnal Noted (1851): Trinity, Unity, Deity Eternal: Majesty, […]

16 Jun 19
Tales From Madina

CLOCK SIX Yaa Asantewaa, Okomfo Anokye, Togbe Tsali, Asebu The Giant, Shango the god of Thunder, Queen Amina of Zaira, Queen Makeda of Ehtiopia and Finally Tohazie The Red Hunter. Berima opened his mouth in shock as he watched the Ancient legends line up, and watch him silently. All we’re dressed in Ancient Fashion, but […]

16 Jun 19
Thrash Metal IQ
Captor Of Sin (Haunting The Chapel Rough Mix, 1984)
Aggressive Perfector (Metal Massacre III, August ’83)
Praise Of Death (Rehearsal, August 8th ’83)
Chemical Warfare (Rehearsal, August 8th ’83)
Haunting The Chapel (Rehearsal, August 8th ’83)
Necrophiliac (Rehearsal, August 8th ’83)
Warlock (Rehearsal, August 8th ’83)
Reborn (Def Jam Demo)
Altar Of Sacrifice (Def Jam Demo)
Criminally Insane (Def Jam Demo)
Witching Hour Live 94 With Machine Head


16 Jun 19

MH370 and MH17 — Everything will be Revealed 6/16/2019 07:22:00 AM  Aviation, Cabal, Chemtrails, CIA, Corruption, Deep State, GESARA, GITMO, JFK, JFK Jr, New World Order, Philippines, QAnon, Rinus Verhagen By Rinus Verhagen Dear Mahathir bin Mohamad Prime Minister of Malaysia, On the occasion of the MH370 that was shot down in Ukraine, this plane […]

16 Jun 19

CLOSE A Phoenix couple is demanding $10 million from the city of Phoenix after they say officers used excessive force and threatened to shoot them. Submitted Video PHOENIX – Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego issued a statement on Twitter Saturday about the viral video of a disturbing interaction between a young family and Phoenix police officers. […]

16 Jun 19
Making A Scene!

HOME PAGE Making a Scene Talks with Ethan Anderson of Massy Ferguson! For more than a dozen years, Massy Ferguson have proudly planted their boots on both sides of the country-rock divide, carving out their own brand of amplified Americana along the way. Based in Seattle, they’ve become international torchbearers of a sound that’s distinctly […]

16 Jun 19

e-flux did their NYC edition of ‘Art After Culture’ cumulative conference, after the Rotterdam, Paris and Berlin versions.  These are the basically un-edited notes, full of gaps, errors and mis-interpretations.  Link to the event, and to the live-stream (though the recording isn’t up at time-of-posting). Brian Kuan Wood’s talk is best intro and key para […]

16 Jun 19
language: a feminist guide

Like every other feminist in recorded history, I sometimes get asked, ‘But what about the men? Why do you only write about the linguistic injustices suffered by women?’ The short answer is that we live in a world that treats men as the default humans, and that is reflected both in our use of language […]

16 Jun 19


YouTube THE BRO MICHAEL GETTING SOME WORK IN TRAINING! 🥊 🥊 LETS GET THIS MAHI 15/06/2019 RANDOM THOUGHTS It saddens me, I often see so many talented people on the verge of success just give up! People that are so close to making their dream a reality, I see MMA fighters, musicians and dancers all […]

16 Jun 19
Ban Ban Ton Ton

You could argue a case for the Blow Monkeys being one of the UK`s most clued-up 80s Pop bands. Right from their T-Rex-y, Bolan beginnings, of Wildflower and Limping For A Generation, they`ve always been left-leaning and politically outspoken. Lyrically articulate. Somewhere between contemporaries ABC and The Smiths. They were tight with Paul Weller. As […]